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Before diving into this marvelous, heart-wrenching novel, I must warn you that even though you may think your heart is ready for what you are about to experience, it really isn’t.

Their Bullied And Broken Mate story depicts the most atrocious kind of abuse I have ever read so far, yet Melian’s story is enticing and you know you’ll find yourself rooting for her to find happiness and take revenge on those who wronged her so badly.

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Part 1: Melian’s Saddening Story: Their Bullied And Broken Mate

Melian is a young werewolf, member of the Mystic Shadows pack and the Beta’s daughter, who is supposed to live a good life.

Being a high rank member pack doesn’t offer the girl any status though, as her father and her five brothers don’t care about her life at all. On the contrary, ever since her mother died, her siblings along with her dad, all the men who were supposed to love and protect her, started abusing Melian.

As if things weren’t bad enough, her father married a mean woman, who gladly started partaking in the girl’s abuse. To top everything, the girl wasn’t safe even at school, as the elite group had a blast tormenting her on daily basis.

Cuts, bruises and broken bones were on her everyday agenda and Melian could never do anything about it. For the past two years, since her brother Jason found his mate, his attitude changed towards her and he started to show sympathy towards his sister, even avoiding some of her father’s intents to beat her.

Getting to school early, Melian heads for the library to eat her sandwich while catching up with reading. Soon, Lisa invades her personal space, demanding the girl to tutor a school newcomer. As Melian had a handful of chores awaiting for her at home and her personal homework, she refuses to offer a hand.

Their Bullied And Broken Mate Beta David

Without warning, Lisa grabs Melian’s hair and drags her to the bathroom, coldly punching the girl and pulling at her hair. Covered in blood, Mel knows she can’t go to classes like that and hides until her brother will come and pick her up from school.

As next in line Betas, Mel’s brothers are now supposed to attend some of the pack’s meetings. Today, it is Jason’s turn to partake in such meeting. Although he hates the idea of being involved with the high ranked wolves, he can’t help it.

Reaching the Alpha’s door, Jason overhears a conversation between his dad and the pack’s leader. The Alpha accused his Beta of contracting a STD and spreading it around the pack, even risking his chosen mate Constance finding out.

As punishment, the Alpha asked him to reveal the person who gave him the STD and also arrange a weekend away for him and his Beta’s daughter.

Jason interrupts the two, knowing just how enraged his father must be and, more importantly, who is the person who is going to face his father’s wrath. Sure enough, the Beta doesn’t waste any time in asking Jason to pick Melian from school and bring her to an old warehouse, where he, Todd and Eric are going to wait.

Jason is torn as he needs a little more time to put his plan into motion and take his mate Rebecca, his daughter and Melian out of this pack for good. He can’t ignore his father’s demand as he will suspect something is off.

A brave Melian urges Jason to take her to the warehouse, as one more beating from her father and siblings is nothing compared to the years of torture she received. After all, the next day they are supposed to leave and never come back.

Jason delivers his sister and her father dismisses him, not wanting the boy to watch his deeds. He is well aware that the man’s attitude towards his sister changed and his plan for today involved ending Melian once and for good.

Without remorse and with unfathomable sadism, the man and his sons break Melian in every way possible. They cut her skin, break her bones and literally toss her around the warehouse like a mere object.

This time, Eric, her brother, takes things even further and strips his sister, raping her unconscious body before whipping her on and on.

After leaving her for dead, Jason rescues Melian and runs away with her and his family to Rebecca’s pack, where her Alpha twin brothers will discover they are the girl’s mates.

How will Liam and Loki cope with the fact that their mate has been abused? Will they reject her or take revenge in her honor?

Part 2: Poignant Chapter From Their Bullied And Broken Mate

Their Bullied And Broken Mate Story

Although there are several chapters from Their Bullied And Broken Mate worth mentioning here, I want to stop and focus a little bit on the episode where the cruelty of Melian’s father, the Beta of the pack shows no limits.

The man and his sons are pure evil, as they take pleasure in hurting their own blood with the sole purpose of venting their anger and frustrations.

Their Bullied And Broken Mate Chapter 5

Left For Dead

This chapter is narrated from beta David’s point of view.

As the Beta loses his patience waiting for Jason to bring Melian, he contemplates the hate he feels towards his worthless daughter. It didn’t matter to him whether the last born kid would have been boy or girl. Regardless the gender, he would have treated the child the same way.

Melian looked confused and Jason didn’t seem to be at ease at all. Even more, he seemed to be angry, thus Beta David asked him to leave.

As soon as Melian was left alone with her father, Eric and Todd, Beta David laid out the rules for the day. She wasn’t allowed to scream, cry or beg for mercy. If she dared to do so, the longer the beating would last.

As soon as the girl tried to show she would be obedient and listen to her dad, the man started punching the girl with all his might, breaking her nose in the process. The laughter coming from his sons only encouraged him to go further.

Unwillingly, Eric knocks the girl unconscious, ruining their sick fun. Although she continued to be fainted, Eric dragged her around the warehouse, breaking her bones. When he was finally done, it was Eric’s turn again.

Only this time, he decided to take things further. With his father’s approval, he took off Melian’s clothes and assaulted the girl in every way possible. She couldn’t fight back as she was still unconscious.

After being abused and whipped by Eric, Beta David decided it was time to finish the girl off. He started kicking her again and again, but it was no fun for him without Melian fighting back or wincing from the pain.

The father and his sons retreated, leaving Melian for dead on the cold floor.

Part 3: Why Their Bullied And Broken Mate Is A Must Read

Among all the werewolf books I have devoured so far, Their Bullied And Broken Mate stands out by far. The complexity of the plot, the twisted, yet tear-jerking story is like nothing I have encountered so far.

Although Melian is physically a fragile she-wolf, her strong mentality and willingness to overcome her fears and her past are truly remarkable.

Their Bullied And Broken Mate Novel

I mean, even though she doesn’t remember the actual abuse, just knowing that her own brother forcefully touched her that way should have driven her crazy. Yet, she found the strength she needed in her two mates who accepted her and who took upon themselves to serve justice in her honor.

It’s true that Liam and Loki aren’t the epitome of the perfect mates, especially Loki, who contemplated the idea of rejecting the girl. Yet, they stand up for her eventually, protecting her at all costs.

Give it a try! It’s a wonderful story!

Read Now: Their Bullied And Broken Mate

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