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Henry, a Forsaken Child, didn’t even have something as basic as a name when this book started. He was abandoned in the forest, and crying profusely as he looked out with hopes that someone would come to his rescue. He didn’t even mind if it would be his Parents or a total stranger, as he just needed someone to get him out of there. Everyone knows how dangerous a forest is on a regular basis, and for the fact that it Is a fantasy book, one can expect that ferocious creatures were lurking the thick and green forest.

Part 1: Main Story of Forsaken Child

Forsaken Child Book

Forsaken Child felt the presence of something approaching him, and for a brief moment, he felt hopeful. He thought that help was coming, but that was not the case at all. The truth was that a monster had heard his cry and was coming to eat him. Excited at first for the presence of help on the way, the child waited in anticipation until his gut alerted him of danger. He started to cry again, and this time, he cried louder than ever. Fortunately, there were a group of adventurers in the forest, making kill and gathering mana to sell, and one of them heard the cries of Forsaken Child. His name was Ed.

Ed left his buddies and started to run towards the sound of the voice of the child. The closer he got to the child, the more distinct and urgent the child’s voice sounded, and soon enough, Ed found out that a monster was close by, preparing to eat that child. His mates had quickly joined him in the flight towards the child as soon as they saw him take off suddenly. This monster served two purposes in this scene. The adventurers were already out in search of a kill, and the bigger the kill, the better for them because of the amount of mana the kill will yield. More mana meant more money, so they were more than excited to take this monster down. The second purpose was the obvious one, they were protecting the Forsaken Child, so the monster had to be taken down. One might get wild with his or her thoughts and conclude that the monster and the baby in the forest in affiliation with the adventurers were all fated and in divine timing.

Part 2: Hot Chapters of Forsaken Child

Forsaken Child To Be Continued

Chapter 1

The book starts with Forsaken Child crying his heart out alone in the middle of the forest. Someone dared to abandon him in the middle of a dangerous forest. How terrible! Mixed feelings are what Forsaken Child felt as he sat on the floor crying. At first, he was crying because he was scared and needed help to leave that place, then he had a glimmer of hope for a moment when he heard someone or something approaching him. For a while he thought that help had come, but he quickly found out that it was not help at all, but his worst nightmare that had arrived. A monster was coming to eat him.

Chapter 2

Forsaken Child had finally been saved by Ed and his team, and they were headed back to the guild. What stands out about this chapter is the fact that this was where Forsaken Child started his destiny route. The team that was with Ed deliberated on what they would do with the child and how they would take care of the child. It was at this point that Ed declared that he would be the child’s guardian. He had a master who had taught him magic, and had retired from active service and adventure. Ed thought that keeping the Forsaken Child with his master would be the best idea. The master would double as a guardian and a mentor, teaching Forsaken Child magic.

Read Forsaken Child By Bobby

Chapter 3

In the third chapter of Forsaken Child By Bobby, the child is given a name. Finally, some humanity and sense of importance has been attached to the child. Ed takes the child to his master after selling the mana he acquired while he was out adventuring and hunting for monsters. Henry. The child’s name eventually became Henry, and Ed’s master was more than glad to be known as the mentor of this brand new and innocent child. Starting to train a child in magic from when he was an infant was one of the best things that any master could have because the child was open to learning from a brand-new slate. Forsaken Child, Henry, would now grow to become a genius magician himself. There is more to this Forsaken Child than meets the eyes and has been explained.

Part 3: Main Characters of Forsaken Child


Forsaken Child Henry

Henry was the forsaken child. For what it was worth, Henry was abandoned in the middle of the forest. As any child would, be cried out fear, maybe hunger, and definitely loneliness. Who would leave a helpless child in the middle of the forest? What was the person hoping to achieve? Pathetic! Moving forward, Henry was only lucky to have made it out of the forest alive as he received help after a while of shedding desperate tears, and nearly being eaten up by a monster. At the point where Henry was crying in the forest, of course, he didn’t have a name. Even if he did have a name before that time, he was an infant and couldn’t communicate so he was as good as nameless. It was the man who saved him from the monster, that gave him the name, Henry.


Forsaken Child Ed

Ed saved the forsaken child. He was an adventurer in the continent of Gonzo, and happened to be out on an adventure when he heard the Forsaken Child crying for help. Happy to help, and happy to defeat a ferocious monster and add mana to his purse, Ed killed the monster with the help of his mates who were out adventuring with him. He named the Forsaken Child Henry, and asked for his master that taught him magic to help him take care of, and raise the forsaken child.

Part 4: Evaluate Forsaken Child

A book with very few chapters, yet the author is able to buttress the key points of the book as astutely as possible. There are no dull moments in the book at all. From the beginning, where the Forsaken Child was crying for help, until the monster started to approach the child, the author carefully depicted the feelings and emotions of the child accurately. Hearing something coming towards the child, the author portrays how hopeful the child became until he realized that he was in real danger. The book is ongoing, and so far, cannot be evaluated with numbers unlike other lengthy books.


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