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Frank Harper woke up beside himself. Who was the female beside him and how did she get in there with him? Frank Harper had the reputation of ignoring women and not falling for any form of seduction from these women, so when he saw that he had slept with a strange woman over-night, he became frantic and full of hate towards the woman he had slept with who at the time, was still asleep. Immediately, Frank asked his assistant to find out how the woman got into his room, and if he had been drugged. There was no way anyone was getting away with making Frank Harper make such a mistake as this.

On the other hand, Kara woke up to find a handsome man with messy hair beside her. Who was he? According to Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Novel, Kara also did not have the faintest idea about how she got in bed with the strange, yet handsome man that she was staring at. Kara was engaged and her wedding was just around the corner, so why on Earth would she care to sleep with another man? Something strange had happened, and at the time, not even Frank nor Kara could determine what had gone amiss.

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father

Part 1: Main Plot Of Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Novel

“Who are you?”

An extremely upset Frank Harper rudely woke Kara up by splashing water on her face, and as soon as Kara woke up, she asked the question above. Frank Harper was taken aback by Kara’s question as to the best of his knowledge, he was in the suite which he ordered and the intruder among both of them was Kara, so he should have been the person asking Kara who she was. The fact that Frank and Kara genuinely did not know how they got into each other’s arms, mad way for a deep argument between them, with Frank bragging that Kara had to be happy that she got to sleep with him, as there were so many women wishing to be in her shoes.

The next thing that Kara heard was Frank asking her to get away from him and that he had better not come across her again or else he would do unspeakable things to her. According to Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Novel, Frank Harper was sure that Kara had timed him and forced herself on him so that she could get benefits from him, especially monetary. Kara was short of words, especially at Frank’s dominance and pride after he had, according to Kara, forced himself on her. It was from one shocking encounter to another for Kara, as her day could not get any worse.

As if the shock of sleeping with an unknown man who treated her like grabage was not enough, in walked Kara’s fiancé, Finnic. Kara almost collapsed when she saw the angry eyes of her fiancé according to Hiding The Twins From Thier Billionaire Father Novel. From the look of things, someone had deliberately set Kara up because why did Finnic know to enter that room at that particular time of havoc. And oh, Finnic did not just enter the room empty handed, he had video evidence of what Kara had done with Frank Harper overnight. What was really going on? Finnic swore fire and brimstone at Kara, whom he accused of always pretending to be a good girl while she was a vile woman and an adulteress. That was how Kara’s life took a down toll.

Kara ended up being fired at work, and as far as she was in that city, she could not get herself any other job anymore. Guess who was responsible for Kara’s misfortune? It was none other than her now former fiancé, Finnic. Time had passed, and four years later, Kara had still not gotten over her and what happened to her fiancé and marriage. Who was behind such an evil act in the first place? Kara now had twins which belonged to Frank Harper after that night he had her, and on this occasion, she was returning home after been fired from yet another job as ordinary as a salesgirl. Finnic must have been really bitter about what Kara supposedly did to him.

Kara was with her kids, twins, consisting of a boy and a girl, and even though they belonged to and distinctly resembled the hideous man who was their father, Kara still loved them dearly, after all, they were her kids. Kara had returned home after being fired, and while she was looking for a way to keep a straight attitude in a bid to keep her children happy, she suddenly received a very unique sort of employment where the commissioner herself came visiting Kara in a bid to offer her an employment in Savior Group. It was an outstanding invitation to work in a place that Kara did not even apply for in the first place.

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father indeed commenced in full effect for Kara after she received and accepted employment at Savior Group. The biggest mistake that Kara made according to the narrative of the novel was that she did not care to find out who the CEO of the company was. That was very careless of Kara especially for the fact that the commissioner had informed her that the CEO had fired 50 secretaries within a short period. That was to say that he was a man worth knowing deeply, since he was not accustomed to stomaching nonsense of any sort. The CEO of Savior group was none other than Frank Harper, the father of Kara Martin’s twins.

