Trust No One: Master Mo, Your Wife’s Multiple Identities Are Online Again, The Review


We are reading about a young woman with such an unfortunate existence. Seriously, this girl lived like a dog. She doesn’t even deny it. After giving ten years of her youth to a complete bastard. Two monsters pinned the crime of murder on her and got rid of her swiftly.

This comes right after she catches them sleeping with each other and gets discarded like yesterday’s trash. She was ready to file a lawsuit, but what came for her was a murder charge. She gets arrested for murder and sent to jail. There, she gets fed poison, and her health slowly deteriorates. It doesn’t end there; her sister subsequently comes over while she’s in the prison hospital and finishes her off.

I know, what a life. She died, but thankfully, she gets a second chance to set everything right. I already know the first thing I’d do if I were in her shoes. After this, you should see another cool piece.

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Part 1: Plot Summary of Master Mo, Your Wife’s Multiple Identities Are Online Again

Master Mo, Your Wife's Multiple Identities Are Online Again: Mo Ting

The story follows Su Yuan, a girl with trouble on her hands that she does not deserve. Su Yuan is killed in jail by her sister. But not before hearing about all the despicable things that the slut did to her out of jealousy. At this point, we need to know the reason why Su Yuan is in jail. It’s quite simple really, she was a naive girl who just experienced the rush of first love and quickly fell completely and blindly for a shithead male.

Su Yuan gave her all only to be betrayed by the man she’d been with and her half-sister. She was sent to prison and barely nine years later, she was on the hospital bed, living out the last of her days.

Yes, it was one of those days that her half-sister arrived and revealed she had been feeding her poison for a while with every meal she ate.

The End?

No, her story continues as she awakens on the day of her eighteenth birthday many years prior. It should be said that this was the day that defined the complete downfall she suffered in her previous life. Su Yuan encounters kidnappers just like last time, but this time she’s different. Su Yuan does not let them get away with it. In the same circumstance is none other than the very wealthy and powerful Mo Ting. The two people who were kidnapped, help each other out.

However, their connection doesn’t end there because Su Yuan recognizes an opportunity when she sees one. She very quickly latches on to this powerful thigh and just like that, she has herself a husband.

Part 2: Main Character of Master Mo, Your Wife’s Multiple Identities Are Online Again

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Su Yuan

Master Mo, Your Wife's Multiple Identities Are Online Again: Su Yuan

She was just a woman with dreams of living a life of happiness with the man she loved. She couldn’t have ever imagined that the man would take her heart and throw it in the goddamn dumpster. Girls heed my words, all men are bastards, however, there are the bastards you can handle and the bastards that will eat you alive. It’s not hard to teach a stupid man to follow traffic signs. But teaching a man who just wants to kill everyone on the freeway? It’s practically impossible.

Su Yuan is a pitiful character. But from a harmless little kitten to a ferocious tiger, this darling got served the harsh realities of life and made motivated by it. We can learn a lot from her. Forgive and forget? As if.

Her second chance may still have those people involved in one way or the other, but we should expect Su Yuan to treat them like fresh meat; kill them after giving them the terror of its life. It’s always sweeter that way.

Su Yuan never thought she would get to meet the most terrifying and powerful man in The city. But there she stood, with the man looking at her through bloodshot eyes. Whoever hired those kidnappers is just too heartless. I mean, how much money are you targeting that you can spend 70 million to ensure that you get a scandalous sex video?

Part 3: Cool Chapter from Master Mo, Your Wife’s Multiple Identities Are Online Again

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Master Mo, Your Wife's Multiple Identities Are Online Again: Su Yuan and Mo Ting

Chapter Eighteen- Proposal

Mo Ting heard from Su Yuan that she could help him get better as soon as possible and he was interested. She assured him that it would be even faster than the hospital’s treatment. However, the doctor was unhappy with her claims and voiced his misgivings. Su Yuan was prepared to argue, but Mo Ting cut her off. He already had a doctor and didn’t need another.

Yes, Su Yuan was offering the powerful man whatever he wanted, if only he would help her. However, the man already had most of everything he could ever want. She finally tried the money route. It was desperate and stupid because the man had abundant wealth, and after hearing her pitch about business proposals, he said so himself. Su Yuan was at a loss for words as she finally asked him what it was that she could help him with.

What did Su Yuan need his help with? She wanted him to make a statement about their kidnapping. It was to ensure that there would be no rumors that could potentially destroy her life like last time. The doctor told her there was no way Mo Ting could make the statement she desired. Su Yuan was hopeless. She offered Mo Ting anything he desired, though she knew it was futile. She could only beg him one last time.

Finally, Mo Ting spoke and said that it wasn’t impossible to make a statement. Su Yuan brightened as she asked about his condition. What was Mo Ting’s response? Well, he told her to marry him.

Master Mo, Your Wife's Multiple Identities Are Online Again: The Sunset, Mo Ting and Su Yuan

The story is vivid and so exhilarating. The characters are colorful and not dull in any way. I feel so frustrated with the antagonists that my hand really itches. If only it was possible to slap a character with your own hands. Nah. We’ll just let the protagonist do it for us. I know just what you need after reading this piece. I really think you should see Mr. Tycoon’s Wife Has A Thousand Secret Identities.


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