Hot Chapters on The Cursed Alpha’s Mate You Can’t Miss


The Cursed Alpha’s Mate novel story is about Aysel’s veins filled with traitor’s blood. Her parents organized an attack to depose the Alpha eleven years ago. They were defeated and slain, leaving her to bear the burden of their contaminated history. She has little chance of a better life because she has been abused, broken, and rejected until she finds him, the cursed alpha.

Part 1: Hot Chapters on The Cursed Alpha’s Mate

Chapter 1 on The Cursed Alpha’s Mate

Chapter 1 on The Cursed Alpha's Mate

The cursed alpha’s mate first chapter start with cloudy, cool autumn morning. Wonderfully cold. The weather is ideal for cuddling. Dean was emanating a comforting warmth I couldn’t get enough of, thanks to his unusually high body temperature. I snuggled against him, my fingers tracing the gentle slopes of his naked chest’s soft skin. So, this was what it was like to have a boyfriend.

His lips warmed against mine as I melted into him. My cheeks burned as my fingers worked their way up into his rich hair. The Cursed Alpha’s Mate The sound of an automobile horn wakes me up. I rubbed my eyes and noticed that my cup of coffee had gone cold during my brief slumber.

I sipped, the taste of muck in my mouth. It didn’t make a difference. I had to stay up. My phone started buzzing in my lap, and the vibrations startled me. As it slid between my knees and landed on the floorboard, I nearly yelled.

Chapter 11 on The Cursed Alpha’s Mate

The Cursed Alpha's Mate - Chapter 11

The Cursed Alpha’s Mate Kiara rose from her perch on the rug, her gaze drawn to the door as footsteps neared. She knew that it was him, but she didn’t desire to meet him, not right now, not ever.

She had avoided him all day, walking around the yard unless her feet were tired and then sitting outside on her porch till the afternoon changed into dusk.

So The Cursed Alpha’s Mate, she’s in her chamber, hiding in the farthest corner from the door, and he’s come to bother her. The doorknob twisted, the door was pushed open, and her tormentor from the previous year’s stood in front of it.

If you go hungry, I won’t have to murder you myself. The Cursed Alpha’s Mate As soon as he moved out of the entryway, the door automatically shut behind him. Kiara watched it while wallowing in self-pity. See? She was aware that it was just a matter of time until he killed her.

Part 2: The Main Characters on The Cursed Alpha’s Mate

The Cursed Alpha's Mate - Main Characters

The main character of this novel The Cursed Alpha’s Mate is Kiara and Zique who fell in love with each other and wait for their time werewolf to meet with. They were looking to see who would confess the first and then once their wish came true.

Another exciting character is Aysel. the novel star of the cursed alpha. The Werewolf Prince with the Oracle talent.

The Cursed Alpha’s Mate already knows who his partner is, but they don’t express their love to one another and instead choose to keep their fantasies to themselves. Aysel is introduced by Valens to a life of wealth and power. Aysel and Valens’ love will likely succeed despite an ex who is desperately trying to win her back, a scorned alpha who is determined to harm them, and the revelation of her identity.

Part 3: Storyline for The Cursed Alpha’s Mate

Storyline of The Cursed Alpha’s Mate is the tale of a girl who is counting down the days till she dies and a prince who is cursed with immortality. An Omega who was previously spurned and an Alpha seeking his Luna. Prince Valens is referred to as the cursed prince.

The Cursed Alpha’s Mate has evolved into a harsh, ruthless, and unforgiving man after wandering the planet for more than a century looking for someone to break his curse. In quest of his partner, he attacks packs and stages takeovers until he encounters her, his curse-breaker. Aysal possesses traitor blood in her veins.

Her parents spearheaded an assault to topple the Alpha eleven years ago. They lost and were killed, leaving her to carry the weight of their tarnished reputation. She is abused, damaged, and rejected, and until she finds him the cursed alpha, she has little chance of a better life.

Savior for her. With an ex anxious to win her back, a The Cursed Alpha’s Mate scorned alpha hellbent on wrecking them, and her identity surfacing, those who insulted Aysel now fall on their faces to satisfy her.

Part 4: Quick Summary

Let me quickly summarize this novel in a couple of sentences First of all, the Cursed Alpha’s Mate it’s not the typical tale of a werewolf meeting a random female, becoming friends with her after lots of drama, tantrums, and God knows what else, and then, presto, they’re living happily ever after as soulmates. The characters will occasionally make you detest them, occasionally make you laugh, and even occasionally make you cry along with them. So, prepare for a fantastic rollercoaster trip by packing your things.

The story of the Cursed Alpha’s Mate. It centers on the first female Alpha in the history of werewolves. She continues to be unmarried and prays to the moon goddess, who promptly answers her prayer. She quickly realized she was mated to Alpha Reed Xander, the cruelest and most tyrannical alpha on the entire continent. I would suggest you give it a read. You will enjoy every moment between alphas and their intimacy will engage you to read more about this novel. You may also read more novels like more than a human.


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