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Emrys Lund was Cherished By Seven Sisters in the orphanage where he grew up. Even though he was an orphan, luck fell on Emrys in the orphanage when a group of sisters who were a force to reckon with took a liking for him. As an adorable adolescent, Emrys easily had his way in the orphanage even though he often faced bullying by his rivals when his sisters were not available at the moment.

One fateful day in the orphanage, there was a fire outbreak, and everyone scattered Helter, Skelter, including Emrys, who happened to meet an eccentric warlock that took him away to train him deeply in a specialized and secluded institution. That was the price that Emrys had to pay to save his seven beloved sisters from the raging fire that was sure to swallow anyone in its way. That was how Emrys was cut off from his family which consisted of the seven sisters and the rest of the people he knew at the orphanage for fifteen years.

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Part 1: All About Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel

Emrys Lund left the orphanage where he grew up, to a monastery, where he was taught traditional and foreign medical skills, martial arts, and magic. Wow! If one had such skills in the present day, the person would be unstoppable so we can only imagine how formidable and dynamic Emrys had become. All these, coupled with a sprinkle of divinity were part of what made Emrys a force to reckon with by the time he returned to Jadeborough, the city he knew.

While growing up, Emrys had sworn that he would do everything to love and protect the seven sisters that loved him so much and made sure he never saw a difficult time while he was in the orphanage. Even though there had been some type of misfortune or the other, and that Emrys was cut off from his sisters, he continued to nurse the thought that he would return to them and continue to take care of them as promised, and according to Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel, Emrys had started to fulfill the promise he made to himself.

Memories came flooding into Emrys mind as soon as he arrived at Jadeborough. His thoughts were unstable as he wondered what had become of everyone and if they would still remember him. It had been fifteen years ago that he last saw them, and now, Emrys was returning as a man of high status in the mundane and divine realms. Emrys was now the Sky Devourer Lord, and he had tons of soldiers of high repute under his command, he was a big deal, well, so were his lovely sisters. The first place that Emrys visited as soon as he returned to the city, was, of course, the orphanage.

Change, they say, is inevitable, and with that in mind, it is no doubt that Emrys was met with drastic change when he returned to the orphanage. The most outstanding change that Emrys faced was the fact that the caretaker of the orphanage was no longer there, as well a s his sisters. Instead, Emrys met a woman who was benevolent enough to give Emrys the address of the former caretaker that he knew. As soon as Emrys got hold of the address, he set off for the old caretaker’s house. Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel lets us know that Emrys arrived right on time to see something terrible happening to his former caretaker. The old man was actively being bullied by a younger man, and it was such a disheartening scene for Emrys to look at.

Mr. Olman had adopted Gavin after the fire incident at the orphanage, and while one would wonder why the man went ahead to adopt the hideous bully called Gavin, little did they know that the man had his reason, and it was an intense decision he had made as far as adopting Gavin was concerned. Of course, even though Gavin had received favor from Mr. Olman when the old man adopted him, Gavin could not help but be ungrateful as Emrys returned to see Galvin bullying Mr. Olman and demanding for an obscure amount of money that made absolutely no sense.

Mr. Olman had grown so old over the years and had become physically powerless over Galvin and the young man took due advantage of this fact. Trust Emrys to stop the nonsense that Gavin had going on with Mr. Olman. Gavin and Mr. Olman did not recognize Emrys when he entered the scene. Even after Emrys overpowered Gavin and made him stop bullying Mr. Olman, it took a while for Emry’s face to register into Gavin’s mind, as well as that of Mr. Emrys. Neither of them could believe that Emrys was still alive as they all thought that he had died in the fire. Mr. Olman could not contain his excitement, as he could finally be at peace with himself since he blamed himself for the misfortune that happened at the orphanage.

The fire outbreak at the orphanage only happened as a result of Mr. Olman refusing to sell the orphanage and the land that it was on to a rival group. Envy and malice according to Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel, were what led to the rival group that wanted ownership of the orphanage and it’s surroundings to set the place ablaze. Galvin sulked over the return of Emrys, while an excited Mr. Olman could not get enough of Emrys as well as show Emrys to his seven sisters who were all doing fantastic in their various fields of careers.

Soon after, Emrys would meet his eldest sister, one of the seven sisters that cherished him while growing up. It will take a while for her to settle in with the fact that the person that was standing in front of her was Emrys, but with a little shaking up of events accompanied with a familiar birth mark, Emrys eldest sister would recognize him and welcome Emrys back in the manner he duly deserved.

