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Love and devotion seem to go hand in hand for Gwyn. She believes that by following Luke around like a lost puppy and fulfilling his wishes will make the man love her one day. One Night Stand With My Enemy novel depicts a story like no other.

The seemingly timid and introverted woman is actually bold and shameless, the nice best friend is actually an inconsiderate guy who likes to take advantage of the people around him and the obnoxious friend who always lurks around is truly a kind hearted man.

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Part 1: A Little Dive Into A Wonderful Novel: One Night Stand With My Enemy

This is Gwyn’s story, a promising, young, gorgeous but shy and obedient girl.

Ever since she laid eyes on Luke, she knew she wanted to stand beside him in church the day he would get married. Deep down, she believed she would be the one holding his hand that day and say yes in front of the priest.

Luke’s wedding day finally arrived and Gwyn is standing beside the man she loves, but not as his bride, but as his best friend and wedding planner.

With a broken heart and still clinging to a last shred of hope, the girl waited for Luke to look at her and realize he actually loved her, not his wife-to be. As soon as the priest proclaimed Luke and Abigail husband and wife, Gwyn’s whole world shattered.

She slowly finds her way to the door, hoping to leave before anyone noticed her. She fulfilled her promise to Luke, she stood by him on the most important day of his life, thus she should consider her own feelings now. She needed to heal.

One Night Stand With My Enemy Gwyn

As Gwyn is about to walk out the door, a strong, sexy voice stops her in her track, demanding a reason for her early departure. Gareth, Luke’s best friend, never seemed to like Gwyn, yet here he is, feigning concern for his friend being left alone on his wedding day.

He sees right through her, knowing she loved Luke wholeheartedly, yet he urges Gwyn to stay and show the man what he lost when he chose another woman over her. Pitying herself and crying her eyes out won’t do her any good, thus Gwyn agrees with the man’s proposal.

Gwyn and Gareth always disliked each other, as the girl always seemed to be too clingy towards Luke, always willing to take a bullet for him, never questioning his reasons, while the man was a ladies man, never considering women more than just flings and sexual objects.

As Gareth rejoins the reception, Hella, Luke’s personal assistant, tries to woo him again, showing her sexy curves and inviting him for a dance. Gareth is not impressed whatsoever and dismisses the woman.

Boldly, Gwyn steps in and invites Gareth to dance. This time, he agrees and, as they sway to music, they start feeling attracted to one another, which inevitably leads to kissing in the middle of the dance floor.

An enraged Luke steps in, demanding an explanation. How come two people who supposedly hated each other five minutes ago are now all over each other?

Gwyn steps in and defends Gareth, claiming he is actually a decent guy whom any girl would be lucky to date, while Gareth simply blames alcohol for his intimacy with the girl.

Deeply hurt, Gwyn walks away determined to forget about those two and to never let any man walk all over her ever again.

New Name, New Life For Gwyn In One Night Stand With My Enemy

Six months later, Gwyn, known as Melody, sways her curves in a striptease club, in her first solo dance. She drove men crazy, yet no one had ever claimed her body so far. She loved turning them on and show them what they could never have.

Melody is requested a private solo dance and she’s stunned to see that the client is none other than Gareth. The man is jealous as he kept searching for Gwyn for the past six months, and finding her in a strip club made him wonder how many men had touched his girl so far.

After dismissing the man, Gwyn finds out her mother is dying in the hospital, thus she calls Luke to come and say goodbye, since he was like a son to her.

She is shocked to learn that Gareth had been secretly visiting her mother in the past few months, entertaining her while she was dying of cancer. Gareth’s care for her mother and Luke’s frivolous excuse of not getting in touch with the woman who cared for him in order to not disturb her makes Gwyn realize just how shallow Luke really is.

Without thinking twice, she tells her former friend that she now understands just how he used her. She was at his beck and call for years, yet he never acknowledged her love. Luke disagrees and tries to kiss her, but Gwyn pushes him away.

She approaches Gareth, grateful for being the friend she never thought she had. After a one night stand with the him, Gwyn flees the city, only to return few years later. How will the two of them react upon seeing each other again? Will they finally admit their love for one another?

Part 2: Leading Characters In One Night Stand With My Enemy

Mainly, this tale revolves around three major characters: Gwyn, Luke and Gareth. One Night Stand With My Enemy Gwyn is a badass leading lady, as she becomes aware of her sexuality and she’s not afraid of using it to her advantage.


In the beginning, Gwyn appears to be this shy, well-intentioned girl who is willing to put herself through hell in order to please Luke, her best friend and the love of her life.

One Night Stand With My Enemy Gareth

Being an altruist woman and putting her close people above her doesn’t bring her any good, as Luke seems to be oblivious to her pain and her affection towards him. Whether he doesn’t know or he pretends not to be aware is something that Gwyn can’t tell, yet she chooses to believe that he is oblivious to her feelings.

What I liked most about Gwyn’s character is the fact that she never chooses to be a damsel in distress. Not even when her mother passes away and she calls Luke, she doesn’t make the call because she needs somebody to rely on, she simply fulfils her mother’s request.

Although her heart breaks on and on, Gwyn doesn’t need sympathy nor does she crumble to the floor. She is fearless and daring, using her grief to push herself further. Her alter ego, Melody, is Gwyn’s expression of lust and passion, oozing sexuality through all her pores.


Although he used to be Gwyn’s best friend for years and her partner in everything, even being looked after by her mother, Luke only used the girl for his own benefit.

In the end, it’s proven that he merely feigns his friendships. Deep down, he never moves a finger, unless it brings him benefits. Even though he married Abigail, he still wants to keep Gwyn close, yet he purposely got late when the girl called him to say goodbye to her dying mother.


Gorgeous, independent and witty, Gareth is the first one who sees right through Luke. His seemingly dislike towards Gwyn derives from the fact that he’s frustrated with the fact that she’s too blind to realize that the boy merely uses her.

He is also the first one to encourage Gwyn to open her eyes and take action, make Luke see what he’s missed upon marrying Abigail.

Even if he is cold and adamant in remaining a bachelor, after a one night stand with the gorgeous, pure Gwyn, he is indubitably and irreversible smitten with her and, although many years pass since they see each other again, his heart still beats for her.

Part 3: One Night Stand With My Enemy Review

One Night Stand With My Enemy Love Story

Gwyn and Gareth’s story in One Night Stand With My Enemy is like no other. Their love tale is not engulfed in pain, sorrow, hatred or betrayal.

They part ways simply because Gwyn needs to heal her wounds caused by the man she believed to be her dear companion. And I believe she made the right choice.

After all, she wasn’t over the love she felt for Luke, thus her relationship with Gareth might have been overshadowed by her former friend’s presence. Even Gareth seemed to be confused over his newfound admiration towards Gwyn.

Overall, the story is well constructed and defined, giving the storyline a natural course of events. Nothing seems pushed or far-fetched. It’s a love story worth reading, filled with emotions and heartbreak.

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