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You Are My Only Sunshine Mo Yun. This has got to be what Hao Yansen felt when he gave is heart to Mo Yun. By saying that Hao Yansen gave his heart to Mo Yun, I am not speaking of the conventional love act of giving one person your invisible ” all,” I am talking about Hao Yansen actually donating his heart to his dying wife so that she could live a worthy life.

Mo Yun was gravely ill and the doctor had confirmed to her that she did “t have a lot of time left in the land of the living. She had been sick and hospitalized for one whole year with her son staying by her day in and day out throughout the entirety of the whole year that Mo Yun was sick and hospitalized.

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Part 1: Main Story Of You Are My Only Sunshine

You Are My Only Sunshine Book

While Mo Yun was having a hard time in the hospital, the nurse came to check on her and soon after, her husband walked in. Hao Yansen was a man of principle, and he loved his wife, Mo Yun.

He did everything that he could to make sure that she was comfortable in the hospital and that she received the best treatment, but all that was not enough. Her condition worsened, her health deteriorated, and she could only envisage the day death will eventually catch up with her.

In You Is My Only Sunshine Book, it is said that before Mo Yun met Hao Yansen, her world was gloomy. She lived life grey and withered until Hao Yansen came into her life. However, according to the book, Hao Yansen could not be stopped regardless of the fact that his wife was very sick or not.

Her ailment could not stop him from living his best life and being his best self. After a few weeks of visiting her when she was first admitted, he stopped showing up at the hospital. They were husband and wife quite alright, but Hao Yansen was determined not to allow a “third party” to interfere with his life. Read a similar book His Sunshine Baby on Dreame.

Mo Yun disliked him for this. The way he had suddenly changed his mind from the loving and lovable man that he was to her to this detached robot made her heartbreak due to disappointment.

Right after Hao Yansen told her supposedly ” good news,” that she did “t have to die as a heart transplant was possible, Mo Yun announced a divorce. She did this unknown to her that the person that would donate a heart to her was none other than Hao Yansen, the man in front of her, her husband. According to Mo Yun in You Are My Only Sunshine Book, the expression on Hao Yansen”s face after she suggested divorce struck her as a relief.

After visiting her that day, Hao Yansen left the hospital, and that was the last time Mo Yun ever saw him again. She received heart transplant surgery, and after a few months, she was fully discharged. One year later, she met Hao Yansen”s aide crying bitterly as he broke the news of the death of Hao Yansen to Mo Yun.

Mo Yun was devastated, but she held it together and attended the funeral of her supposed ex-husband. Mo Yun spent an alone moment with the corpse of Hao Yansen, talking to him, an she was obviously upset.

Right there she found out for the first time after one year that Hao Yansen was the one that donated his heart to her. She hated him the more. She also saw that he never signed the divorce document, the only signature on the divorce document belonged to her.

While she was in this state of mourning, anger, and regret, Mo Yun started bleeding, and before anyone could figure out what had happened to her, she died of cardiac arrest. But something else happened in You Are My Only Sunshine Book, it did not end there.

Mo Yun woke up to a time in her past life. She was being attacked, and a mysterious man came to save her. After she was obviously free from whoever was attacking her, she saw the face of the man that saved her clearly. “Hao Yansen?” Mo Yun called.

“Who are you?” Hao Yansen replied. Read the lovely book to find out what happened between Mo Yun and Hao Yansen after they both returned to the past after dying in the present.

Part 2: Hot Chapters Of You Are My Only Sunshine

Chapter 12, Chapter 45

You Are My Only Sunshine Mo Yun

Chapter 12 of You Are My Only Sunshine Book narrates the events of Mo Yun in the hospital, hanging on to life by a thread. Her son was by her side, but she would rather he was not because anytime she was in pain, she could feel him cringe with worry.

Hao Yansen came to visit and announced that she had a glimmer of hope because a transplant was possible. In Chapter 2 to be precise, Mo Yun suggested a divorce to Hao Yansen, one which he accepted, to Mo Yun, he was even relieved to get rid of her.

If only she knew. Hao Yansen left with two words, “take care,” turned around, left and never looked back nor returned. Chapter 34 of You Are My Only Sunshine talks about the death and funeral of Hao Yansen, and how it struck Mo Yun. She was very upset with Hao Yansen and said some very harsh words to him even in death, pretty soon she died as well, close to her husband”s eternal resting place.

Part 3: Evaluate You Are My Only Sunshine

You Are My Only Sunshine Hao Yansen

You Are My Only Sunshine is a fantastic book. I am not saying this because I am compelled to say something nice because of the work put in by the author, no. The book is gripping, as in, that”s the truth. The plot is well thought out and is executed well with a decent pace. A hundred percent solid body of work. Kudos to the author of You Are My Only Sunshine.

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