His Superpowers: Myth Beyond Heaven, The Review


I can’t believe what I’m seeing. For heaven’s sake, he crossed two worlds and yet he got nothing? I feel offended on behalf of this man. His expectations are shattered after reading so many novels that promised cool cheats or magic powers after transmigration. A system would be cool too. Unfortunately, he got neither of these things. We see a man who died and woke up to meet a world that was so different from his own. He expected so much from transmigration but only received a fistful of nothing. However, he has yet to understand the vital role he will play in the future. Not to mention the secret of his transmigration into this new world. Maybe superpowers are in his future. Sounds unlikely, doesn’t it?

Being the only male disciple of the Misty Cloud Sect wasn’t a fact that was known by many in this cultivation world. The protagonist has had to hide his identity in order to ensure his safety. So, except the disciples of the Sect, no one else in this world knew he existed. However, time is all that is needed for a secret to be reduced to nothing.

The story is funny and so interesting. I love how all of the characters with their varying backstories, easily come together in this flavorful piece and create something amazing and unforgettable. The protagonist has such problems that are funny on the surface, but really deep when you analyze it from a different standpoint. It has magic and mystery. If you really enjoyed this, then you should open the next title that I’m going to recommend. It is spectacularly wonderful.

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Part 1: Main Character of Myth Beyond Heaven

Yun Lintian

Myth Beyond Heaven: Yun Lintian

Honestly, you’d think that this male would turn out a bit more self-centered and spoilt, but it’s the other way around. He spends just a moderate amount of time thinking about his problems much less than that of other people. He is a resourceful and mature young man who is adept in the field of medicine. It didn’t come from his past life, but rather, he developed himself. He did so to the extent that there was hardly any illness he could not find the cure to. Not to mention that he’s only sixteen years.

Seriously, sixteen is pretty young, but even with that talent and gift, he would no doubt still feel left out. Why was he so different?

After all that time he spent with his fellow disciples in the sect, a feeling of inferiority was sure to grow. However, it becomes abundantly clear as we read on, just how the sect worked. While he could say he wasn’t satisfied with his abilities, Yun Lintian lived in harmony with these females in the sect. It was unconventional, but the sect had become home to a lot of them.

Yun Lintian is a courageous and magnificent young man who is selfless and unassuming. He endures a life where he’s unlike others but, doesn’t let it dull his shine. As he enters the world, his life is about to change. Hopefully, this change brings a positive answer to the questions that reside in his heart.

Part 2: Plot Summary of Myth Beyond Heaven

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Myth Beyond Heaven: Yun Qianxue

The story is all about Yun Lintian, a man who dies but is resurrected on the day of his funeral and reverted back to infancy. He gets taken to a different world from his own and grows up as the foster son of the Misty Cloud Sect master. Yun Lintian is dissatisfied with the fact that he did not get any nice benefits after transmigration. But that is not all, he also/ cannot do things with spiritual energy like the other disciples. Again, this is not the only thing about him that was different from the other disciples. For one thing, the other disciples were all female. Imagine being the only male in a mountain full of beautiful women. No, don’t think dirty things.

The Problem

Let’s put it like this, imagine being the only male on a mountain filled with women who are better than you at nearly everything. Of course, it is noted that in this new world, everybody possessed good looks. Yun Lintian’s good looks could be said to be top-tier.

But back to his story. So, Yun Lintian is unhappy about his bland and uninteresting life. However, he doesn’t know that he is the farthest thing from normal. He has no idea that the so-called transmigration was something even more unbelievable. The course and trajectory that his life would take, were laid down already. They were watching his every move and he had no idea.

Yun Lintian must make his way into the big world on his own this time. There would be no one to protect him except himself. This protagonist’s journey will bring a lot of unexpected challenges. He must overcome them on his own.

Part 3: Awesome Chapter from Myth Beyond Heaven

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Chapter Five

Myth Beyond Heaven: His World

They were ready to leave. Yun Lintian smiled as he stood before Yun Qianxue who stepped forward and presented him with an interspatial ring that he knew was rare and very expensive. He poured his energy into the ring and found hundreds of millions worth of gold. He was shocked but Yun Qianxue merely laughed at his reaction.

Yun Lintian let a drop of his blood land on the ring, and it immediately vanished. Yun Qianxue told him it was the special ability of the ring. No one would be able to detect it. Yun Lintian was awed and thanked her. Soon, he and Yun Meilan, the Supreme Sect Master, were on their way.

Yun Lintian found himself in the capital city. He slowly walked towards the city gate. Yun Meilan was nowhere in sight, but Yun Lintian knew she wasn’t far away.

As he approached the gate, Lintian clearly saw the colossal archway. People were queuing up to get their identities checked, and he was in the queue as well. After a small disturbance that was caused by a speeding carriage, it was Lintian’s turn. He spoke about his origins and the guard looked him up and down. Afterward, he stuffed a gold coin in the guard’s hand as he asked for directions to the best inn. The guard immediately revealed a friendly smile.

Yun Lintian was allowed into the city which had all kinds of buildings of ancient architecture. The next thing he did was find a store and buy a map to check the six major clans.

I don’t know about you, but these kinds of stories are just the stuff that is needed on a fine leisurely afternoon, light and fun. A similar book is Throne of God.


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