Legacy of the Wolf – War of the Wolves


Mollyjay starts off her day, and the story, with an alarm clock that she snoozes which has her late for work. We find out as the reader that she lives in a very shabby apartment with minimal living conditions. The despicable landlord made money off those who were unable to afford anything better than the swamp of an apartment that Mollyjay lived within.

The sirens blaring outside woke MJ up, as she looked at the clock she freaked out. She was to be at work around 4 when it was 7:30. We then get introduced to MJ’s character, she’s an orphan who works 3 jobs. The first was a part-time job at a slaughterhouse, the second was a part-time job as a butcher’s assistant and the third job was as a night bartender.

She goes to the slaughterhouse and meets Lou, her boss, who instantly started screaming at her for not being there at 4 to approve the shipment of cutlets that was due at that time.

Lou comes across as very obnoxious, though we get a backstory as to when he gave her some meat under some excuse on holidays. Things calm down as MJ offers to go on the shipping truck to collect the cutlets for which the fuel would be paid from her wage.

Then, we get introduced to the bread and butter of the series. The werewolves. They come into the slaughterhouse and while MJ was bent over, they come in and make remarks about her Louisianas’ or Georgias.’ This greatly angered MJ, who then started going off on the strangers. Things escalate and MJ ends up headbutting one of these greatly handsome strangers, then proceeds to run off on Lou’s vehicle to get the cutlets.

She meets Beth, her sister, and has a casual conversation with her which shows us their deep relationship. MJ comes back to the slaughterhouse and the same Greek God starts to practically wrap himself around her while his friends slam around Lou. After a series of exchanges, we discover that these handsome men are werewolves from the moon with a mission!

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Part 1: Main Theme of Legacy of the Wolf

Legacy Of The wolf White Half

Legacy of the Wolf is, obviously, a werewolf-oriented story. However, I see it as heavily distinguished from other stories. The thing that makes this story unique is that it has the proper involvement of humans within this werewolf story. Most novels would have a romance story on werewolves and humans play a very minimalistic part in the advancement of the story.

However, this story takes an epic take on the genre that I must appreciate. It has serious, dark tones that get so dramatic that the author has to put a warning before some of the chapters. The broody tone of the series is very well done and honestly makes me love it so much.

The comedy in this series is very well done as well which I expected ever since the Louisiana comment was passed on MJ’s behind. Her reaction was flawless as well to the situation which elevated the laughter I expressed for it.

The novel also shifts its tone very dramatically at times which makes the reader experience a rollercoaster of emotions and reactions to these dramatic changes. One chapter could be a comedic exchange while the other could be a life-threatening situation. The wildness of the author adds to the series, and I love that.

Part 2: The Beauty of MJ’s Character on Legacy of the Wolf

MJ is a very realistic character that you initially sympathize with. Her background and her living conditions, in the beginning, were something that you could only feel so sorry for. Though her personality shines through all her dark beginnings and she deals with the most obnoxious situations in a way that brightens your day.

The aggressiveness she displays may scare the reader at times, though after a little more insight into her past and overall personality, you get accustomed to it and appreciate it more and more.

Part 3: The Cons of Legacy of the Wolf

Legacy Of The Wolf Black Half

While the story is absolutely brilliant, to the point where I’d say it’s one of my favorites, I must say that the series suffers from poor writing quality. The punctuation and vocabulary are just not there and I feel it really drags down the series.

Some moments would be so intense in the series though instead of looking at that, I’d be thinking about the grammatical mistakes within the scene which distracts me from the beauty of it.

Another gripe I have is that the intensity of the scenes is highly dependent on basically cussing over and over until the impact is made clear to the reader. Sure, this is efficient the first few times though it does get diluted by the repetition of this strategy. This is also imprinted on MJ’s character, so you somewhat get used to it though by no means is it something positive.

The pacing, in my opinion, is a little questionable and you feel that it can be better at times. The stylization the writer took may appeal to a few others though, so goes figure.

Part 4: Conclusion

Legacy of the Wolf is an excellent read. It was well worth the countless hours I spent on it and the story encompassed me within itself. I was thoroughly involved throughout all of the wacky situations MJ got herself into and I laughed, worried, nearly cried, and amazed myself as did the characters in this series. Also, I just can’t get past how cool Dante is at times.

The almost political themes of this series are also very interesting in combination with how informal it can get. The author knows how to appeal to their reader in the most unique ways possible.

While it is rather fresh work in the beginning, the pacing and writing issues do get addressed in the later chapters, which I progressively noticed, and you will too. This is especially evident in the sequel, Legacy of the Wolf: War of the Wolves. You absolutely must read this book!

A similar book with equal weirdness is The Defiant Mate


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