Why The Almighty Dragon General Attracts People?


The almighty dragon general attracts people because it’s a novel about a millionaire with a unique backstory. This novel is based on 2 lead characters Thea and Caden. People like this novel because it’s a good pack of emotions, romance revenge and desires to have a better life. Caden was a competitive boy who wanted to be a billionaire in his teenage years and never respected anyone.

The brave Thea Callahans saved James Caden from a fire intentionally set by someone, while the rest of his family perished in the fire. Several years later, James Caden returned, intending to get his retribution. Aside from that, he tracked down the girl who had saved him and swore to repay her.

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Part 1: What’s the Main Plot and Characters?

main plot and characters on The Almighty Dragon General Attracts People

There are 2 main characters in this novel, the almighty dragon general. Thea Callahans and James Caden. Thea Callahans is a sweet young lady. She is always willing to lend a helping hand when someone is in trouble, even if she does not know who he or is. When she was passing by with her pals she heard cries from the villa that was on fire.

She jumped into the sea of raging flames to save the individual who was screaming for aid, ignoring her own safety. In this urban fiction, however, merciless fire is not merciful to anyone, regardless of whether he or she is nice or vicious, strong, or weak. It’s tough to decide whether Thea was lucky to be alive but disfigured. When she turned into an unattractive girl, practically everyone insulted her and lost her decency.

The almighty dragon general story polish story of James Caden is a man who takes his responsibilities seriously. He was a man who had been mistreated by fate, losing his families, and almost escaping as a child with the help of a strange girl. The traumatic encounter drove him to seek vengeance and repay his rescuer in the almighty dragon general.

Part 2: What Can We Learn on The Almighty Dragon General?

We Learn on The Almighty Dragon General

The Almighty Dragon General is the story that helps you to understand the importance of giving respect to the people who care for you and who help you to rise in your dark days. In this novel the way Thea helped Caden was the perfect example of love and respect. Initially the relationship between them was not so wealthy and even lost each other but later they realized their mistakes and reunited. Caden was arrogant man in this the almighty dragon general novel on the other hand Thea was very kindhearted girl who always look positive in negative persons.

After reading the almighty dragon general I learned that you accept someone for the person they are, despite whether they are dissimilar from you or you disagreed with them. Respect in your interactions fosters sense of trust, safety, and well-being. Respect does not have to happen easily. It refers to something you learn.

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Part 3: What We Missed on The Almighty Dragon General?

We Missed on The Almighty Dragon General

We have missed the most exciting turn in this novel, the almighty dragon general. Caden was burning up his desires to take revenge apart from the fact that he wanted her back in his life. When Thea was caught up in a fire She has been disfigured by the fire. Each person in her family is concerned about her marriages and dissatisfied in her due to of her ruined beauty because of the fire.

Because no one would want to marry an ugly girl, her family wants to find a husband for her based on the allure of wealth. James has been chosen as her husband. They married in the misunderstandings of others. What we missed in the almighty dragon general is the most important part of the story: Will they have a happy life if James heals Thea’s scars and restores her appearance?

Part 4: Summary

I enjoyed reading this novel The Almighty Dragon General. This novel is a short story, but it keeps you engaged with every phase of the story and you will be more excited to know what will happen next. Thea set a perfect example of humankind and even she risks her life, her figure, her dignity to save her own family. On the other hand, Caden, the rigid character of this story will leave us amazed when she chooses to marry her, he gave her new life he changes her appearance.

To accomplish his desire, he joined the army and battled desperately against the enemy to gain ranks and reputation. He had challenged an elite army of 30000 soldiers and captured their general on his alone, becoming a legend among the people in the almighty dragon general.

I wish to have the next part coming soon. You will love reading this novel and I would suggest you read some other novels with this category until the next part is not released. I would highly suggest reading the novel There is nothing left but love. You will also enjoy reading the story of this because it’s most likely to be similar with the almighty dragon general.

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