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The story starts off with some of the darkest tones imaginable. It gave me no mercy in changing, forcing my mood to be negative and serious.

We get Sophia’s point of view, who states that life was cruel. She had been a rogue for over 50 years though she was not always like that. She was the princess of the Blood Moon Pack, the daughter of the Alpha King, and a Luna who was originally a hunter. Wars by rogues were declared against her pack but they never succeeded.

War was declared by the Crescent Moon’s Alpha. This time things were different. The Blood Moon Pack’s Beta betrayed the pack. The beta was ordered by the Alpha King to take his wife and child to a safe place, despite their wanting to fight.

This backfired and the Crescent Moon Alpha imprisoned them. Sophia’s mother was sexually abused in front of her while Sophia herself was tortured relentlessly. After seeing their conditions, the Alpha King surrendered and was beaten right after. Sophia’s mother was killed, and her father was beheaded.

The unfaithful beta took Sophia as a slave, though before he could force himself on her, she used her royal strength to overpower and kill him by ripping his heart out. She then burned his house and was presumed dead. Sophia trained and became a rogue, seducing her prey and then killing them. She progressively took revenge, until one day she snuck into the territory of Alpha Arthur, the man behind it all.

She was instantly recognized, and a battle began in which Sophia came out victorious and got her revenge. Sophia, at the end of this battle, was very weak and was constantly chased down by Arthur’s pack. However, she eventually reached another pack’s border where the events are set up and she eventually meets Sebastian. Her entire life changes.

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Part 1: The Characters of Sophia and Sebastian

Sophia And Sebastion

Sophia, formerly being a princess, had transitioned in personality into something that proliferated intensity. She learned to be aggressive, and she lived her life in a way in which she had to be afraid of who she was and inevitably was captured for it. She remained bold, aggravated, and serious. Though from this point on, her interactions and experiences start getting a lighter tone.

Sebastian, the Alpha of the Moon River Pack, one of the most powerful out there, had more or less a similar personality. He had strong opinions on rogues and had given up on finding his mates, instead, he opted for slaves to fulfill his desires.

Though, he too starts to feel lighter and less intense as he grows closer to his destined mate, Sophia. I loved these contrasted interactions between Sophia and Sebastian, they were the selling point of the series for me.

Part 2: Main Theme of Exclusively Mine

wWolf Howling Blood Moon

With how the novel started in its dark tones and aggressive fight scenes, I was really expecting the series to be dark and broody all the time with hints of romance sprinkled in there as a product of these dark scenes though I was proven wrong immediately. The story does maintain its dark features, though it heavily dilutes them as it progresses.

The romance and true love element of this story get elaborated upon more and more, teasing the reader as you go. Sophia refuses to disclose more about her past and true identity while Sebastian consistently clashes with Sophia.

However, they always end up getting closer despite their numerous differences because mates just react that way. They have indescribable lust and love for each other, and you feel this develop as you read. I did feel this for sure, at least.

Contradicting my expectations, this series does have an element of comedy within it and the bad grammar (more on that later) of the series really fleshes the comedy out, even scenes that weren’t intended to be comedic in any sense.

For example, as Sebastian gets done with his business with one of his slaves, he claims that he doesn’t want to spend the entire night ‘screwing Lana.’ That was hilarious to me, though perhaps my humor is just broken.

Part 3: The Biggest Problemon Exclusively Mine

Wolf Howling In Pain

The biggest problem within Exclusively Mine is the grammar and writing. The series’ potential is immensely brought down by the terrible grammar of the novel, like a bullet train without tracks.

You can find grammatical errors littered and proliferated everywhere, tenses are widely misused, and words are misspelled occasionally. Though this does make slightly lesser occurrences in the later chapters, it still is an obnoxious negative point of the series and the biggest at that.

The way the characters refer to themselves and describe their backstories is also brought down by insufficient or misplaced writing. For example, Sebastian speaks to himself and talks about how his personality is, though the first person view we get portrays itself as a third person.

Serious moments that are dark and broody also seem like they’re lighter just because the writing is misplaced to such an extent. If the writing were consistent, the enjoyment I would derive from this novel would be pretty much unmatched. The story remains incredible despite this major flaw, though.

Part 4: Conclusion

Exclusively Mine is a title that definitely deserves a read and an ample amount of praise. The writer made a world that engulfs you within itself and the interactions between Sebastian and Sophia, despite their differences, are so wholesome and it makes you desire such an experience yourself.

The political and serious moments of this series make it shine and distinguish it from other titles as well. The environment in which the romance of this series takes place is heavily affected by these darker tones which is something we don’t really see quite often.

While the writing itself in terms of grammatical consistency is something that will, for sure, have an impact on the enjoyability of the novel (a big one), I still recommend it as an unforgettable read. Enslaved by the Alpha explores a few similar themes, so I recommend that novel if this isn’t quite to your tastes.

Also Read: Enslaved by the Alpha

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