Darkness, His Home: Monarch of Darkness Arsene, The Review


We see a man who was a right demon in his last life and because of his crappy ways, he ended up dead. He is presented with two wishes that will accompany him as he transmigrates into another life. The man uses the wishes in the way that he thought would bring him many benefits and limited challenges in the new world. However, it all quickly backfires when he experiences the torture of his life. He is plagued by darkness that he cannot escape. He must try to subdue it all the while seeking a sort of purpose to his new existence.

No doubt, you’d probably think this bastard deserved it after being the sort of person he was. However, it becomes increasingly uncomfortable to see this villain in pain. I mean, if you look at it in a certain way, he was still a baby. You’ll see what I mean soon enough.

Why Read?

The themes of the story look as if they conflict sometimes, but we see how the author seamlessly blends them at the necessary points and inadvertently makes us experience a bunch of emotions. The setting of the novel is also a big shock. It is fantastical that’s for sure, and it is so impossibly vivid. The author’s skills are praiseworthy.

The story is intriguing, the suspenseful moments are tormenting, the humor is fresh, and it comes and goes in such a mild manner. The protagonist makes you think of that one defining character you probably buried in your subconscious thinking how memorable and powerful you were. Maybe you’re into something like this. Then, you should probably see another cool book.

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Part 1: Main Character of Monarch of Darkness Arsene


Monarch of Darkness, Arsene

Be careful what you wish for. That is advice that we can all agree Arsene should’ve taken. He didn’t realize that the torment he was trying to avoid would come at his own request. An easy life is what he wanted, and unfortunately, it came with an endless amount of pain. Arsene, however, is oblivious to the fact that his future was more than living like a prince.

He is chosen for something. His two wishes only solidified everything and sealed his fate.

It Comes Around

He wasn’t known for anything good in his last life and this really made it seem undeserving for him to receive two wishes. But they say karma pays it back evenly. He got to experience immense pain and I have to say that it was a wonderful and teachable experience.

However, it might have made things way worse. Out of the darkness, cometh a demon deeply terrifying and unstoppable. Arsene’s character has a way of moving your heart, but you cannot deny that he’s an insensitive little bugger.

Despite everything, he shows a resilient character and quick wit. He is so imperfect that you can’t stop turning the page to see what deep thoughts he’s going to enact next. He seems not to value the relationships that he has with the family he’s born into, but the body betrays what he wishes to hide.

Arsene will surpass any expectations you might have had before opening the book, so keep your mind open. The possibilities are endless.

Part 2: Plot Summary of Monarch of Darkness Arsene

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Monarch of Darkness Arsene: In the Darkness

The story is about a young serial killer, who dies in battle with an enemy, and then is taken to a space where he meets two beings he never expected to see. The man is given the opportunity to transmigrate to another world and two wishes that came at a price. The price for these two wishes was his support in any situation that arose.

Seeing the wonderful opportunity laid before him, this man dares not do anything rashly or even show his excitement as he asks for the highest comprehension as well as a highly adaptive body. He would come to regret these two wishes not long after as he collapses in pain for what felt more than a few days and also not at the same time.

He falls into the darkness where he tries to utilize his time upon realizing it was useless to wait around. However, not long after, he encounters light as he opens his eyes to the world for the first time in the body of a newborn baby. The man, now in a child’s body, was born to the two rulers of this dome and they gave him the name of Arsene. He adjusted quietly to living like a prince, but basically, Arsene could not wait to finally be able to do things on his own and without the help of anyone.

It was during those toddler days that Arsene met his brother and watched the mother he always saw with a warm expression, turn cold and menacing as she did something ruthless but very necessary to him.

Part 3: Hot Chapter from Monarch of Darkness Arsene

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Chapter Four – Price of Power

Monarch of Darkness Arsene: Power

Arsene opened his eyes and felt like his body was being burnt as if they’d taken a branding iron to his skin. He wailed, trying to stop the pain, but it was futile. Arsene heard a loud shout as someone spoke to his mother for trying to awaken his bloodline when he was just an infant. The person who shouted was his father who balled his fists as he looked at Arsene with shame and helplessness. On the other hand, there was only a chilly expression on his mother’s beautiful face.

The darkness was coming again, and Arsene wondered if it was his fate. His mother told his father, it was for his own good. She shed tears as she told him to believe in her. She held Arsene tightly and begged him to forgive her. She stuffed a small object into his mouth.

Arsene roared at the top of his lungs as his eyes and flesh burned slowly. Then came a familiar voice. It notified him that his second wish had been granted and everything came at a price.

Upon hearing the voice, Arsene pushed away from his mother and fell to the floor. Bones were heard shattering as he continued to wail. Soon, massive flames sprouted from his body. He saw his parents watch in horror as it happened.

Val screamed in panic at his wife. Emma was shaking her head as she tried to pick up her son. However, she screeched as she got burned. She looked at her son and apologized. Not long after, Arsene fell silent as he fell into darkness again.

I enjoy stories like this, deep and dark. If you like the story too, then you’ll probably want to read King Of Darkness.


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