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The story tells of Gerard. That is what we will call this badass person. He dies and is reborn in another world that has the presence of magic. This world combines mechanical engineering and magic to create something so spectacularly similar, but even more amazing than is present on earth. Gerard is caught in a situation because of the profession he finds himself in and now has to take on the identity of a famously gifted person who is now dead.

“Academy’s Undercover Professor’ is very immersive and wondrous. It reminds you of that other one with the flying wizards. Yes, that one. The story hugs the main character so well, it gives off the feeling of a world lived in the nighttime – something exotically dark and beautiful if you know what I mean. It’s a world where everyone can be something or nothing at the same time. The possibilities seem so limitless and inspire a big imagination. Gerard’s character is such a complicated mix. This person is shrouded in mystery. Even though we know where he came from and how he started, we don’t really know this man.

“Academy’s Undercover Professor’ is a tale that takes you on an adventure into a beautiful dream. This dream becomes a nightmare, however, because of the presence of people who are dissatisfied with their ruling class. These dissidents ultimately led the protagonist into a precarious position.

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Part 1: The Story of Academy’s Undercover Professor

Academy's Undercover Professor, Writing Gerard

The story follows Gerard (or whatever his real name is), as he dies in a car accident at a young age. Gerard died but was suddenly awoken to the land of the living. Except, this land was not the land he had departed. Rather, it was something else with magic. It was everywhere, but only those with the skill could use it. There was even a magic academy to train people with the skill. This was the land that Gerard found himself in, reborn as a baby.

Twenty-seven years later, he was a man of many names and identities. Gerard, with the knowledge of the earth and the skill of magic, becomes something dangerous. He found himself on a luxury train, in the guise of an old man. In the cabin he was at, another man was also present. He was in his twenties and was going to be a professor at the famous Theon Magic Academy. A place where only the brightest and most skilled of magic users, were taught. Such a young professor was never seen, which meant he was no ordinary small fry.

While the two people made conversation, the train was suddenly attacked. The young professor, called Rudger Chelici, unfortunately, died. Gerard, being the capable person he is, survives. Of course, this was following a fierce battle against five terrorist wizards who wanted him dead. With his real face exposed, he could not claim to be the forty-year-old Gerard who boarded the train. But fate smiled upon him, and he was taken for Rudger Chelici. He was able to escape being apprehended. But he counted his lucky stars too early. With this new identity comes responsibility – Gerard would become the new professor of Theon Academy.

Part 2: Meet The Main Character of Academy’s Undercover Professor


Academy's Undercover Professor: Gerard

He is a man with a high degree of rationality and skill. Gerard’s quick-thinking personality is the most astounding thing. It serves him well in the sort of profession he finds himself in. His adaption to the new world is astounding and peculiar. His abilities are quite shocking, but no one could question this man about his professorship due to such adept skills.

Gerard’s death in his previous life wasn’t totally unexpected. It comes after more than a decade of his mother telling him to be a shaman, that the spirits are warning of something that would harm him. Being a shaman would protect him, she said. However, Gerard was thinking of a life where he could provide for his family. For this reason, even though his mother resounded it, he was undaunted. He never even considered it. After a decade of hard work, he was doing quite well. Then, the accident happened.

Basically, rationality could get a person killed if you know what I mean. But maybe it wasn’t a bad thing entirely. After all, this new world is indeed fantastical and brimming with endless possibilities and potential. Gerard is suddenly thrown into unexpected chaos when the train is attacked. The other passenger he was in a cabin with, did not heed his warning. The man was blown away by a bomb, and who would have thought that would be his saving grace for Gerard? Yes, it does come with a few complications, but those are easily adaptable. How bad can it be being a professor of a world-famous magical academy? Well, maybe we spoke too soon. Gerard must navigate the complexities of his new role while making sure not to get caught.

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Part 3: Amazing Chapter From Academy’s Undercover Professor

Academy's Undercover Professor, Gerard Fighting

Chapter Six

Photography wasn’t a popular concept in this world, therefore it was impossible to compare the appearances of people never seen before. This worked to Gerard’s advantage as the police officer mistook him for the young professor. Gerard was remorseful for taking the identity of the dead, but it was necessary if he did not want to meet the same fate.

Veronica Deville was shocked to find out he was a new teacher at Theon Academy. This identity fit so perfectly with the amazing magic she had seen him do. The doubting officer even apologized for being rude. When the other officers learned of this new teacher of Theon they were surprised at his young age. Gerard decided to fully take on this new identity and act shamelessly. The officers were all too willing and eager to send him off.

Gerard said his goodbye to Veronica. He did not think they would ever see each other in the future. He left and guided by the guards, he was able to escape the crowd on the way to the exit of the train station. He politely dismissed the guard, greeting him with a light bow as the other saluted.

Relieved to finally be done with that whole situation, he thought he would be fine with the emergency over. However, a voice called to him the name Rudger Chelici. The man was a user of Theon Academy, sent to pick up Mr. Rudger Chelici. In other words, Gerard was screwed.

Academy's Undercover Professor, Strong Gerard

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