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Ludbecia De Borgia was her name, and she was reincarnated to the renaissance period as the pope’s daughter. Ludbecia was living the life of a girl that she had read in a fantasy novel called ‘Sodom And The Holy Grail’, in her past life as the adopted daughter of a Spanish family who treated her with little to no regard. It was said in How To Get My Husband On My Side Book, that she had two elder brothers in her former life, and the first one was the worst of them all, always being mean and ruthless towards her. When she reincarnated into a pope’s daughter after dying in a helicopter crash in her former life, it was pretty much the same treatment she got. The pope and his first son, Ceasare were deeply involved in politics. As a result, in order to settle any political scores, or in order to win wars via liaison, Ludbecia De Borgia was given out for marriage for a period of time to various elite men of interest. This was practically her life as the pope’s daughter. And, oh, she dared not refuse to play the role of a wife when her father, the pope needed her to do so.

Part 1: Main Story of How To Get My Husband On My Side

One fateful day, when she was fifteen, she dared to refuse the pope’s instruction to get married to the Duke Of Rembrandt, and she suffered excruciatingly for it. Her two-faced elder brother Ceasare, beat her up so badly that she didn’t need anyone to tell her never to reject any arranged marriage that her father asked her to indulge in. Now, her father announced that she was going to engage in her fifth arranged marriage for six months to the King’s nephew and a knight in Britania called Izek Van Omerta. Izek Van Omerta was a troubled fellow. A skilled fighter, and martial arts faithful, he was given the title of Knight at fifteen years old. One would think that Izek, due to his skill and early bestowment of Knighthood will be a level headed and extremely disciplined young man, but that was not the case. Izek was anti-social, and literally refused to get married to anyone. It was said that he was like this because of how his mother died after giving birth to all her kids. She killed herself, and amidst the pain of losing a mother, Izek could not even express or talk about his mother because of the way she died. It was a taboo to commit suicide, so speaking of his mother would only cause him to be ridiculed. These were the issues.

In How To Get My Husband On My Side Book, it was said that Izek only agreed to the arranged marriage with Ludbecia because his sister, Ellenia, was going to get married to Ludbecia’s other brother, and the pope’s second son, Enzo. The reason for the arranged marriage between Ludbecia and Izek was because the Vatican was having issues with barbarians on the Northern border, and the fact that there was internal conflict within the Vatican made it difficult for a united force against these barbarians, so they needed third-party mercenaries and coalition. It should be known that because Ludbecia had read the novel before, she practically knew everything that was going to happen to her since she was living as one of the characters of the book. She knew that in the course of her six-months marriage to Izek, Izek was going to kill his sister, Ellenia, who by then would have become Enzo’s wife. Read How To Get My Husband On My Side By Hopeless__Witch to find out how Ludbecia got her husband, Izek Van Omerta on her side.

Part 2: Main Characters of How To Get My Husband On My Side

Ludbecia De Borgia

How To Get My Husband On My Side Ludbecia De Borgia

The leading female, Ludbercia De Borgia’s concern in the book is ‘How to Get My Husband On My Side.’ Lady Borgia, as she was called in the book, was originally from Korean descent. She reincarnated from a Spanish family who adopted her after dying in a helicopter crash. The family was wealthy and affluential, and looked perfect on the outside, but were shitty towards her, and became Pope Borgia’s daughter, a pope’s daughter in the renaissance period, taking the life of the character of Ludbecia De Borgia in a fantasy novel called ”Sodom And The Holy Grail” that she used to read when she was younger. Pretty creepy, right? Ludbecia faced a life of series of arranged marriages in order to help her father, the pope, and her politically inclined elder brother Ceasare win wars, and score settlements with other influential men of power and status in the South. One of her arranged husbands was a knight, by name Izek Van Omerta, whom she had to do as much as she could in order to get him to not act out most of the unfathomable things he did in the book, like kill his sister, the wife of Ludbecia’s brother, Enzo.

Izek Van Omerta

How To Get My Husband On My Side Izek Van Omerta

In How to Get My Husband On My Side Book, Izek Van Omerta was the fifth arranged husband to Ludbecia De Borgia. A troubled young man, he had no interest in getting married, and had less than a handful of friends. The only females he communicated with were his sister, Elaina Van Omerta, and a childhood friend of his called Flaya Van Briana. It was rumored that he was socially unavailable because his mother committed suicide after she gave birth to him and his sister. Izek Van Omerta and his sister Elaina Van Omerta, became withdrawn after this, since it was considered a taboo to commit suicide. If he dared to speak about his mother to anyone, he would be ridiculed and looked down on because he had an abomination for a mother. A fine knight with great skill, he was sought to marry Ludbecia De Borgia in order to form an alliance to fight of babarians at the Northern border, and he only agreed to it for the reason that his sister was getting married to the brother of his arranged wife.

Part 3: Evaluate How To Get My Husband On My Side

How To Get My Husband On My Side Book

How To Get My Husband On My Side By Hopeless__Witch is a fantastic display of intelligence from the author. The co-relation with the reincarnation of Ludbecia De Borgia from the Spanish family she was adopted into, to living the character of a fantasy novel she had read in her early days shows how the author thinks outside the box to express her fantasies. A nine out of ten because of the not-so-excellent execution of dialogue in the book, How To Get My Husband On My Side is a recommended read for online novel lovers.


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