The All Powerful and Invincible: Strongest Necromancer of Heaven’s Gate. The Review


What we’re looking at here, is a young soul who finds himself in a mysterious plane where he is selected for something great and amazing.

He even gets to choose his body to be reincarnated with.

Everything is good until the machinery that was supposed to shoot him to his destination, malfunctions and he is left with a damaged soul. This soul enters a previously dead body, and the effects are crappy because the young boy grows up to be fainter.

He’s also unable to recall anything about the purpose of his existence.

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But it became an even bigger problem because while all his peers were off to Elysium after being tested once, maybe twice if they were the unserious type, the protagonist on the other hand, was taking the test over and over again.

It was to the point that everyone in the area knew of his fervent spirit and pitied him.

I’ve got to tell you that this book is a conundrum, and I honestly could not have expected my interest to be piqued this much. Then again, the book has stupid gods and snarky angels in it. I love some of those.

The idea to incorporate a cannon deathtrap is just amazing. It was a really perfect catalyst for the protagonist’s troubled future.

Magic and gods are cool. Maybe you agree with me and want another cool read to spice up your day. Then, I’ve got you covered. Just see this next recommendation. A real, guaranteed page-turner.

Part 1: Plot Summary of Strongest Necromancer of Heaven’s Gate

Strongest Necromancer of Heaven's Gate: Chosen

The story follows a young man named Lucien, who dies and appears in a realm where he is informed of his status as the chosen one that would save the world. He was selected by the god of gamblers himself. Lucien is given the choice to pick his facial aesthetics, body type, special skills etcetera

The god and the angel brief him on everything he needed to know before returning back to the world of the living. This particular god is a serious wacko and even the angel assisting him would say as much. Lucien gets dropped into a goddamn cannon that was supposed to shoot him straight into the body that was prepared for him according to his specifications. It’s a wild concept, but the author has no problem blending it into the story and they do it so flawlessly. You have to remind yourself that this is just fiction.


So, there we have Lucien, poised to enter reincarnation, but the cannon suddenly develops a fault. Lucien is shot out by the cannon; however, his soul gets damaged. Lucien lands in a dead corpse and sixteen years later, with his name now being Lux, he tries to fight the uncontrollable effects that his body suffers at unpredictable circumstances and usual intervals. Yes, he was fainter.

This was not a good thing, of course.

Lux only wanted to do right by his grandmother who had taken care of him all these years, but he was helpless.

What Lux doesn’t know is that everything he was suffering had a source.

Fortunately, everything comes in due time. Lux’s future is unlocked as he finally gains clarity.

Part 2: Main Character of Strongest Necromancer of Heaven’s Gate

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Lux (Lucien)

Strongest Necromancer of Heaven's Gate: Lux

He is the chosen one, selected to save the world. He is a determined and steadfast young man with so many expectations of himself. But all these expectations are limited by his body’s conditions. Lux tries to brave the training, he tries to endure, pushing past his body’s limit every time. However. All of it is useless because he is unable to pass the test no matter what. He could not remember the fact that he was the god’s chosen one, neither could he remember the fact that the crazy god had stuffed him in a cannon and shot him through space and time into a corpse that had yet to be synchronized.

Lux is a wonderfully intriguing character that doesn’t pay much mind to the obstacles. Instead, he focuses on the means to surpass them. Lux’s fighting spirit and determination to be someone that his loved ones can be proud of, is no doubt the main reason why he is so very suited to be the chosen one.

His Birth

Lux was born a half-elf and half-human, just like he wanted. This did not come without its risks or dangers. However, he wanted the best of the two races. He endeavored to choose a skill that was, on the surface, pretty useless compared to all the others that were presented to him. However, it seems that fortune smiles on him because that skill turns out to be the most unbeatable aspect of him.

Lux is an easygoing protagonist in this fantastical and comedic tale of dominion.

Part 3: Exciting Chapter from Strongest Necromancer of Heaven’s Gate

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Chapter Seven – Do You Want to Enter Elysium?

Strongest Necromancer of Heaven's Gate: Eriol

Eriol, the god of games, introduced himself to Lux. He’d told Lux that he was here to help out his friend Macuilxochitl. Lux was confused as he looked at the floating boy in front of him. He wondered if this person came to the wrong place. Eriol stated that the damage to Lux’s soul was so severe that he didn’t reincarnate properly. His unsynchronized soul and body were not compatible.

Eriol told Lux that he could help him get into Elysium. Lux was suspicious as he saw the sad expression on Eriol’s face as he looked at himself. He asked the price for Eriol’s help and Eriol only wanted him to promise he would struggle to the bitter end.

Lux had a feeling that he needed to listen to Eriol’s words.

Eriol first helped Lux retrieve his memory. Eriol explained that his soul was unable to be reborn the normal way and then got sent to the next best substitute that complied with his character settings.

Lux was in disbelief when he heard he’d possessed a dead body. Eriol told him it was the reason the body rejected him every time he exerted his will.

Eriol only needed to tap a finger on Lux’s forehead in order to fix the synchronization problem. Soon, it was complete.

A blazing fire engulfed Lux’s body and incinerated his clothes till there was nothing left. His primary body constitution became Immortal Conqueror’s Legacy.

Good fantasy novels are hard to come by and this one is a gem that I seriously can’t stop loving. If this is what you enjoy too, then you should something cool. You’ll be in too deep before you know it.


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