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Blaire had been married to Sebastian for three years, and she had been nothing but a good wife to him even though he was originally meant to get married to her stepsister, Catherine. For whatever reason there was according to Trapped With My Billionaire Ex-husband Novel, Catherine ran away when it was time to get serious with Sebastian, but as far as both families were concerned, there had to be a union of marriage for business purposes so they did not care which of their daughters got married to Sebastian as long as there was a marriage.

Now, after three years of marriage, Catherine suddenly showed up after running away for so long, and Sebastian fell back into her arms as if she had not publicly disgraced him and broken his heart in the past. Sitting across from Blaire, Catherine smiled sheepishly and victoriously as she watched misery spread across Blaire’s face while she looked at the photos that were in front of her. Photos of Catherine in the arms of Blaire’s husband, Sebastian on top of their matrimonial bed made Blaire frown with disgust.

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Part 1: Hot Chapters Of Trapped With My Billionaire Ex-husband

Chapter 4

Trapped With My Billionaire Ex-husband Chapter 4

You finally have the guts to show up after all these years?”

Blaire had left the country after she realised that Sebastian was indeed very active as he cheated on her with her stepsister, Catherine. She received a call that her father was gravely ill, so Blaire returned to the country after one year only to find her father weak in the hospital, and her meddling stepmother had the guts to ask her the question above. Blaire could do without all the drama that she had returned home to meet, but her father, even though he cheated on her mother with his current wife, was still a good father to her according to Trapped With My Billionaire Ex-husband Novel, so she could not leave him to be a vegetable while she continued with her life.

It’s what a good son-in-law does, isn’t it?”

“Well, I’m glad things work out between you and my sister. It will be a waste if it doesn’t after what you and her did to me.”

The dialogue above was between Sebastian and Blaire. Blaire’s father who was lying sick on the hospital bed had to thank Sebastian for showing up every day to take care of him, and Sebastian replied that it was only because he was a good son-in-law, so he was living up to expectations. Of course, after being away for one year and after signing a divorce agreement before leaving, Blaire would expect that Sebastian was now married to her sister, Catherine but she was shocked beyond words when Sebastian told her that, she, Blaire, was still his wife and she was the one who made him a son-in-law to her father.

Chapter 13

Trapped With My Billionaire Ex-husband Chapter 13

“When are you going to get into your stubborn head that we are not getting a divorce?”

Sebastian Foster asked his wife, Blaire the question above. Trapped With My Billionaire Ex-husband Novel embodies the title of the novel wholly. Blaire was indeed trapped with Sebastian. Yes, before she left the country a year ago, she had signed the divorce document that Sebastian had left for her, little did she know that Sebastian did not sign it and so, she was still his legal wife even though their marriage suffered rough edges.

Blaire had visited Sebastian’s office in this chapter of the novel, and because she had been away for one year, it was somewhat difficult for her to get in to see the CEO. Blaire was literally insulted at the reception, and she had just turned around and given up seeing Sebastian when he found her and asked her to come back.

To think that while Blaire was looking forward to properly having a second divorce with Sebastian, Sebastian was busy announcing to his entire work force that she was his wife. Blaire was confused. The same man that humiliated her and abandoned her cruelly to be with her stepsister was the one who was acting as if he could not do without her in any way.

“Some of you may be new to this company, so I will let this slide. My wife took a year-long vacation outside the country, but now she’s back. I want you all to remember this beautiful face because the next time I hear that you didn’t allow my wife to get into my building, it would also be the last time you will be working here. Am I making myself clear?”

Sebastian announced with dexterity to his employees that anyone that failed to recognize and accommodate his wife the next time she came visiting, the person would have himself or herself to blame. Blaire was speechless.

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Part 2: Main Plot Of Trapped With My Billionaire Ex-husband

Trapped With My Billionaire Ex-husband By Mariya Mercedes

Blaire was at her wit’s end. She looked at the pictures that her sister, Catherine was showing to her with a grin on her face, asking Blaire to give up her husband, Sebastian to her as she had returned to claim what rightfully belonged to her. According to Trapped With My Billionaire Ex-husband Novel, Blaire had already been married to Sebastian for three years. Even though they were a married couple, Blaire still had it at the back of her mind that the person that Sebastian was actually in love with was her stepsister, Catherine.

Catherine and Sebastian would have been together if not for the fact that Catherine suddenly declined and disappeared, refusing to be Sebastian’s wife. However, the families of Sebastian and Blaire/Catherine did not care which female from their family got married to Sebastian Fosterz as far as one of them did. The marriage between both families would yield favourable results in business and others as far as there was a positive liaison. That was how Blaire ended up becoming Blaire Foster, but after three years of investing her time and emotions into the marriage, Catherine had just come back to rip her life apart.

As if the pictures that Catherine showed to Blaire were not enough, Catherine handed Blaire a UV scan that indicated that she was pregnant, and she did not fail to let it be known that the baby in her belly belonged to none other than Sebastian Foster. A shocked Blaire could not believe what she was hearing and seeing enough to make any drastic moves so she suggested that she would wait until she heard from her husband, Sebastian, but that was not enough to deter a determined Catherine.

Catherine informed Blaire that there would be action going on in a certain hotel and in a certain room in a couple of moments from that time, and that if she wanted to find out if Sebastian had really left her, Blaire should check the room out. Catherine left a key to the room for Blaire to feel free and see for herself, and within the next couple of minutes, Blaire was staring betrayal in the face. She witnessed Catherine open the door of the said hotel room she told her about earlier, and guide Sebastian inside seductively.

According to Trapped With My Billionaire Ex-husband Novel, that was what broke the camel’s back, and Blaire decided that she would sign the divorce papers and leave Sebastian Foster for good. She was done with living a life of misery where she could not boast of half of the best of her husband. It was time for a new life and horizon for Blaire, so she headed to the airport as soon as she had packed her luggage and signed the divorce document that Sebastian and her stepsister, Catherine so badly wanted her to sign. But Blaire was going to return as suddenly as she had left.

Just as she was beginning to settle down in Hawaii, Blaire received a call and the news that the caller carried was that her father was gravely ill and asked to see her. Of course, as soon as Blaire heard the news, she opted to travel back home immediately but guess what? Blaire’s supposed ex-husband showed up again and in fact, he was the person that picked her up at the airport. A lot would happen as soon as Blaire returned home, with the most intense event being that Sebastian would demand that she returned home to him as she was still his wife because he did not sign the divorce document which Blaire had signed before she left for Hawaii.

Part 3: Conclusion Of Trapped With My Billionaire Ex-husband

Trapped With My Billionaire Ex-husband Novel

Trapped With My Billionaire Ex-husband Novel is a nearly perfect rendition of contemporary romance. The readers that would dare to indulge in this work of literary art would not see it coming when Sebastian Foster would wield himself back into Blaire’s life as if he did not dump her rudely in the past. Betrayal, strength and submission alongside determination, vengeance and revenge are some of the ingredients that makes this novel to sizzle in the hottest fires of perfectly written novels. Author Mariya Mercedes did a decent outing while penning down her thoughts as far as this novel is concerned.

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