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The Villain’s Mother, having collapsed suddenly, woke up and found herself in another world, staring at herself in the mirror, surprised at the person that was staring back at her. While reading a regular web novel, she collapsed and found out that she had transmigrated into the lead female of the novel she was reading, and the lead female bore the same name as her Ruan Xia. How convenient.

The author couldn’t be bothered with darting between different names while trying to describe one person. I guess transmigration books give you that freedom.

The book also explains that Ruan Xia never lived in harmony with her parents, so if they ever found out that she had disappeared, they will mourn her, but only for a bit because there was no close relationship between them. Besides, her younger brother was there to make them forget about her easily.

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Part 1: All About The Villain’s Mother

The Villain's Mother Book

The web novel Ruan Xia that the former one had transmigrated to was described as a femme fatale. She was beautiful to the core, and looked pure, unlike Ruan Xia from the real world who struggled with beauty. The original Ruan Xia that was talked about in the web novel, had issues with her parents not being able to make ends meet.

Her family was such that her father did all the work, including domestic jobs. He labored at construction sites day in and day out, and when he got home, he did the cooking and cleaning in the house. He did it because he wanted to, as his wife was too beautiful, and he didn’t want her to go out so that other men could see her and chase her.

Also, he wondered how a beautiful woman like his wife could be caught doing house chores, so he did everything by himself.

Do you know that Mr. Ruan also went to the market to buy groceries and foodstuff, while

his wife was in a corner, probably filing her nails? Anyway, it was stated that Ruan Xia, the female lead of the novel was a hundred times more beautiful than her mother.

She didn’t like the fact that her family was poor, so she wandered away, and “by a random encounter,” she met her husband, Mr. Song. Now, this is where the book becomes interesting.

Mr. Song didn’t like Ruan Xia. Ruan Xia had made her way into Mr. Song’s bedroom via whatever means she knew how to concoct, and as a result, she had a baby for him. Due to this fact, Mr. Song had to get married to her. In fact, The Villain’s Mother Book describes the feeling that Mr. Song had for Ruan Xia as loathing. Nevertheless, Ruan Xia didn’t like Mr.

Song either, as all she wanted to do was get married to a rich man. She saw him as a dispenser of cash, and Mr. Song had no trouble giving her as much as she wanted, as long as it would make her stay away from him.

They had been married for four years, but the relationship between them was salty. The book directly describes their relationship as icy. I wonder how they had been able to live together for four years without going at each other physically since they bore so much hate for each other.

Ruan Xia, The Villain’s Mother, was so deeply engrossed in her femme fatale lifestyle of hers to the extent that she neglected the son she had with Mr. Song. Yes, I’ll explain it. Nothing could stop Ruan Xia. She was so vain, and not even the fact that she had given birth to a son would make her abandon the flashy and elegant lifestyle she portrayed. Her husband, Mr.

Song was a businessman who was often away for business and anytime he left, Ruan Xia would take her son and abandon him with her parents just so that she would be free enough to live the life she wanted. As a result, her parents complained about this behavior of hers but it fell on deaf ears. Ruan Xia won’t listen to them.

This was one major thing that the Ruan Xia in the real world who transmigrated into Ruan Xia in the web novel sought to change. She saw the way the original Ruan Xia ended up, and it was not good. It was not good at all and she didn’t look forward to having to face that reality for herself.

So, after transmigrating into the book, Ruan Xia sought to make a turnaround, and the first step to making this turnaround was going to take her son from her parent’s house with the intention of investing her time and attention in him so that he would not end up as the villain that he was in the web novel that she read.

Yes, Ruan Xia’s son was the villain in the web novel, while she was the villain’s mother.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters of The Villain’s Mother

Chapter 3

The Villain's Mother Ruan Xia

The beginning chapter of The Villain’s Mother starts with the already transmigrated Ruan Xia admiring her new looks in the mirror.

She was so beautiful it was hard for her to believe that she was the one. Another notable piece of information of interest in this chapter was when the author narrated the family setting of Ruan Xia in the real world. She had a distressed family just like the Ruan Xia in the web novel that she transmigrated into. Apart from that, they bore the same name.

Maybe this was the reason that Ruan Xia in the real world transmigrated into Ruan Xia in the web novel. They had a lot in common, so it was a fine match for both of them. Besides, the not-so-pretty Ruan Xia from the real world could do so with some experience in being beautiful and sought after.

Chapter 2

The Villan's Mother Song

The second chapter of The Villain’s Mother talks about how Ruan Xia met Mr. Song, and how they ended up together. Mr.

Song noticed Ruan Xia, just like every other man did because she looked beautiful. Pure and sexy, such a look for a woman would definitely capture the attention of men, but Mr. Song was not interested in being with Ruan Xia in the long run. But, he had to marry her because he got her pregnant, and together they had a son.

Part 3: Evaluate The Villain’s Mother

The Villain's Mother Full Book

The Villain’s Mother is a book worth reading, but it got me confused to an extent while I was reading it.

The fact that the original female lead that was being transmigrated, and the one doing the transmigration bore the same name, got me confused so many times because I could not tell when the author had deviated and started talking about the original Ruan Xia, and the transmigrated one. However, the book is interesting and has a lovely pace. Read similar book

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