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Isabella Watson suddenly told her husband, Oliver Eastwood that she was no longer interested in their marriage, and would like a divorce. What was the reason for her wanting a divorce? According to I Want A Divorce Novel, Oliver was a young man who lived less than average. He worked at a luxury thrift store and earned just 900 dollars a month so he could not boast of luxury, however, his wife wanted more.

Isabella left her husband hanging and walked out on him while Oliver remained stuck to the ground close to tears as he wondered why on earth his wife would just get up and leave. Isabella claimed that she had a boyfriend who could provide her with everything that Oliver lacked, so she was sure not to return to Oliver even if her begged her. According to I Want A Divorce Novel, Oliver received a call from his mother, frantically crying as she reported that her husband, Oliver’s father, Jason Eastwood, was gravely ill and needed surgery to be healed. And of course, one can tell that the surgery was expensive.

I Want A Divorce, Miss Xu

Part 1: All About I Want A Divorce

I Want A Divorce By Abigail Quinn

As if the news about his wife asking for a divorce was not enough, Oliver Eastwood had to deal with the fact that he would lose his father to the cold hands of death if he did not raise money for the man’s surgery. According to I Want A Divorce Novel, Oliver’s father was sick of Uremia. Jason Eastwood could not urinate and even if he did, it was coated with blood. Oliver was thorn to two as he tried to come to terms with the fact that his wife had left him, while he tried to raise money for his father’s medical bill.

Desperation creeped in and Oliver resorted to borrowing money to raise his father’s medical bill. Oliver, of course, sought the help of his external family members but none of them came through for him. They all have excuses, or instead, gave a very frugal amount of money that would not help Oliver at all. For example, Kenneth Eastwood who was the younger brother of Jason Eastwood, only offered a hundred dollars to Oliver, which of course, Oliver did not accept. It was a grave disappointment to Oliver when he saw how his extended family responded to his father’s illness.

As if that was not enough, Oliver met someone at the door of his house when he arrived home after the day’s work according to I Want A Divorce Novel. It was none other than Joanna Eastwood, his sister. Joanna, according to I Want A Divorce Novel came crying because she had been kicked out of her matrimonial home. The lady literally had a swollen eye and other proofs that she had been beaten up, and she was threatened to be beaten up again if she dared to return. Joanna had not given birth to a child since she got married into the Clark family. On this particular occasion, however, Oliver was happy because he never liked the man that his sister got married to and he advised her to grab the opportunity and file for the divorce.

Oliver’s mind kept on wondering and wandering about how he would raise money for his father’s surgery. Soon enough, he remembered that there was a passbook that had some money amounting to up to 4000 dollars in it at the top of a shelf in his room. He would quickly use the 4000 dollars to kick-start his father’s treatment while he sought for more money, and just when Oliver went to take the money, a vase fell on his head and caused him to bleed.

What had just happened to Oliver, according to I Want A Divorce Novel caused him to become blind temporarily, as shards of the residue of the vase that fell on him entered his eyes and caused him to go blind for a couple of hours until he was treated.

This supposed gleam happening and tragedy was one that would change the course of Oliver Eastwood’s life for the better. By the time Oliver took off the gauze from his eyes according to the doctor’s direction, he realised that he could see, and not just that, he could see the intricate details of every item he set his eyes on for up to three seconds. It was shocking for Oliver when he looked at different items in his room, and he saw in his mind’s eyes, the date of manufacture, how old the item was, if it was a second or third-hand item and so on.

Oliver worked at a luxury thrift store and most of the job done there was to weigh and appraise items that customers came to sell, to determine the value of such an item. In that case, this newfound talent of Oliver proved to be valuable to him as with that, he could save his company from so many losses and customers that would love to swindle them off their hard-earned money and reputation.

With his new found talent, Oliver was able to determine and spot so many fake and imitated items in his shop, and so he called the attention of his employer to the issue, and everyone that was involved in swindling the company’s money was decisively dealt with, giving Oliver a pedestal as he gained recognition and amounted to an opportunity that will change his life forever as well as sort out his father’s hospital bills. Oliver became the manager in charge of appraising products in his company, thanks to his new found skill that will enable him become the man his wife who had divorced him expected him to be.

I Want A Divorce, Miss Xu

Part 2: Hot Chapters Of I Want A Divorce

Chapter 3

I Want A Divorce Chapter 3

“He usually is very diligent and agile. Why does he look clueless today?”

At this point in the third chapter of I Want A Divorce Novel, Oliver had realised that he could see the details of any thing he looked at. Anything, literally anything around him had an origin and value, and as soon as Oliver looked at it, there would be a display of the information about that object in his mind’s eye.

Oliver, having recognized his new talent, went to work very early the following day as he had to determine if he could also identify the information of the antiques in his company. Oliver was aware that if he could also see a display of information for the antiques in his company, it would boost his status as he would be a reliable appraiser.

Oliver was caught staring at the antiques in his office when the statement above was made by his boss.

“Oliver, the customer is not satisfied with the price. We had better wait until Samuel arrives to have a proper discussion.”

Oliver had identified and appraised for a customer that just entered to sell a luxury wristwatch. Just like every other item he had set his eyes on, Oliver was able to see the details of the watch. He could tell the cost of the watch as well as the date it was manufactured, but according to I Want A Divorce Novel, as soon as he signified that the watch should be bought for a certain price, his boss, Hailey stopped him, quietly nursing anger as she was sure that Oliver didn’t know what he was doing, unknown to him that Oliver was currently undergoing the greatest change of his life.

Chapter 5

I Want A Divorce Chapter 5

“Tell me, what did I do to offend Samuel, Tiffany, and Aria. Why did they lie to me and trick me?”

Oliver’s boss, Hailey had listened to Oliver categorically prove to her that she had been duped for so many years in the company as her manager gave her wrong appraisals and took the original value of items sold to her for himself. It just dawned on Hailey according to I Want A Divorce Novel that she had amounted to great loss over the past years. Oliver became the one that would help her, and Hailey knew diverse ways that she could use to bring out Oliver’s worth and have him earn some money since he told her that his father was in the hospital and he needed to raise money for the man.

“Oliver, have you heard of stone gambling?”

A new life had indeed been born for Oliver as he was introduced to the world of artefacts and appraisals that were up for auction. Hailey should have considered herself lucky that Oliver received this talent at the time he did of not, Samuel would have duped her intensely following the shady deals that were up for auction and sales when Hailey and Oliver visited a sales venue.

Part 3: Conclusion Of I Want A Divorce

I Want A Divorce Novel

Betrayal and redemption, rags to riches, grass to grace; these are a few way that I Want A Divorce Novel can be described. The author selves into the mind of the male lead, Oliver Eastwood, and how he narrowly escaped what would have been a triple threat. It would have been such a blow for Oliver if supernatural help had not showed up for him when it did.

The author narrates a story with intense feelings and acute display of emotions from the characters. A novel written to taste, I Want A Divorce would surely captivate the readers as soon as they dare to delve into the deep pages of the novel, triggering emotions from elation to sorrow and relief.

I Want A Divorce, Miss Xu


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