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Fatal Instincts by Shelby V. Painter is a werewolf fantasy romance book about a mysterious woman Alyssa Barnes who winds up in a small town in Kansas while running from her problems.

Fatal Instincts which is a book of the fatal trilogy series is rated eighteen because of its mature scenes and because it has fifty chapters.

Alyssa Barnes has baggage which gives her enough worries that she’s secretly been on the run, moving from town to town to evade her problems.

Running out of resources, Alyssa winds up in a small town in Kansas, Kettle’s Bell, and applies for a job in The Bar, an equally shitty bar, just like this creepy mysterious town, to get money quickly before she’s discovered and has to be on the go again.

On her first day of work, Alyssa is warned about Krossway – a local biker gang – real owners of this town and not to be on their bad side.

As expected Alyssa does entirely the opposite of this and even gets her into a staredown with the Krossway boss, Daimon Kross himself, meaning more baggage to her arsenal.

Spending more time in this mysterious town, Alyssa begins to notice that this town with no information about it on the internet is not what she thinks it is and that the local biker gang is much more than they pretend to be – Alyssa Barnes confirms this when she goes for a run but notices that she is being stalked by a wolf.

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Part 1: Main Characters of Fatal Instincts

Alyssa Barnes

 Fatal Instinct Cast Alyssa Barnes

Alyssa Barnes is the twenty-one years old protagonist of the fatal instinct book. She’s beautiful and curvy, with busty cleavage which she uses as an arsenal in her line of work.

She’s an orphan who has been treated unfairly by life, causing her to move from one foster home to another. Her parents were irresponsible, such that they didn’t even get to name her – a random nurse did.

She first let someone inside her at the age of fourteen and started tending bar at the age of seventeen. The boy was also an orphan who stayed in the same foster home as her but had to leave when he turned eighteen.

Daimon Kross

 Fatal Instinct 2014 Damian Kross

Daimon Kross is the leader of the Krossway biker gang which thrive in a small town in Kansas, Kettle’s Bell. He’s huge and ruggedly handsome. He has intimidating broad shoulders and stands at a staggering six foot four.

On his towering mass, Daimon Kross has impressive biceps and abs with arms chorded with muscles and decorated with tattoos.

On his face, Daimon has just enough scruff on his thick jaw, a dimpled chin, cut cheekbones, a long sharp nose with a pale white scar across the top, and deep-set amber-colored eyes fringed with jet-black lashes overshadowed by thick black eyebrows.

Part 2: Hot Chapters of Fatal Instincts Wattpad

Chapter Two

 Fatal Instinct 2 Chapter Two

After being employed in The Bar, a coworker had given Alyssa Barnes friendly advice to not engage herself in any trouble with the local biker gang who ran Kettle’s Bell, but Alyssa being Alyssa couldn’t seem to escape the air of mischief that always hung around her, and as such, she got into trouble with the biker gang’s boss, Daimon Kross, the very first day she met him.

It all started over a petty issue with Alyssa Barnes refusing to be addressed as a pretty doll as if she was worth nothing and just one of Daimon Kross’ playthings.

Hell-bent on setting that narrative straight, Alyssa vehemently refused to attend to the biker gang leader unless he got her name right (knowing fully well he was an egomaniac and would refuse to do that)

Going on loggerheads with none of them willing to compromise, Daimon had ordered that no one in the bar patronize Alyssa but when that didn’t break her, he began to threaten her, seething that she was standing up to him.

He went as far as pulling strings to make Alyssa dance on the stage to humiliate her, but she found a way to maneuver his plan and ended up having a good time on the stage, pulling off a sultry dance that drove spectators crazy.

Chapter Six

 Fatal Instincts Book

After Clashing with Toby, a member of the Krossway biker gang, Alyssa eventually caused a slight income drought at The Bar because of the low turnout of their presence.

However, with or without the biker gang’s presence, the bar still thrived nonetheless. Alyssa even got a little promotion – not that it mattered to her anyway.

After being forced to take a day off by her boss, Alyssa decided to go on a run to kill time since she didn’t have a phone or social media to keep her busy.

Not minding it was evening, she took off, sprinting heartily. After running for over fifteen minutes, Alyssa decided to take a breathing stop before suddenly the street lights went off and she was engulfed in total darkness.

Retracing her steps, Alyssa worked her way back but stopped once more when she noticed she was being stalked – and by a wolf? Realizing this, Alyssa raced for her house but accidentally collided with Daimon Kross on her way.

He escorted her home afterward but she didn’t fail to add his reaction when she told him that she was being stalked by a wolf to the list of the mysterious things she noticed happening in this weird town, Kettle’s Bell.

Part 3: Ending of Fatal Instincts

Fatal Instincts Conclusion

Fatal Instincts by Shelby V Painter is a werewolf fantasy romance book following the story of Alyssa Barnes, a mysterious woman who ends up in Kettle’s Bell, a small town in Kansas while evading her problems, and Daimon Kross, the leader of Krossway, a local biker gang who runs Kettle’s Bell.

The tags of the book are a werewolf, adult, suspense thriller, and female protagonist.

With over nine million reads on Wattpad, it is a testament that the book is a very good read with an interesting plot. The author of the book uses it as a medium to subtly address the over-sexualization of women in their workplace.

Part 4: About The Author of Fatal Instincts

Fatal Instincts Author

Shelby V Painter is an author from Alabama, US. She is a preschool teacher but has an active writing career on Wattpad, with her books garnering millions of views.

She came into the limelight with her Fatal Instincts book and the fatal trilogy series. Two of her works, ‘Because of a Girl Like Me, and ‘Watered Down’ are published exclusively with Tapas Media

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