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Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO Novel categorically states that Emmanuel Lowe was on his eighteenth blind date and had still somehow managed to ruin it just because he was probably cursed as far as scoring a girl was concerned. Emmanuel was gynecologist, and according to him, he had come across a lot of women and seen their bodies so closely that he could not just be turned on by them anymore. So why would any of his blind dates be different?

Emmanuel claimed to attend these blind dates just because he wanted to please his mother, rather, his family because a young man of twenty-eight who had seemingly never had a woman to himself was worrisome. On this occasion, Emmanuel was on his blind date when he mistakenly entered the VIP area, and while he looked for table eight where his mother had said the date would be waiting for him at, he spotted a certain beauty to behold, one that was definitely out of his league.

Lady Mackenzie must have been too much for Emmanuel, but the universe had other plans for him and so, Emmanuel Lowe could not run too far from her even though he never wanted to anyway.

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Part 1: All About Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO

Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO Novel

While Emmanuel Lowe looked for his date on table eight, he had not the slightest idea that he had slipped into the VIP section of the restaurant. Emmanuel eyes could not dart away from the beauty that was in front of him, and while he was serenading in her beauty, he realized that she sat on table eight. Emmanuel was shocked to his marrows. According to Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO Novel, the lady that Emmanuel was looking at was way beyond him and there was no way he could measure up to her. So, how come she was his date? Emmanuel could not believe it.

The lady was also not exempted from the shocker that she was dealt with when Emmanuel sat across from her, and not only did he dare to sit across from her on her table, but he also started to spew words that she considered ridiculously funny. Being so sure that the elegant woman that he was looking at and sitting across from was his date, Emmanuel started to introduce himself. He made all sorts of promises to the lady including the fact that he was going to foot her bills and take care of her to the whooping sum of five thousand dollars every month. This came from Emmanuel Lowe who earned just eighty thousand dollars per year compared to a lady who was a multi-millionaire.

Lady Mackenzie, although she was disgusted that a man as lowly as Emmanuel dared to walk up to her and talk to her in ways that were intimate, also found it amusing as she could tell that he was on a blind date and had lost his way. Quickly, she told Emmanuel that he must have wandered into the VIP section of the restaurant, and that he should look out for his date in the regular section. When Emmanuel realized himself, he thought as much that he had made a mistake because Lady Mackenzie was just too much for him. According to Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO Novel, the man went out to the regular area and just as Lady Mackenzie had said, his date was waiting for him on table eight, frantic and angry as Emmanuel had spent a lot of time outside the agreed time that they were supposed to meet.

Emmanuel arrived at the correct table, apologizing a great deal to the woman that he had almost stood up, but she was not having it. Milani Zimmerman was equally a beautiful and alluring lady, although she could not boast of half of the glow that Mackenzie could boast of. As soon as she saw Emmanuel and confirmed that he was the one she ought to see, she started to yell at him for keeping her waiting for so long. Well, Emmanuel could not afford to be so angry, could he? Apart from the fact that she was a woman, she was right to be upset with him as he had indeed showed up late, but that did not warrant her or give her the right to do what followed.

In a bout of anger, Milani Zimmerman took a glass of water and poured the contents on Emmanuel’s head before she walked out of the cafe angrily. While this was going on, Emmanuel did not kow that he was being watched. Before he even entered the restaurant, he had encountered an old man outside who seemed to be in need of help, and Emmanuel had graciously helped the man, unknown to him that the man would look out to return the favor. In fact, the man was out to have Emmanuel get married to his granddaughter in the first place.

Following the fact that Emmanuel behaved like a gentle man and did not get angry at the lady who spilled water on him, the old man whom Emmanuel had helped earlier could not hide his excitement as that was proof that Emmanuel would be able to take care of his granddaughter. The old man whose name was Terrence, assured his granddaughter that Emmanuel had passed the test as far as getting married to her was concerned. Even though the old man was correct, his granddaughter maintained that she also had her test to give Emmanuel, and if he passed it, then she would get married to him.

Meanwhile, based on the fact the Emmanuel Lowe had desperate family members looking for him to get married, his mother suggested that they went to the home of Milani Zimmerman, the very lady who had rejected him, to plead with her to accept Emmanuel back. Emmanuel was shocked at how low his mother went and how embarrassing it was, but the woman forced him to go begging Milani. It was such a painful feat for Emmanuel when he got there and still faced the same outcome from Milani, rejection.

According to Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO Novel, Emmanuel turned to see the old man he had helped earlier, stepping out of a luxurious car and asking Emmanuel to accept money that he deserved because he helped him. When Milani Zimmerman and her mother saw how Emmanuel was being treated nobly by this wealthy man, they had a change of mind and wanted to accept Emmanuel back until they saw that he rejected the old man’s money.

Emmanuel was literally being harassed by his mother, sister, and this old man who insisted that Emmanuel got married to his granddaughter because he could not afford to allow such a good man walk away like that. After much persuasion from the old man who was known as Terrence, Emmanuel agreed to go to the city hall where he would meet his wife-to-be, and guess who Emmanuel’s wife was? Mackenzie, the very lady that he could not take his eyes off from.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO

Chapter 1

Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO Chapter 1

“Help! Someone, help me.”

In this chapter of Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO Novel, Emmanuel had just arrived at the café/restaurant he ought to meet his blind date at when he saw and heard an old man calling out for help. Without thinking twice about his actions, Emmanuel helped the old man, but little did he know that the small action taken by him will surmount into great results that he never saw coming in the first place.

“Hi. My name is Emmanuel Lowe. I’m twenty-eight years old and I work as a gynecologist. I make eighty thousand a year and don’t own a car and a house.”

What a way to introduce oneself on a first date. At this point, Emmanuel had stumbled on the wrong date, and he introduced himself to her. Little did he know that the beautiful lady in front of him was not his date, and she was miles out of his league.

Chapter 4

Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO Chapter 4

“Take all of these things back.”

“These things are worth up to ten million. Are you sure you don’t want them?”

The conversation above was made between Emmanuel and Terrence, the old man he had saved. The old man came bearing gifts for Emmanuel just because he helped him when he was in need, but Emmanuel rejected the gifts, claiming that he had not done enough to deserve such a heavy reward. Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO Novel speaks of the surprise that Emmanuel’s mother and sister felt following his rejection of the gifts.

Milani Zimmerman had also seen the gifts that were meant for Emmanuel, and so she had changed her mind about getting married to him but to her dismay, Emmanuel rejected the gifts which only made Milani turn back and curse as Emmanuel for rejecting such lavish gifts which only determined that he was more than ready to be a poor man for the rest of her life according to what she knew.

Since you refused to accept my gifts yesterday, I have decided to introduce a potential wife to you instead. You wouldn’t say no to this, would you, young man?”

Terrence was not going to give up on Emmanuel just yet. Well, from the onset, it was all planned out by Terrence to get Emmanuel to marry his daughter, so there was definitely nothing like giving up in Terrence’ books. He called Emmanuel later to give him another offer he hoped that he would not refuse.

Part 3: Conclusion Of Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO

Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO Read Online

Mistaken Match: Marrying The Enigmatic CEO Novel is written to taste and accompanying such a sweet and sensational novel comes witty characters and a great plot that delves into the complex mind of the male lead, Emmanuel Lowe. The author of the novel tried to bring to our notice that love conquers all, and that in any situation whatsoever, as far as there is an iota of love in the air, then it is sure to win over any other factors that may not be wielding towards letting love lead the way.

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