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Lola Li had just had a celebration on her 22nd birthday, and was tipsy. She was led by her friend, supposedly to safety so that Lola Li could sleep off her drunken state unknown to Lola Li that her friend had an ulterior motive.

She was deliberately leading Lola Li into a stranger’s bedroom in the hotel, and Lola Li’s ex-boyfriend had even spiked her drink with a drug. Lola Li’s best friend and her ex-boyfriend came to a plan to betray her, hence they had her Trapped With The CEO.

Lola Li’s best friend tossed the heavily drunk and drugged Lola Li into an unknown man’s room and shut the door, locking both of them inside. Stern, the man demanded that Lola Li left his room, but she was incoherent after being drunk and drugged.

She was asking to be saved by the man that she had barged into his room. Save her? How could he save her? He didn’t even know her. After trying to shoo her out. Harry Si, the man whose room Lola Li had been shoved into was suspicious of her that she was sent after him by rival business associates.

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Part 1: Main Story Of Trapped With The CEO

Trapped With The CEO Book

‘How did you know that I arrived in country D today, who sent you?” Harry Si had asked Lola Li when she pleaded for help with a pitiful voice. He was going to call the hotel authorities to come and take the strange woman away from his room, but Lola Li was able to coax him not to.

First of all, Harry Si had to admit that she was very good-looking and attractive, but he could swear that someone had sent her to him so he could not just afford to let go of himself in front of her.

However, a drugged Lola Li was determined to get the best out of Harry Si. She stripped herself naked in front of him. At this point, Harry Si could not deny that he was done for.

An attractive body stood in front of him submissively. One last desperate attempt to throw herself on Harry Si was all it took, and before any of them knew what was happening, Harry Si had taken Lola Li that night. Sexually. Trapped With The CEO book stated that Harry Si showed Lola Li no mercy.

Waking up the following day, she was alone in a strange place. If not for the fact that her clothes were on the floor alongside a bathrobe, maybe she would not have remembered what the stranger had done to her the previous night, besides, there were sex marks on her body.

She scolded herself, thinking that she should not have done what she did at her age, but it had already happened so she left a demeaning note in the room for Harry Si to return from wherever he went and see it.

When Harry Si got back, he was upset. Lola Li had said that she owed him for his services as a male prostitute. From then on, he swore to find Lola Li and retaliate for insulting him like this.

Running to her friend for succor, Lola Li’s friend played a heart-wrenching video for her, in the video, she saw that her ex-boyfriend’s father, in conjunction with her boyfriend and others had connived and snatched her father’s company from her. Lola Li could not believe her eyes as she watched the video playing. Her family property and a lot of other things were to be stripped from the Li family.

Lola Li met her father, and after they both saw that this was the end of the road for them, her father made yet another heart-wrenching confession to her, claiming that he was not really her father and that she was picked by the roadside by him and the woman that she called mother.

After she passed out on the road where her father had told her this stressful information, she was spotted by a man in a luxury car. She was picked up and taken away by this man, only for Lola Li to wake up and find out that she was back in the arms of Harry Si, the so-called male prostitute that she had been with overnight. Indeed, she was Trapped With The CEO.

Part 2: Hot Chapters Of Trapped With The CEO

Chapter 12

Trapped With The CEO

At the beginning of Trapped With The CEO, Lola Li was led into a room, drunk nearly to a stupor. The person leading her into a room was scheming, yet she kept on telling Lola Li that she was getting her to safety.

Lola Li was tossed into the room of a total stranger that tried to get rid of her, but when he saw that she would not stop clinging to him, he had her for the night and left in the morning, only for Lola Li to wake up and recall that a stranger had slept with her in a rough way judging by the pains she felt on her body.

She quickly dropped a condescending note to the stranger promising to pay him for his services, and then she ran away from the prestigious hotel.

Later, while she was with her friend, news came to her, devastating news that her family’s company had been snatched from her father by her ex-boyfriend and his family. In this devastating state that she was in, more heart-wrenching news continued to come through for Lola Li. Read the book to find out what happened to Lola Li and how she scaled through her difficult situation.

Part 3: Evaluate Trapped With The CEO

Trapped With The CEO Full Book

Decently written, hot and saucy, elegant and classy, Trapped With The CEO is worth it. Clear and precise English with accurate punctuation makes the writer stand out. A hundred percent scorecard from me.

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