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father

Part 2: Hot Chapters Of Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father

Chapter 3

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Chapter 3

“This is the compensation if you can last more than a month.”

“And if you can last more than three months, this will be the compensation for the following months.”

Vivian, the commissioner who had come by herself to offer Kara a job at Savior Group could not stop enticing Kara with the privileges which she stood to gain if she just accepted the job. It seemed as if there was something else behind Savior Group being interested in hiring Kara to work with them, but there was really no other bias attached apart from the fact that Kara’s work record was outstanding according to Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Group was concerned.

The offer was so enticing to Kara, especially for the fact that her two lovely children were with her and she had to give them nothing but the best. Also, she needed her mother to retire from working at the library because her old mother had to work to help everyone make ends meet. It was all about survival for Kara as far as living was concerned, but if she accepted this new job at Savior Group and lived up to expectations, a life of luxury was staring her in the face. Would Kara accept the job? Yes? No? You must have guessed right by now.

“This golden opportunity cannot be missed.”

Chapter 9

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Chapter 9

Blood is thicker than water they say. Being that Kara had to work so much at the Saviour Group where she had just been miraculously employed into, she left the twins to keep their grandmother’s company at the library, and that was how Frank Harper met his daughter, Emily Martin for the first time.

According to Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Novel, Emily bumped into Frank and feared that she had done something so gravely wrong so she burst into years and naturally, Frank tried to console her. The man was sure that he was not one to meddle with kids, but this particular kid drew Frank so deeply into him that he sought to know her.

Sorry sir, mummy said we shouldn’t share personal information with strangers.”

Emily Martin had a smart mouth indeed. Right after revealing her name to Frank, she would not reveal any other thing to him. Her name was where she drew the line as far as talking to strangers was involved. Frank suspected heavily that this girl he was looking at was Kara’s child. Was she the one he was with that night four years ago? The stranger that had slept with him, was it Kara Martin?

Part 3: Lead Characters Of Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father

Kara Martin

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father

The female lead of the novel, Kara Martin was in a dangerous place where she desperately needed help. Even though Kara needed help, the people she would have received help from were the ones that had put her in a mess in the first place, so where could Kara run to? How did Kara start Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father after all? Kara had to have been set up because she could not remember how she ended up in the arms of Frank Harper, the billionaire father of her twins. As if the confusion that she had slept with a stranger by mistake was not enough, Kara’s fiancé had to step inside the room at that moment. Why would she not assume that she had been set up?

Frank Harper

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Frank Harper

Frank Harper is the male lead of Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Novel, and yes, you must have thought right, he is the billionaire who Kara was hiding her twins from. Why was Kara hiding her twins from Frank and what was the connection between them? Frank and Kara had mistakenly slept with each other, and Kara became pregnant. Thinking about the way Frank Harper spoke to her the following morning after they did the unthinkable together, Kara was so sure that Frank would hurt her children if he found out that they were children that she bore for him, so she hid them.

Frank later bumped into Kara four and a half years later when he mistakenly became her direct boss at work, and no, he would not let her go. Frank suspected that Kara was the woman he had mistakenly slept with four and a half years ago, and that was even more reason for him not to let her out of his sight. Frank loved to humiliate Kara at work and he did all that while he thoroughly investigated whether Kara was the woman that he had slept with or not. Also, the young girl he met at that library who said that Kara was her mother struck Frank so much. How could such a dumb woman like Kara give birth to and raise such a beautiful and intelligent girl?

Part 4: Conclusion Of Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Read Online

The author of Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father Novel delivers an outstanding literary piece with all the juicy elements of a decent web novel sprinkled all over it. Cliffhangers that would make readers forget their daily routine and stay glued to the novel is what this excellent piece brings to the table. The author of the novel does not just leave her effort to a great plot, but also makes the reading exercise easy for the readers as simple, yet clear and accurate language and grammar are used to buttress the points and state the facts that make up this outstanding novel.

Hiding The Twins From Their Billionaire Father


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