Shock The Earth with My Power: The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss, The Review


After traversing into another world or some other universe entirely, some people will feel a bit disoriented from the change of scenery and culture, however, this woman is looking straight at the opportunity. She died and reincarnated into a world that is completely different from her own except for the fact that the people that populated this land were humans. What do I mean? What I’m trying to tell you is that this woman lucked out and landed herself in a land of magic with magic beasts and everything. Yes, she’s pretty lucky. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a side note to that luck; our protagonist reincarnated into the body of a good-for-nothing muddleheaded waste of a powerful family of nobility.

While the protagonist was remarkable in her previous life, it is clear that with this one, she would need to proceed with caution and be as quiet as a mouse. At the same time, she needs to learn about how to use the available natural weapons that this world has, Magic. However, her body was not built for magic, or so everyone thought. However, the protagonist comes back with magic powers of her own and the battle aura that they had concluded she did not have.

There’s a thrill while reading about the exploits of the protagonist on strange lands. So, you might want to see this next book.

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Part 1: Plot Summary of The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss: Renown Thief

The story follows a young woman named Shen Yanxiao who was known for her remarkable skills in theft. Truly, she was magnificent enough to be recognized for her abilities in her time. However, neither her reputation nor her name could have protected her from death. Yes, Yanxiao died. Sad right? Not really. This woman gets another chance to live after she opens her eyes to a strange world and an even stranger body whose memories she immediately received upon possession of the body.

Shen Yanxiao turned out to be the name of the body’s previous owner, so it was quite a smooth transition in that respect. However, where she got problems was with the detail about the owner being known as waste. The owner of the body could not do things like the other children of the family therefore, she was bullied nonstop.

It was in this situation that Shen Yanxiao found herself. She could not outright behave like she was finally back to normal, not before teaching the bullies a lesson. Not to mention, she has to understand this new world, so what better way to do it than with the eyes of a person everyone thought was useless?

Why Read The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss?

The story is somewhat odd when you look at the peculiar relationships between a woman and a mysterious voice. Don’t understand what I mean? Well, putting it simply, this book is a perfect blend of weirdly unconventional themes, but it’s what makes it interesting. Though the theme of revenge seemingly dominates the pages more often than not, however, the strength of a woman is more than enough to carry us through family drama and problematic challenges.

Part 2: Main Character of The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

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Shen Yanxiao

The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss: Shen Yanxiao

She is a devious and unpredictable woman on the loose. The world she knew might not have magic, but it wasn’t exactly filled with peaceful moments either. Shen Yanxiao grew up believing in herself and trusting no one else with her life. However, she is left in an awkward and helpless situation upon arrival in this world.

The life that the former owner of the body lived, was nothing short of a pathetic and powerless state. Shen Yanxiao has to take her time to look carefully at the people that surround her before letting them into her space. With the opportunity given to her in this new body, Shen Yanxiao works toward a goal that isn’t impossible but will be hard, nonetheless. Her future is uncertain, but one thing is sure, she would not leave the house of that place.

Along the line, as she gets used to the change in environments, Shen Yanxiao discovers that there is much about the former owner that went deeper than the eye could see. Currently, there is only one way to find these things out and one insubstantial and nosy busybody who could give her the answers that she sought.

Shen Yanxiao is the meticulous and brave protagonist who quickly lights up the detailed story and setting of a magical world. Her fierce and unbending attitude gives a reader a burst of excitement. The obstacles that she faces make the reader get so invested in her story that it cannot be put down. This book is a page-turner and I hope you’re ready for an experience that you will remember for a while.

Part 3: Amazing Chapter from The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

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Chapter Four – Dual Training in Magic and Battle Aura (1)

The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss: Cunning Shen Yanxiao

The voice from within her told Shen Yanxiao about the seal that restrained all her powers. She looked at the Seven Star Moon Seal on her arm that sealed all of her powers within seven layers possessed by the seal. The voice told her it was the reason she was reduced to trash. The voice offered to undo the seal for her if she was willing to assist it.

Shen Yanxiao thought about how reliable the words she heard could be. With a wicked smile, she asked for a show of sincerity. Shen Yanxiao wanted to know how the owner of the voice got inside her body. However, the voice didn’t give up any information, only the name Xiu. Shen Yanxiao wasn’t strong enough and therefore was unworthy to know the name of the being within her. It would just bring a wide array of problems that she could not handle. Shen Yanxiao laughed when she couldn’t get anything other than an incomplete name.

She voiced her worry that the being would kill her once it stepped out of her body. However, the being reassured that it couldn’t kill her because that would mean killing itself. Apparently, the moment it chose to reside in her body, it signed a soul contract with her. Killing Shen Yanxiao will cause it to lose nine-tenths of its soul.

The being finally gave Shen Yanxiao a present; It undid the first layer of her seal which allowed her to repossess the ability to train in battle aura and magic.

The story is bright and immersive, the characters do not disappoint and seriously, the plotline is enjoyable. Maybe after this one, you would like to read another title that won’t disappoint you.


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