Horror Sci-Fi Movie Review: Angels Fallen 2020


Angels Fallen is a kind of horror and fantasy action movie. It is a movie released in 2020. The leading actors in the movie are Nicola Posener (Hannah), Houston Rhines (Gabriel), Michael The (Michael), and Li Jing (Lola). The movie is very gripping and contains many metaphors. The film, which lasted approximately one hour and thirty minutes, also won one award.

The director of the movie is Ali Zamani. The author is Amanda Barton. The two masters combined and finally created an excellent piece of work. The actors in the movie are very successful and fit their roles. In particular, the character of Gabriel, played by Houston Rhines, is one of the critical roles in the series.

Main Plot of Angels Fallen 2020

Angel Fallen is one of the works that left its mark in 2020. The film’s cinematography, which contains horror, action, and fantasy elements, is quite impressive. To briefly talk about the movie’s story, the movie revolves around Gabriel. Gabriel is losing his wife, who is fighting the darkness, and he deals with the demon hunters to find her. The whole movie is hopeful that Gabriel will reunite with his wife.

Angel Fallen takes place both in Europe and America. It describes Gabriel’s struggles while searching for his wife. At the same time, we encounter another angel Michael, Gabriel’s brother, in the movie’s continuation. Gabriel and Michael join forces to fight the dark forces. The battle scenes with the demons and the fantastic action scenes of the movie are pretty attractive.

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Release Information of Angels Fallen

Angels fallen full movie was released in 2020. First published on January 14, 2020, in Canada. The film’s locations, which were shot in Skopje and North Macedonia, are quite beautiful. The movie takes a total of 1 hour and 26 minutes. To talk about the technical details of the movie, the cinematography is outstanding. But one of the biggest cons is the weakness in the story. The film takes place in places that are described as real and supernatural. This is one of the biggest pluses of the movie.

The cast of Angels Fallen 2020

The cast of the movie is worth mentioning. The leading actors in the film, directed by Ali Zamani and written by Amanda Barton, are Nicola Posener and Houston Rhines. Houston plays Gabriel, while Nicola plays Hannah. Another actor in the movie is Michael The. The plays Gabriel’s brother Michael in the movie. Li Sing plays the role of Lola. Michael Madsen plays the character of Balthazar.

One of the other important names in the movie is the character of Ty. The name that gives life to this character is Said William League. Caroline Amiguet plays the character of Valentina. We watch Eric Roberts as Werrick in the movie.

Angels Fallen 2020 Trailers

If you are wondering about the movie’s trailers, you can watch them from the links below.

There are many action scenes in the movie you can watch. It is also a movie with horror elements. You can be both scared and excited while watching the movie Angell Fallen. In the trailer, you can see the scene where the demon hunters and Gabriel gather. Here preparations are being made to fight the demons. After this scene, the movie continues with the action breathlessly.

One of the trailers of the movie is in the video above. You can see how terrifying the demons are. This movie, with a +18 rating, is both scary and fantastic. It is a movie that will attract the attention of those interested in angels and demons.

Reviews of Angels Fallen 2020

Although Angels Fallen 2020 movie is a movie with good cinematography and locations, unfortunately, it is not a good movie. One of my criticisms is that the movie’s story is relatively weak. Acting is not successful. The story is cliche. We see beautiful and mystical places as places. Other than that, there isn’t much to say about the movie’s script. It is also a shallow-rated movie on IMDB.

Unfortunately, general reviews about the Angels Fallen movie released in 2020 are not very optimistic. One of the general criticisms about the movie is that Angels Fallen has very bad CGI. The visual effects are not pleasing to the eye. In general, the movie comes across as a bad Constantine copy. It doesn’t make much sense in terms of meaning. The script is really bad.

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If you change your point of view on the movie, the movie might not sound scary but even funny. The movie is nude; these scenes may interest you. Other than that, there isn’t much that might interest you. One of the most criticized points is that the movie is funny while trying to be scary.

The film has been subjected to a lot of criticism in general terms. Some of these criticisms are for the actors and some for the script. But as you will see, Angels Fallen has very low ratings on many movie sites. It’s up to you to watch it or not. If you have plenty of time and are looking for a fantastic, demonic story, you can watch it.


angels fallen 2020

Angels Fallen 2020, as a movie, is unfortunately behind the times. The visual effects look pretty bad as the director tries to shoot a movie beyond his means. The mediocrity of the actors and the badness of the story are other elements that stand out. The movie may be one of the worst fantasy films of recent years.


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