Movie Review: Female Werewolf Comes to Power in The Movie Blood and Chocolate


The Movie Blood And Chocolate is a 2008 Werewolf-themed drama movie. Directed by Katja von Garnier, she plays a young woman caught between Agnes Bruckner, her human boyfriend, and the werewolf boyfriend who transforms her. The film, adapted from Annette Curtis Klause’s book Blood and Chocolate, was released in Germany on October 17, 2008. Although the picture garnered mixed reviews from reviewers, it did well at the box office.

The movie Blood & Chocolate begins with a man named Aiden being restrained by a nurse. This person begins to transform into a werewolf and then kills him, fleeing into the woods to find another nurse transforming into a werewolf again. The film is a +18 production with erotic and supernatural themes.

Blood And Chocolate Book

blood and chocolate book

The IMDb score of the movie is also relatively low, but this does not mean that the movie is unsuccessful. While some people like the movie very much, according to some critics, the movie is mediocre. Before watching the movie, you can also read the book and evaluate it. Most of the criticism is that the movie doesn’t show everything in the book. The book Blood And Chocolate is also a supernatural fantasy and love story rather than a horror and thriller story. This is beautifully portrayed in the movie.

Many viewers find the book much better than the movie. In my opinion, both are beautiful. The point where the movie is missing is that the descriptions in the book do not match the detailed descriptions. This is because it was filmed on a low budget. Although the film is very successful cinematographically, the visual effects are weak.

Main Plot of the Movie Blood and Chocolate

The film takes place in Bucharest, Romania. The main characters of the movie are Vivian and Aiden. Vivian is an orphan who has lost her family. His aunt raises him. One of the essential facts about Vivian is that Vivan’s bloodline is a noble werewolf bloodline. Blood and Chocolate is an adaptation of Annette Curtis Klause’s book of the same name.

Gabriel is the leader of Vivian’s werewolf pack. At the same time, an American cartoonist named Aiden is researching werewolves. While doing his research, he encounters Vivian and falls in love with her. In the later parts of the movie, we witness the love of Vivan and Aiden. But many things prevent this love. Gabriel is one of these obstacles. We watch Vivian and Aidan fight against Gabriel. Besides being a romantic and wild movie, it also has nude scenes.

The most impressive scenes in the movie

blood and chocolate vivian

One of the most impressive scenes of the movie is Vivian’s transformation into a werewolf. Our good characters in the movie are Aiden and Vivian. Aiden doesn’t know yet that Vivian is a werewolf. On the other hand, Vivian hides from Aiden that she is a werewolf. But when he investigates later, Aiden learns that Vivian is a werewolf. Vivian’s werewolf transformation scene in the movie is excellent. Well done, cinematography. The places where the movie takes place are historical, places that fit the scenes very well.

Another most impressive scene in the movie is related to the passionate love between Vivian and Aiden. Their fight against Gabriel and Vivian’s discovery of the truth about her ancestry surprises and amazes the audience. The movie Blood And Chocolate look at Werewolf from a different perspective and reflects this to the audience. At the same time, handling a female werewolf is another thing that makes the movie beautiful.

An Extraordinary Werewolf Romance

blood and chocolate romance

As you are familiar with many werewolf movies, this movie is not a story of horror and brutality. It is a supernatural and love story. The werewolf bloodline is also a blessed lineage in this movie. On the other hand, Vivian is not a cursed and bloodthirsty werewolf. She is an innocent girl orphaned at a young age and raised by her aunt. Her love for Aiden is just as passionate and romantic. Although Gabriel looks terrible in the movie, his goal is to lead his group.

The main line of the movie is, of course, love. Aiden is an art lover youth, and Vivian is a woman full of mysteries. The encounter between the two in Bucharest and their passion for each other is worth watching. Minor roles should also be mentioned. Katja Riemann does a great job. His contribution to the love between Vivian and Aiden and the film’s atmosphere is quite a lot. Although the visual effects in the movie are weak, the beauty of the places is enough to cover this weakness.

Although there is little action in the movie, the encounter between Vivian and Gabriel in the final scenes is worth watching. Vivian and her supporter Aiden have a hard time fighting for her love in this last encounter, but their love is victorious.

Reflection on the Feminist Theme of Females Coming to Rule

blood and chocolate female rule

The character Vivian is a female werewolf of noble ancestry. Vivian proves how strong a woman can be after discovering her powers. A woman turning into a werewolf is another story. In such stories, women usually come to the fore. Influential female roles also always refer to feminism. In this movie, we watch Vivian’s strength as a woman and her struggle with the male-dominated society. At the same time, her stance against Gabriel, the herd leader, who does not give up on her, is one of the reflections of feminism.



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