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In Seizing A Good Marriage, A Virtuous Medical Consort, Ming Wuyan was a promising young girl who had just turned eleven years of age. Usually in the North Desert Country where she lived, every single child, rich or poor, regardless of class and status was required compulsorily to the popular Eight Treasure Building, and climb up and down the eight hundred steps that the building boasted.

It was a form of subtle ritual to welcome a child into another phase of life. Usually, after this, each person that succeeded in ascending and descending the flight of stairs would be gifted something special. This was what Ming Wuyan had done, she had successfully climbed the steps and received her reward, so she was hurrying back home.

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Part 1: Seizing A Good Marriage, A Virtuous Medical Consort

Seizing A Good Marriage, A Virtuous Medical Consort Book

The gifts that these children received after they must have climbed the mandatory eight hundred steps on their eleventh birthday were referred to as Yutian Tokens. These tokens were akin to admission into the Yutian Academy.

It had to be that someone was jealous of the gift that Ming Wuyan received from the “Golden Hairpin Ceremony,” the body that was in charge of gifting girls their tokens after this mandatory task. She was roughly handled on her way back home from doing her mandatory task, and her Yutian Token was taken from her and exchanged for a worthless jade ruby.

The man that had done this evil to Ming Wuyan in Seizing A Good Marriage, A Virtuous Medical Consort Book told Ming Wuyan while she was unconscious that the worthless jade that he put in her hand in exchange for the Yutian Token was what she had received from the Golden Hairpin Ceremony, and as soon as he did what he did, he left hurriedly.

When the man left, their scene happened to have been taken over by divination, and the girl who had been hit gruesomely to unconsciousness suddenly opened her eyes.

At the same time in Seizing A Good Marriage, A Virtuous Medical Consort Book, her father, Ming Lang came running towards her, yelling her name and hoping that she was not dead.

He hurriedly took her to a doctor, and the doctor said that she had broken too many ribs and the rain had caused her to be very feverish. He said that she might not make it past the night. Ming Lang, the girl”s father, scolded himself for being distant from his daughter. If he had as little as escorted her to an event as important as her eleven-year-old mandatory exercise, she most definitely would not have fallen into the hands of jealous people. Now, she was near death after her original gift from the “Golden Hairpin Ceremony,” had been stolen.

While Ming Wuyan was in the medical hall with a practitioner looking after her in Seizing A Good Marriage, A Virtuous Medical Consort Book, something remarkable happened. I would love to call it a trance because she suddenly felt herself falling into a black pond.

In fact, she fell into a black pond, and by the time her body came in contact with the pond, every single pain that she felt disappeared instantly. She became light as a handkerchief.

Recovering from the black pond incident, she saw that her body was indeed wet and black as a result of the pond, so she quickly rinsed herself in clean spring water and went back to lie down on her medical bed, claiming to the doctor when he returned, that she had sweat so much after he left, and she felt very relieved now.

The doctor knew how intense Ming Wuyan”s ailment had been so he knew that something extraordinary must have happened. He asked Ming Wuyan if she had been visited by anyone while he was away, but she shook her head. Nobody had visited her.

For Ming Wuyan to suddenly become healed, she must have come in contact with someone from the medical sect, that was the information that the doctor was looking out for. But apparently, nobody had visited her.

The doctor decided to keep Ming Wuyan in his clinic since her father and the house she lived in were appalling.

She would help him in the clinic, and at the same time, she would take a rest from her harsh life. He considered the ponds that she had access to bathing in when she entered the trance as medical baths. This has to be where Ming Wuyan had gotten her medical virtue from. Read Seizing A Good Marriage, A Virtuous Medical Consort Book to find out what happened to Ming Wuyan.

Part 2: Hot Chapters Of Seizing A Good Marriage, A Virtuous Medical Consort

Chapter 12

Seizing A Good Marriage, A Virtuous Medical Consort Ming Wuyan

The first chapters of Seizing A Good Marriage, A Virtuous Medical Consort Book carries important information. In the first chapter, Ming Wuyan was attacked on her way from the “Golden Hairpin Ceremony” after receiving the worthy gift of the Yutian token.

Someone stole the token from her out of jealousy and left her with broken ribs. She was found by her drunkard father and taken to the doctor for healing. However, the second chapter describes that Ming Wuyan was mysteriously healed and that she was kept by the old doctor to rest from her drunkard father as well as help the doctor around the clinic.

In chapter two also, a mysterious masked man visited the clinic with two lion cubs conjoined at birth. Read the book to find out what happened when this mysterious man visited the old doctor”s clinic and met Ming Wuyan.

Part 3: Evaluate Seizing A Good Marriage, A Virtuous Medical Consort

Seizing A Good Marriage, A Virtuous Medical Consort Full Book

Seizing A Good Marriage, A Virtuous Medical Consort is a decently written book. It”s catchy, it”s interesting, and it carries thrill and suspense which I think are important factors of a standard online novel. I have to give readers a warning to look out for poorly translated versions of this book and dump them if not if you try to read it, you will have brain damage.

Nevertheless, the properly translated versions of the book are exceptional and clearly written. A full scorecard from me.

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