Shaking Off the Burdens: Reborn: The Return of the Villainous Mr. Liu


From birth until death, we learn a lot about life through failures and successes. It was the same for this man who spent his whole life infatuated with a female that didn’t return his feelings.

The outcome was bloodshed and dissatisfaction. It made him commit the worst crime a man could use his own hands to exact: Suicide. His mistakes were too much, and he was overwhelmed with his own depravity.

He was the monster of his own story, he brought unhappiness, sorrow, and death to everyone that was around him. After using his own hands to wreck the lives of his loved ones, he chose to end it all.

However, he gets a second chance. And this time he has made up his mind to do things differently. He won’t be the villain of the story anymore.

But it only gets harder while living with the memories of his previous life. Not to mention, he must keep his distance from his family. How can he cope with everything in this state?

Fortunately, there’s someone who’s not about to see him throw away this gift. He would come to see the similarity in the gaze of this woman and the woman shrouded in the fog of memories disguised as dreams.

I can’t express how deeply moving the story is. I feel a strong connection with the protagonist’s character as I get a shock of understanding all his emotions. A childhood obsession caused the greatest calamity.

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Part 1: Plot Summary of Reborn: The Return of the Villainous Mr. Liu

The Return of the Villainous Mr. Liu: Zhou Ai and Liu Jun

The story is about a child, Liu Jun, who meets a girl whom he absolutely adores. His conviction to marry this woman when he grows up is voiced and unhidden. However, things take a different turn from his expectations when the woman in his heart marries his younger brother instead. Driven by his obsession and several other wild emotions, he kills his brother, and it completely plunges the world he knew into something so much darker than he could ever imagine. His obsession had ruined everything and everyone.

He killed himself in a car accident and thought it would finally be over. In those last moments, something else happened and someone else died right in front of him; she fell from above and onto his car. Liu Jun would remember her eyes that met his through the windshield that was covered in blood.


Liu Jun thought it would be the end but, woke up in his body ten years in the past. He can see that everything is the way it was before it was ruined by his own hands. He decides not to let things go back to how they were, which meant that he needed to let go of the woman that he’d kept in his heart all those years. This is his story, so how could he ruin it? He would no longer be the villain. The monster that destroyed everything was gone.

However, it gets difficult for him to get through his days without feeling depressed by his existence.

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Part 2: Main Character of Reborn: The Return of the Villainous Mr. Liu

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Liu Jun

The Return of the Villainous Mr. Liu: Jun

The thoroughness of his love is so frightening. Liu Jun is a very mysterious man with a lot of sides hidden behind a calm and unbothered exterior. His emotions run all over the place and his heart is fierce. Liu Jun is a man we can’t help but feel sad for because everything he had fought to achieve turned into nothing and his unhappiness at the loss he suffered, resulted in the unhappiness of others.

He became the villain that people read about, the one who stopped at nothing to get what he wanted, and when he didn’t get it, he threw a tantrum that killed his own blood.

Family Code

I should say that this man is not completely at fault for his actions. Yes, he did the act, but it resulted from hatred caused by betrayal and loss. First of all, what sort of person takes the love of his brother’s life?

Liu Jin couldn’t find anybody else to date, it just had to be the one person who’s been in his brother’s heart for ages. Even if she felt the same way about him, there are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Family should always come first.

Liu Jun’s life turned out to be scrap paper and he got another go at it. I admire his courage to abandon all that he was in his last life and embrace something new. The journey ahead is going to be hard, but we don’t have to worry too much because someone is going to be right there with us.

Part 3: Amazing Chapter from Reborn: The Return of the Villainous Mr. Liu

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The Return of the Villainous Mr. Liu: Happy, Jun and Zhou Ai

Chapter Five – You Are a Coward

Jun woke up in a sorry state. He had dreamt of the events of his previous life, his brother’s death. Since his rebirth, this was the first time he had dreamt of his past life. He thought of his brother’s death and then his own. He could almost feel the pain from the impact his body suffered when the car crashed. He didn’t know why he would suddenly get that dream, especially when his life was just going normally, and he had left the Liu Villa. Jun thought fate did not want him to live a happy life this time around as well. He came back to suffer. Jun wished he would just die already.

After a dull day, Jun found himself in a trance which he broke out of at the loud honk of a car. A furious driver yelled at him for wanting to die but Jun didn’t move and only stared at the person who suddenly felt a chill.

With his eyes fixed on the road, Jun felt numb for an unknown reason, and he took a step forward into the sea of cars that swarmed by. Yes, he wanted to die.

A car began to honk as Jun was reaching the middle of the road. Someone exclaimed and Jun looked over to see a car heading straight for him. He bore a smile and thought, “Finally”.

However, someone pulled him back at a critical second.

The story is profound and thoroughly expressive. If that is something you’re into, then there’s a book for you to read after this one.


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