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The Cold CEO Is My Husband is a powerful story of a woman who is afraid to love again after her boyfriend betrays her with her own cousin. She tries to move on without taking a glance backward, but her past has a way of catching up with her.

When she finally has the guts of being spontaneous and reckless, she is taken aback by the handsome CEO she kisses in a bar. He is cold and ruthless, but around the girl, he is soft and gentle. They are two very different people, but they feel drawn to each other like magnets.

The love story between Mo Yanann and the gorgeous CEO is intriguing and appealing in all respects. Both are powerful characters, and stubborn, so their interactions are truly delicious.

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Part 1: Story Of The Cold CEO Is My Husband

Mo Yanann is taken aback when her boyfriend coldly tells her that he got the girl’s cousin pregnant and he is now in a relationship with her. Even more, he admits to never loving Mo Yanann.

The girl is left with a broken heart. She and her boyfriend had been together for five years and she was hoping for building a family together, not break up. She had even fought her family for the man, as they weren’t on board with their relationship.

The Cold CEO Is My Husband One Night Stand

Mo Yanann, surrounded by her friends, tries to drown her sorrow. A little tipsy and brokenhearted, the girl accepts a challenge from Ceng Xiaoxing. She needs to kiss the next person walking into the bar, regardless of the fact that the next individual is a woman or a man, pretty or ugly.

Fortunately, the person walking into the bar is a tall, charming, handsome man. Mo Yanann thought that God was unfair. The man was simply too beautiful to be true! He also looked dangerous, but his appearance doesn’t scare the girl. She grabs his shirt and fiercely kisses him.

Thinking she actually wants to have sex with him, Ann Tianhao boldly asks her to bed him, but Mo Yanann coldly refuses him and turns around to leave. Fate will bring them back together in an unexpected way and they will realize they have feelings for each other. Love-hate feelings. How will they cope with their newfound desires?

Part 2: Hot Chapters From The Cold CEO Is My Husband

To get a clearer image of how wonderful this book is, take a glimpse into some chapters from The Cold CEO Is My Husband.

The cold CEO Is My Husband Chapter 5

You Have The Wrong Place To Kiss

By now, Mo Yanann is fully naked in front of Ann Tianhao, who suddenly feels aroused. Lu Han, who realized what is happening, wishes the CEO to have fun. He had never seen the powerful man enter a hotel room with a woman before. This is a first!

The Cold CEO Is My Husband Romance

Gaining a little self-control, Mo Yanann seems to be unaware of the place where the man is taking her, but he coldly says he wants to grant her wish of having sex together. Otherwise, why would she have touched his private parts?

The girl tries to not show her fear and kisses the man again, this time with tongue, but the man is unresponsive. She unbuttons his shirt and gets a clear view of his perfectly sculpted muscles. She is dizzy from drinking alcohol, but at the same time, she is happy.

Ann Tianhao senses that the girl must be pure as she is clumsy and doesn’t really know what to do next. This will cause the man to back down. He couldn’t do that to a woman! Feeling his hesitation, Mo Yanann accuses the man of being impotent and this will hurt his feelings.

Determined to show her just how ‘impotent’ he is, Ann Tianhao takes initiative and starts driving the girl crazy with pleasure. They sleep with each other until morning.

The next day, Mo Yanann feels pain all over her body. Sore and confused, she looks around the room and it appears she is alone. Soon enough though, she hears the water running in the bathroom and realizes the man is still there with her.

The Cold CEO Is My Husband Chapter 6

Angry Slap

Mo Yanann slaps her head brutally as she realizes what she did the night before. She had drunken sex with a stranger and lost her virginity. She decides to escape before the man returns from the shower, but before she manages to get dressed, Ann Tianhao is already by her bed.

The man is fully naked, so Mo Yanann averts her eyes and covers herself with a blanket. Ann Tianhao laughs as he has already seen the girl without clothes on. They had sex all night! Upon hearing his laughter, she slaps the man hard, stunning him.

She immediately regrets her actions, but it’s too late. An angered Ann Tianhao pulls away the blanket from her naked body and gets on top of her. The girl struggles, but the man is simply too strong for her.

Mo Yanann tries to apologize, blaming the alcohol for what happened the night before. She begs him to let her go, even asking him to slap her back if this will make the man feel better. The man has no mercy though, he is determined to make the girl his again. The only thing that eventually stops him is the girl’s teary face.

Part 3: Alternative To The Cold CEO Is My Husband

The Cold CEO Is My Husband Novel

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