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Four or Dead by GOA is a reverse harem, enemies to lovers, romance-style book about a high school student Emma, who after years of being bullied in school begins to receive advances from the same set of boys who bullied her in school, making her life miserable for three long years.

As warned by the author, the book includes scenes that discuss suicide.

Things used to be a bit bearable for Emma when her mom used to be alive, but after she died it got worse because there was no one around to protect her from her abusive father who always found a reason to hit her and leave bruises on her body.

It was even more complicated because she could not report the things her father did to her because it would be his words vs hers, and this was no good.

This was because her father maintained a high moral image in society so everyone saw him as an angel instead of the devil he was. This was why Emma was sure nobody would believe her if she decided to talk to someone about it. Plus she feared her father’s torture would double if she tried to expose him and failed – it’d surely be the end of her, she feared.

As if that wasn’t enough, Emma was constantly bullied and picked on in school by the dark angels – a group of influential boys in her school. It was even fair that they settled with playing pranks on her, and verbal attacks.

The girls who bullied her in school because they felt she was stealing the dark angels’ attention, on the other hand, did more than just verbally attack her and play pranks on her.

These girls who happened to be the high-class babes in school, bullied her with pure intentions of hurting her, unlike the dark angels who picked on her just for fun.

It pained Emma every time she thought of how difficult her life was. She wasn’t safe at home neither was she in school. Burdened by the sadness of this, Emma decided to end it all by committing suicide.

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Part 1: Main Characters of Four Or Dead Book

Emma Grace

 Four Or Dead Emma Grace

Emma Grace is the main protagonist of Four or Dead. She’s extremely beautiful with long wavy brown hair that almost hits her waist. Her hair has a tendency to turn golden in the sun, usually at the beginning of the year or after the summer break.

This was one of the reasons why the dark angels nicknamed her Sunny. In addition to that she has beautiful eyes.

Emma’s skin is a very light tan, and she has a constant pink blush on her cheeks, every time she steps outside.

She has a supermodel figure because she’s slim (almost skinny) with no curves. This is so because she barely eats or maintains a good diet because of the conditions at home, and how badly her dad maltreated her.

The pranks and sadness the dark angels gave her might have contributed to this too. Anyway, even if Emma wanted to have a career as a supermodel, there’s a possibility she wouldn’t meet the criteria because she’s not tall.

The Dark Angels

 Four Or Dead The Dark Angels

The dark angels are a group of bullies that consist of Logan, Leo, Jayden, and Asher who seem to be their leader. They are all extremely handsome and properly built and have girls flocking around them because of how good-looking they are. As such they get to change girls anytime they want.

Asher who is dating Andrea (the school’s queen bae) is not left out of the fun either as he cheats on Andrea anytime he feels like but she on the other hand pretends not to notice it. Before the dark angels began to pick on Emma, she used to be friends with Leo before he switched on her.

Part 2: Hot Chapters of Four Or Dead Novel

Chapter Two

Four Or Dead Andrea and her clique inside the toilet

After Andrea the mean high school queen bae had intentionally bashed Emma’s face against her bicycle, she went to the toilet to fix her bleeding nose. Before she even finished, she overheard Andrea entering so she hid in one of the toilet cubicles to avoid being picked on by Andrea again.

Hiding in the toilet, she overheard Andrea discussing with her friends how she had finally made things official with Asher by giving him her virginity. In as much as Emma’s own was taken from her forcefully, she still felt bad for Emma because she’d given it to a jerk like Asher.

When she thought she had escaped Andrea, Emma had ill luck by running into the dark angels instead, and they began their usual habit of tormenting her. However, something was off about them today in school. They were being unusually nice to her, and this made her very uncomfortable.

Chapter Three

 Four Or Dead Emma racing home

With the way the dark angels were being nice to her, Emma began to feel anxious, wondering what it was they wanted from her.

Thinking about it, and how she was unable to protect herself because of how weak she was, Emma felt really bad and decided to end it all – committing suicide to end her suffering.

Thinking of how many ways to achieve this, she decided it would be best if she used her dad’s gun which she knew he didn’t keep safe because he was sure as hell she wouldn’t dare touch it.

Emma even fantasized about how she would shoot herself in his office and mess it up with her blood, and then leave him to figure out how to deal with her corpse and also explain to the cops what happened to her, just to spite him.

Coming to that decision, Emma took her bike and sped away from school carelessly, not minding if she would get hit by a car.

When the dark angels saw this, they chased after her worriedly, unable to understand why she was acting this way, and refusing to slow down after they had instructed her to. When Emma got home and found her dad’s gun, she nearly shot herself before the dark angels stopped her

Part 3: Conclusion of Four Or Dead

 Four Or Dead Conclusion

Four Or Dead by GOA is an interesting book about a high school girl who is caught in a reverse harem situation with a group of boys (the dark angels) who used to bully her in school. It’s a good read, and if you liked it, you’d also like

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