Get to Know 8 Best Human to Werewolf Transformation Stories


Werewolf stories have been around since ancient times. The most famous werewolf story is probably that of Romulus and Remus, who were abandoned as infants and raised by a she-wolf.

Werewolf stories are still popular today, featuring books, movies, and TV shows. It usually describes creatures that live in their lairs, hidden from humans. These monsters are human, but they can turn into werewolves on purpose or for reasons beyond their control.

ABC of Human to Werewolf Transformation

human to werewolf tranformation abc

The Werewolf is a creature that has been a part of human folklore for centuries. One of the most famous werewolf stories is told in the legendary Twilight series. In books and movies, werewolves are bitten and transformed by another werewolf or scratched by an animal infected with lycanthropy. In some stories, they become werewolves when cursed by a sorcerer. Werewolf stories have been told for centuries, perhaps thousands of years. They are mysterious beings that still scare many of us.

Why And How A Human is Transformed Into Werewolf

human to werewolf tranformation how

Of course, the most well-known of these is being bitten by a werewolf. When bitten by a werewolf, you have a chance of turning into a werewolf. At the same time, as we saw in medieval stories, witches can also turn some people into werewolves. A person can get caught in a werewolf curse and involuntarily turn into a werewolf at any full moon.

The reasons for turning into a werewolf are usually because the alpha werewolf wants to recruit new members to his pack. Also, when a werewolf bites a human purely for hunting and fails, that person can turn into a werewolf due to that bite.

What Happens During The Human Werewolf Transformation

Many movies show how long this transformation takes. As you can see in the stories, there are differences in the structure of the human being during the change process. First, body hair grows. These hairs cover his face and everywhere. Later, the bone structure changes. Extends arms and legs. Its head takes the shape of a wolf. Their teeth are elongated and tapered. In particular, the size of the canine teeth grows enormously. His eyes turn the color of blood. Its size is almost twice its standard size.

Of course, this change also has psychological effects. When a human turns into a werewolf, that person becomes savage. Now people put their feelings aside and start to act with their instincts. Mentally behaves like a wild animal. It shows similar movements to the wolf. It becomes bloodthirsty and preys on animals or people; it catches its eye. Mentally he turns into a wild beast.

Difference Between Born Werewolf and Human-Transformed Werewolf

human to werewolf tranformation comparison

There are distinctions between being born a werewolf and then transforming into one. If a person was born a werewolf, they are more likely to be alpha. He carries pure blood, which increases his powers. But someone who later turns into a werewolf does not have this pure blood. It’s less likely to be alpha. They are also weaker in strength than those born as werewolves.

Top 8 Human to Werewolf Transformation Stories

Werewolf transformation stories are featured in myths and legends. You can sometimes see them in movie theaters. The stories of human to werewolf transformation, also included in fantasy books, can make one shudder. These stories are as compelling as they are scary. Here are the top 8 humans to werewolf stories

The Howling 1981

human to werewolf tranformation the howling

This movie ranks first among the works of great importance in werewolf culture. Here you see that a town is all just a pack of werewolves. The story of the werewolf transformation is due to the town’s desire to add outsiders to the herd. In the movie, the characters turn into werewolves due to being injured by a bite or a werewolf.

Mated To A Werewolf

human to werewolf tranformation mated-to-a-werewolf

Dreame’s site, this story is almost as good as a professional werewolf book. The story is about a girl who had a sexual relationship with a werewolf. It’s a pretty wild and erotic story. The Werewolf is a born werewolf. In the story, the girl who falls in love with the Werewolf wants to be a werewolf like him.

Ginger Snaps

human to werewolf tranformation ginger snaps

Ginger Snaps is one of the most well-known werewolf movies. It tells about the transformation of high school girls into werewolves after a werewolf attack. This process is excruciating. Because the girl who was attacked by the Werewolf soon gets sick, after the girl can’t get out of bed, she recovers and learns that she is a werewolf.

Teen Wolf

human to werewolf tranformation teen-wolf

Teen Wolf is among the favorite TV shows of young people. Although it looks like a high school story, it contains much more than that. The young character is transformed by an alpha werewolf who bites him in the movie. Later, whenever the alpha werewolf wants, he transforms this high school boy into a werewolf and starts to rule him. The young high school boy who turns into a werewolf discovers his powers in the following parts, and the story develops.

The Ritual

human to werewolf tranformation the ritual werewolves

Again is one of the legendary werewolf stories in Dreame. The main character is an innocent woman who doesn’t know anything—chosen as prey by werewolves. Later, the woman discovers their existence and learns to live with them. You can see nudity in the story. The werewolves here were caught in this curse due to being bitten.


human to werewolf tranformation twilight

Twilight contains perhaps the most well-known werewolf story. This book, where werewolves and vampires fight, is about a love triangle. Most werewolves here are naturally strong werewolves. But in the book, a person can also turn into a werewolf when bitten. Werewolves can transform into wolf forms in seconds as they wish. Werewolves who are not congenital but are bitten are called half Werewolf half-human.


human to werewolf tranformation underworld

Underworld is among the favorite movies of fantasy and Gothic universe lovers. There are a lot of werewolves and vampires in the story. At the same time, as in Twilight, these two genres are in constant conflict. Here, the werewolf transformations are more about transforming into a werewolf without losing human form than a complete wolf form. Although in human forms, after transforming into a werewolf, the characters’ powers in the movie are extraordinary.

Van Helsing

human to werewolf tranformation van helsing

Yet another story set in a Gothic world. You can see fantastic creatures in abundance in the Van Helsing story. The werewolves here are in this state not due to a bite but because of a curse. Those with the werewolf curse prey on villagers and lone people. They are wolf-like in structure and can stand on two legs. They have a very wild appearance.


Werewolves can have many different forms. Some are half-werewolf, half-human, while others are in complete wolf form. As you can see in the Twilight example, werewolves can take the form of giant wolves. Or they can transform into werewolves in human form, as in Teen Wolf. Again, in Teen Wolf, there are differences between alpha and normal werewolves. While alpha can turn into a full-blown hollyman, those bitten later may not have such a majestic appearance. This is because of the differences between being a werewolf and a natural-born werewolf, as told in many stories.


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