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Blinded by the love he believed he felt for a woman, Liam chooses to ignore his childhood friend’s warning regarding Angelie. In his eyes, the girl is demure and lovely, while Audrey is a bold model who forced marriage upon the man.

Sometimes true love lies right in front of you, yet you could be so mindless that you won’t be able to acknowledge it. His Trophy Wife tells such story of a visually impaired man, at least metaphorically speaking, who can’t seem to tell love from lust.

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Part 1: His Trophy Wife Narrative

How far would a woman go to save the life of the man she loved? Well, Audrey willingly submitted herself to a loveless marriage to help the man she cared for so much escape the gold-digger woman he supposedly loved and cherished.

Audrey’s heart skips a beat when the priest proclaimed she and Liam husband and wife and told the man that he may kiss his spouse. An affectionate Liam, gently embraced his wife while softly kissed her fervent lips.

Taking his woman’s hand, he guided her towards their car to reach the reception given in their honor by their families. You see, Liam and Audrey’s marriage wasn’t the peak of a love-filled relationship or any relationship whatsoever.

The two of them have been childhood friends and nothing more. As rich families, their parents decided it’s better to unite the two of them, as Liam could take care of business, while Audrey can be his beloved, lawful, beautiful, trophy wife.

His Trophy Wife Audrey

Although Audrey was thrilled for the upcoming marriage, Liam begged her to let it go, as he was in love with Angelie, a woman he knew his parents would never approve, yet he couldn’t let go of her.

Audrey denied his plea, as, apart for being smitten with him for years now, she also knew that Angelie had various flings with other rich men. Even though she tried to warn Liam, he never listened to her. Even more, after her denial to cancel the wedding, he treated her coldly.

Reaching their car after being officially named husband and wife, Liam lets go of Audrey’s hand like it had the plague. He looks disgusted with her and simply tells her she needs to go home after the party.

During the reception, the newlyweds act as if they are really in love, greeting everyone, but soon after, the husband orders Audrey to leave home alone.

Reaching the mansion she would be living from this day on, Audrey decides to cook dinner for Liam, hoping to build a kind relationship with him. Surprisingly, the man doesn’t come home until late at night, when Audrey should have already been asleep.

He scolds her for being up and goes to sleep ignoring her. The next day, the wife decides to brighten her day by going out shopping with her friend Chanel. They run into Liam and Angelie having lunch in a restaurant and the mistress engages in a fight with Audrey.

As expected, Angelie plays the victim when seeing Liam, blaming Audrey for their fight and for calling her a mistress. An enraged Liam humiliates his wife in public and later they have a huge argument at home, when the man defends Angelie more.

After few days ignoring each other, Liam and Audrey are stunned to be visited by their parents who ask them to go on a beach trip together. Having no escape, the couple reluctantly agrees to go, even though they know they need to pretend to be in love and happy while being there.

After catching sight of the beautiful body that Audrey has, Liam asks her to forget about everything and everyone for few days and just enjoy each other’s company. They end up making love and Liam goes above and beyond trying to please his wife.

After yet another session of intense love, Audrey goes to find Liam in the kitchen and she’s surprised to find him talking on the phone with Angelie, professing his love for her.

Feeling betrayed, Audrey understands she could never replace that woman in her husband’s heart. Is she ready to let everything go and find happiness? Will Liam finally admit his feelings for her?

Part 2: Engaging Chapters From His Trophy Wife

His Trophy Wife Liam

His Trophy Wife Chapter 5

The photographer urges Travis to pull Audrey closer to him and put his arms around her waist. The two professional models looked into each other’s eyes seductively, as if they were in love.

As soon as Tessa dismissed everyone and Audrey started walking towards her tent, Travis praised her while putting his arm around her shoulder. Out of nowhere, someone shouted at the man to take his hand off his wife.

Liam seemed to feign jealousy and walked Audrey towards the car, while calling her ‘amore’. She knew her husband was mad, yet she was just doing her job. Upon trying to reach her own vehicle, Liam slowly whispered to her that he would smash her car if she dared to go home alone.

Audrey had no choice but to ride with her spouse. She was still wearing a small size pink two-piece bathing suit, thus she felt chilly. Sensing her uneasiness, Liam gave her his jacket.

He didn’t speak until they reached home and Audrey finished showering. Once she was more comfortable, a fuming Liam told his wife that no one was allowed to see her body.

Oozing jealousy through all his pores, he got closer to Audrey, asking her whether their closeness wasn’t something she desired. As the woman felt that her husband was being unfair, she took off to spend the night at Chanel’s place.

His Trophy Wife Chapter 9

Audrey wakes up in the morning, curled up in Liam’s embrace, both of them naked. As images from the previous night flooded her mind, her cheeks reddened.

Liam sensed his wife tried to get up and tightened his grip. He asked her how she felt and Audrey couldn’t help but admit she felt sore after the rough night they had. Smiling, the man urged her to go and take a shower while he prepared breakfast.

When Audrey came out from the bathroom wearing a towel around her waist, Liam was already back. Startled by his presence, she let go of the towel, revealing her beautiful body. Once again, the man couldn’t contain his lust and made love to his wife.

After breakfast and a morning nap, Audrey woke up alone. Sore and dizzy, she went looking for her husband. Sure enough, he was in the kitchen again. Before she could say anything, she heard Liam on the phone with someone, professing his love and promising to return to her the next day.

It goes without saying that her heart broke, but she decided to hide her disappointment and pretend she didn’t hear him speaking to Angelie.

Part 3: An Honest Review Of His Trophy Wife

His Trophy Wife Novel

Ignoring the fact that in the beginning Liam is a player, I very much enjoyed his character. His Trophy Wife Liam is quite affectionate and caring when he wants to, even making Audrey feel like she’s loved when he clearly is still smitten with Angelie.

His Trophy Wife is one of those refreshing novels that every avid romance reader enjoys. It’s modern, engaging and slightly pornographic, but it’s definitely alluring. You’ll just have to bear with Audrey until Liam realizes who is the person he truly loves.

On a different note, I wondered how long it will take for Audrey to finally stand up for herself and give Liam a piece of her mind. After all, she never thought twice before giving herself to him, even though, deep down, she already knew that her husband would return to Angelie when they got back home.

Yet, the reason why Liam allowed himself to take advantage of a pure woman is still a mystery to me, as I believed him to be a man of honor, yet he proved me wrong.

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