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Dallying with the gods in novels definitely catches the reader’s attention. The almighty beings are omniscient, all powerful and have the means to influence human life. NoWoRRyMan created this fantasy novel that is truly interesting, as it presents the wrath of the gods who were once worshiped and now forgotten.

Their revenge is being played out through a fantastic game, which transfers the actual characters into the game platform. Everything that happens inside the game, happens in real life as well. Our boys better watch out! To get out of this video game, they will have to play until the end and fight for survival.

Gods’ Impact novel is very nicely constructed. The universe created by the author is unique. It’s a place where the impossible is no longer out of reach, where characters can gain strength, level up and become more powerful.

Part 1: Main Story of Gods’ Impact Online

Zack is an innocent young boy, who denies playing video games, making his friends believe that he hates them. In fact, he doesn’t want to admit to his fellows that he can’t afford a video game, as they are quite expensive.

After winning the lottery, Zack is convinced by his friends, Shay Ramsay and Kayden Russel to go to a VR center and check out the recently launched game, Abyss Online. Everyone knew that the game world was better than the real one, so such centers offered gamers an amazing opportunity. They would enter a VR capsule and experience the game at a very high level.

Gods' Impact Online Games

While the three friends were logging into Abyss online, up in the Heavens, the gods were angry at humans for creating such complex game worlds and forgetting about deities. No one worshipped them any longer.

Since, most gamers were logged into online games, the gods make the decision to create their own game, Gods’ Impact and refresh people’s memories regarding Heaven and demiurges. Our main characters will also transmigrate from Abyss Online to Gods’ Impact and begin a life and death battle that could bring them their doom.

Everything that happens inside this new game will also happen in their real lives. The money they earn will be transferred into their bank accounts and they will have to rely on their real lives skills and talents. At first, the boys are amused by the game, thinking that the special effects are awesome, but soon they will realize that this game is nothing to be lightly played. It’s dead serious!

What will Zack and his friends do when they will comprehend that they can’t log out of this video game? Will they stick together to survive the wrath of the gods?

Part 2: Main Characters from Gods’ Impact Online

The majority of the characters depicted in this story are game players. Every one of them has more or less experience in video gaming, except for Zack, of course. But, his lack of experience will prove to be an asset later in the game.


Zack is a young, handsome high school boy who lives with his mother and sister. He has black hair and golden eyes and his arrogant smile is a magnet for girls. His father died when he was seven years old and he made a promise to himself to take care of his family from then on. He denies liking video games, as he can’t afford purchasing one.

When winning ten million dollars in the lottery, his friends, Kayden and Shay invite him to join them in a VR center to play a three days game, Abyss Online. At first, he denies the offer, but later on, persuaded by his mother as well, he accepts.

After logging into the game, Zack and his friends learn that they aren’t playing Abyss Online. They are in a new game, created by deities, Gods’ Impact. The trio will have to fight for survival, as death in game means death in real life.

Gods' Impact Online Zack

Shay Ramsay

Shay is a seventeen year old boy, with brown hair and brown eyes. He is skinny, wears glasses and he is the son of the most powerful man in the city. Shay is a professional gamer and dreams about becoming a game developer.

In the beginning of the novel, he tries to persuade Zack into playing video games and even buy one, but fails. Later on, he has the idea of playing Abyss Online at the VR Centre with his friends.

Shay’s game character is Swordsman class which can upgrade to Warrior, Knight and eventually in Paladin knight.

Kayden Russel

Kayden is eighteen, has dark brown hair and black eyes. He has the figure of a bodybuilder and is Zack’s childhood friend. He doesn’t worry about his future, as he is expected to inherit his father’s tech business.

Kayden’s player is a bandit who can upgrade to Hunter, Rogue and eventually Assassin. He is witty, smart and determined to win Gods’ Impact Online together with his friends.

The three friends will have to work together if they wish to be successful in the game against the gods. They will only rely on each other and their skills to save human kind.

Part 3: Gods’ Impact Online Book Review

Gods' Impact Online Narrative

I need to say that I have read my fair share of novels with video game reference. Some of them were hard to follow and some were easy, even enjoyable. In my opinion, Gods’ Impact Online is one of the best constructed video game book I have encountered.

Not only is the narrative simple and straightforward, it’s also exciting. It’s fun to watch the characters grow, partake in matches and rely on one another. Their interactions are definitely a plus in understanding the story, not to mention the fact that it’s sometimes amusing.

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