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Warlock Of The Magus World By Wen Chao Gong, and The Plagiarist is an alternate-world, fantasy novel about Fang Ming, a brilliant scientist who dies just when he’s on the verge of making a groundbreaking discovery in the world of science and is then transmigrated into the medieval period afterward. The book has the following tags: Reincarnation, Magic, and Action.

Fang Ming was a genius scientist who died while he was on the brink of making a historical discovery and thereafter was reincarnated back in the medieval era. He was transmigrated into the body of Leylin – a notorious kid who was the son of a gentle minor count.

Regaining his consciousness for the first time after his death, the first thing Fang Ming noticed about this world was the existence of magic and knights.

Of course, he knew this because at the moment he woke up in Leylin’s body, he was being shipped off to a magic school to be trained to become a magus.

Fang Ming being a curious scientist who thirsted for knowledge beyond him decided to act along and give this a try. Before anything else, he had to train the scumbag’s body he had taken – this was essential for him to survive in a world like this.

Putting that on his to-do list, Fang Ming set out immediately to train his body to be as strong as a knight. Call him crazy, but Fang Ming was that ambitious. He was lucky to make this happen with the aid of an AI fused to his soul (it had also transmigrated with him).

With the aid of the AI, he was able to learn, assimilate, and master techniques that took most knights months to learn, in a matter of minutes.

Still eager to learn, Fang Ming set out to become the greatest magus ever known.

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Part 1: Main Characters of Warlock Of The Magus World Reddit

Fang Ming / Leylin Farlier

Warlock Of Firetop Mountain Fang Ming / Leylin Farlier

Fang Ming is the main protagonist of Warlock Of The Magus World. Before his death, Fang Ming was a renowned Chinese scientist who participated in a lot of innovative inventions, including the AI that was fused to his soul.

After being killed by the explosion of an energy reactor, he was then transmigrated into the body of Leylin Farlier.

Leylin Farlier is a fortunate scumbag who comes from a reputable family as his dad is a minor count. As opposed to his pious father, Leylin is a pig who at his tender teenage age has developed an unhealthy obsession for the mound between the thighs of a woman.

However, his reckless behavior can be blamed on his father who was too soft while raising him. This was why his body was weak and underdeveloped. It was also one of the reasons why he was accidentally murdered and Fang Ming transmigrated into his body.

The major reason why he was accidentally murdered was that he had tried to force himself on a beautiful maiden, but the people around him weren’t having it.

With his death, he lost the ticket of truly becoming a magus – something he could’ve achieved just by showing the teachers a ring a real-life magus had entrusted to his father.


 Warlock Of The Great Old One George

George is Leylin’s close friend. He is the son of a very powerful and reputable count. His father’s holdings are roughly the size of several cities.

And with an annual income of thousands of gold coins, his father was able to pull strings so that his favorite son, George could be trained to become a Magus.

George is incredibly strong and skilled with blades. He is so good that he practically trained Leylin.

WorldPart 2: Hot Chapters of Warlock Of The Magus

Chapter Two

Warlock Of The Magus World Students camped around a bonfire

After he had applied the healing balm George had given him, Fang Ming went to join the other boys for dinner but on his way, he discovered that his assistant AI had somehow transmigrated with him into Leylin’s body.

This was scientifically impossible but he surmised that the AI might’ve been fused to his soul.

Quickly putting the AI to use, Fang Ming, scanned Leylin’s body. And in comparison to everyone else (including women) at the boot camp, Leylin’s stats were ridiculously subpar. This bothered Fang Ming, and so he added it to the pile of things he intended to fix in Leylin’s body.

Still putting the AI to use, Fang Ming’s interest peaked when he accidentally scanned the knight serving them. He was incredibly strong with stats that spiked Fang Ming’s reader, making Fang Ming curious about the type of power these knights possessed.

Chapter Three

Warlock Of The Magus World Leylin's carriage

After scanning everything around him, Fang Ming was about to start fixing Leylin’s body before Bessita (the beautiful girl who had made Leylin lose control when lusting over her, that it cost him his life) entered his carriage.

Disguising to offer him medicine, she had given Fang Ming a deadly potion just for revenge. Had Fang Ming not been smarter, he would’ve fallen for her tricks.

After the incident with her, Fang Ming focused on the task at hand and began to upgrade Leylin’s body. With the aid of his AI, he mastered techniques that took knights several months to master in a matter of minutes.

Chapter Five

Warlock Of The Magus World Leylin and George training

Realizing that it’d take more than just simulations to master the knight’s techniques, Fang Ming got George to train with him by blackmailing him.

He threatened to expose that they were friends, knowing quite well George wouldn’t want to be associated with him because of previous Leylin’s ill behavior.

With George being formidable and skilled, Fang Ming trained with George, adapting and learning to counter his attacks with each session of training they did. He progressed so much that after multiple duels, he was able to defeat George, shocking him to the core.

Part 3: Conclusion of Warlock Lord Of The Magus World

Warlock Lord Of The Magus World Conclusion

Warlock Of The Magus World By Wen Chao Gong, and The Plagiarist is an alternate-world fantasy novel about a brilliant doctor Fang Ming who, after reincarnating into the medieval era with an AI fused to his soul, strives to become the greatest magus known to man.

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