Part 2: Hot Chapters Of Cherished By Seven Sisters

Chapter 1

Cherished By Seven Sisters Chapter 1

“Grayhead, you should be giving me good food, clothes, and money for entertainment if you took me in. Why did you adopt me if you can’t give me the best things in life? Where is the money those women gave you? Give it to me, what are you trying to do by hiding it? Are you trying to take it to the grave with you? You don’t have many years to live, and you need me to make the arrangements for your funeral. Who are you going to give the money to if not me? What a brainless old fart!”

Just listen to Galvin rant! Emrys, following the address and direction that the new caretaker at the orphanage had given him, visited his old caretaker who obviously had retired from the orphanage. At this poit according to Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel, Emrys did not know the reason why the old Mr. Olman retired from the orphanage, as all he could see was that Mr. Olman needed help. Who did Mr. Olman need help from? It was none other than Galvin, whom Mr. Olman had adopted after the fire incident and Emry’s disappearance.

The author describes how good it felt for Mr. Olman when he realized that Emrys had returned because apart from the fact that it would clear Mr. Olman’s doubt that he was not responsible for Emry’s death, it would also mean that Galvin whom Mr. Olman had adopted as a result of guilty conscience for losing Emrys, will not get to bully and humiliate old Mr. Olman anymore.

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Chapter 7

Cherished By Seven Sisters Chapter 7

A heart-felt moment sprinkled with a bit of brother and sister bonding is what happened in this chapter of Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel. Cordelia, the eldest sister of Emrys was so excited about his return that she made him the HR manager of her company immediately after firing the former one who had connived against her with a rival group.

It would have been the easiest pill to swallow for everyone that worked in Cordelia’s company except for the fact that all eyes were on Cordelia and her company for a promotion in status and financial backing, and if Cordelia fired a competent employee apparently just because she had found a “boy toy,” then she might not be competent enough for a promotion. Yes! The employees at Cordelia’s company had no idea that Emrys was her brother, they all thought that he was Cordelia’s lover.

“Delia, I’ve given it some serious thought, but I really don’t think the position of HR manager is suitable for me.”

Those were words said by Emrys to Cordelia after he realized how much confusion and chaos his presence and installation as the new HR manager brought for Cordelia. In this chapter of the novel, Cordelia brewed tension with one of her customers and investors who the employees saw as nothing less than gold to the company. It seemed to confirm the fact that Cordelia had indeed lost her mind and was at the verge of ruining the company all because of a “boy toy.”

“Do you care about those rumors as well? We haven’t done anything wrong. Why do we need to be afraid of people gossiping behind our backs?”

Part 3: Lead Character Of Cherished By Seven Sisters

Emrys Lund

Cherished By Seven Sisters Emrys Lund

Emrys Lund is the overall lead character of the novel, and he was Cherished By Seven Sisters. The lucky orphan had the grace to win the hearts of seven sisters while he was in the orphanage, and so his life as an orphan, even though not from his direct family, was still filled with love and warmth. Emrys Lund loved his sisters dearly and while he was still living in the orphanage, he swore to protect and look out for them as far as he was able to. Well, duty called sooner than Emrys expected.

Following a fire outbreak at the orphanage, Emrys, who was determined to ensure the safety of his sisters, was met face to face with a decision that will alter the direction of his life drastically. Emrys met a friar who promised to save Emrys sisters as far as Emrys became his apprentice. With that being said b the friar, and with Emrys seeing that there was no way out of the fire for any of them unless the accepted the miracle that the friar promised to carry out, he accepted the offer and that was how Emrys disappeared from the orphanage leaving everyone behind, thinking that he was dead.

Emrys became a very dynamic young man after serving and being away from home for fifteen years. He returned to the city where he grew up at the orphanage and looked for his family at once. It was mixture of suspicion and joy when Emrys returned, and as soon as he was confirmed to be the very Emrys whom everyone thought was dead, he soon took back his place as the young man who was Cherished By Seven Sisters.

Part 4: Conclusion Of Cherished By Seven Sisters

Cherished By Seven Sisters Read Online

Cherished By Seven Sisters Novel is slightly different from the norm which everyone is used to as far as tropes and genres are concerned. Although the novel still tells a love story, it does so on a platonic level where the male lead received love from seven female leads which were his sisters. The author creates an intentional novel with a queer trope which makes the effort put into the novel stand out beyond all reasonable doubts.

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