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Anastasia was suddenly sacked from her job for the most unlikely reason there was. Anastasia’s boss suddenly came up to her and said accused her of being her husband’s mistress. Without waiting for an explanation from Anastasia, and showing her what she thought was proof that Anastasia could not deny, the woman forced Anastasia on the spot. Anastasia could not believe her eyes and ears. She was not sleeping with her boss’ husband so how and where did the accusation come from?

Seeing that there was nothing she could do about her being fired from her job, Anastasia left immediately. Of course, after having such a turbulent day, Anastasia could hardly concentrate on what was in front of her, and according to Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife Novel, she became clumsy, and bumped into a certain man, spilling coffee on him and regretting her actions instantly. If only Anastasia could read between the lines she would have noticed that her meeting and bumping into the stranger was a bit off, and judging by what followed, the stranger appeared to have prior knowledge of Anastasia. While Anastasia bothered about how she would possibly replace the man’s obviously expensive shirt, the man only asked Anastasia to replace the coffee she had spilled on him, and he would let her be.

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Part 1: All About Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife

Hired As A Billionaire's Wife Novel

It sounded unbelievable but Anastasia was sure that she heard right so she hurriedly agreed to replace the man’s coffee. While they sat at a patio and waited to be served, the man whom Anastasia would later find out bore the name, Caleb Carter, suddenly asked her if she needed money. Anastasia was taken aback because there had been no prior conversation between her and that man, so why did he ask her such a direct question? In fact, how did he even know that she desperately needed money as she had just been fired?

While Anastasia was trying to wrap her head around what was going on, the man dropped a business card in front of her and asked Anastasia to call him as soon as she made up her mind that she needed help, and with that, he left. What just happened in front of Anastasia appeared both embarrassing and weird but she grabbed the business card anyway, and made her way back home according to Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife Novel. Anastasia left for home and as soon as she entered her house, she was met with even more chaos, as if the chaos she had encountered earlier in the day was not enough. Anastasia got home to see that her landlady was humiliating her family which only consisted of her mother and her sister, as she asked them to leave because of rent being owed.

Anastasia could not be more frustrated than she already was. A back and forth conversation she had with her landlady had the woman given Anastasia and her family a day of grace to pay what they owed or else she would be back to toss them out. If Anastasia thought that she was desperate in the past, she had just unlocked another level of desperation as her family were on the verge of being homeless within less than twenty four hours time. Anastasia had to spring into action, and all that she could think of was the man she met earlier who had given her his business card if she needed to put an end to her financial burden. Meanwhile, Caleb Carter had his own fair share of chaos going on in his life according to Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife Novel.

Caleb Carter’s father was gravely ill and would cease to be the leader of the Carter family’s property. It would have been easy for Caleb Carter to become the heir of the Carter family but because he was not married, the lot was about to fall on his stepmother who did not deserve a quarter of the Carter’s wealth. According to Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife Novel, it was because of this reason that Caleb Carter was desperate to get married. If he got married, there was no way his stepmother would be able to lay claim to what belonged to him and his family.

It was because of this reason that Caleb Carter had set Anastasia up for her boss to fire her. Yes, the person behind the plot that made Anastasia lose her job was none other than Caleb Carter. He had to lure her out of her company so that she would be desperate enough to accept his offer. Seeing that she was in a state where everything she owned was about to be snatched from her including the roof under her head, Anastasia had to look for Caleb Carter who was at the time, in a frenzy with the paparazzi being the popular icon that he was.

There was something that Anastasia struggled to understand. Yes, she was a damsel in distress, and she had even poured coffee on Caleb Carter in the past because of the bad news she had just received, yet Caleb Carter was so kind and generous to her. Anastasia did not understand why. Eventually, after she met with Caleb Carter again to declare that she was ready to go through whatever the man wanted her to go through that would save her financial status, Caleb asked her to get married to him. Wow! Well, what did she stand to lose? Anastasia was even too desperate to think about how uncanny Caleb Carter’s request was, so she accepted the offer, but she asked the man for a favor.

According to Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife Novel, Anastasia requested that since she was willing to do what Caleb wanted, he would have to give her and her family a place to stay immediately, as they had less than twenty-four hours before they would be evicted from their house by their landlady. With that, Caleb Carter agreed at once and before Anastasia knew what was going on, she was on her way to a condo that Caleb Carter owned. What would become of the relationship between Caleb Carter and Anastasia? Their fake marriage had rules. There was no falling in love with each other by either of them, and nobody had to know that their marriage was based on fakery and forgery.

Part 2: Lead Characters Of Hired As A Billionaire Wife


Hired As A Billionaire's Wife Anastasia

Anastasia could be seen as the “bread winner” of her family. By that, it is meant that she was the person who brought in the lump sum of money that her family lived on, and her entire family looked up to her as far as wellness and upkeep were concerned. Anastasia is the female lead of the novel, and she was Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife. She got married to the male lead, Caleb Carter, under stringent circumstances, and Anastasia had to play a role that she never found herself in. For one year, she would be Mrs. Carter, and that would only come to an end after Caleb Carter had fulfilled his purpose of getting married to her, but after one year, what would happen? Feelings lingered.

Caleb Carter

Hired As A Billionaire's Wife Caleb Carter

Caleb Carter is the male lead of Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife Novel. He desperately needed a wife, and for reasons best known to him, he preferred that the lot fell on Anastasia. Caleb Carter already knew who Anastasia was before deliberately making her lose her job and bumping into her after she was in a frenzy. It was all part of his plan to conquer her for himself for the next one year. Now, why was Caleb Carter so desperate to get married? Caleb Carter’s father, Mr. Carter had given way to illness and the man was unavailable to continue to lead the Carter family especially as far as the Carter business franchise was concerned, in that case, someone would have to fill the void that Mr. Carter left behind and that position which was meant to be automatically Carter’s was now lingering to become the position of his stepmother’s.

Carter could not let that happen. The company that belonged to the Carter family was built from scratch by Carter and his father, so how on earth would he allow a stranger to come to take over? That would spell doom for the Carter family as the entire wealth of the family had the tendency to be siphoned by this stranger; his stepmother. Caleb Carter knew at once that he had to fight tooth and nail for the acquisition of the company, and that would involve him getting a wife, so he sought after Anastasia.

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Part 3: Hot Chapters Of Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife

Chapter 1

Hired As A Billionaire's Wife Chapter 1

The beginning of the end of Anastasia’s former life started here. Written in Anastasia’s POV, the author of Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife narrates how Anastasia was fired by her boss at work, and how she got to meet Caleb Carter who immediately offered her a job, and in fact went ahead to ask Anastasia to be his wife. Nothing prepared Anastasia for what happened to her in this chapter of the novel.

“You are the mistress of my husband.”

Anastasia’s boss had summoned her to the office and showed Anastasia an envelope full of pictures of Anastasia and her husband. Seeing that there was proof, Anastasia became tongue-tied, and even if the allegation she was being accused of was false, there was nothing she could do or say to refute her boss’ belief, so she ended up being fired.

Chapter 2

Hired As A Billionaire's Wife Chapter 2

“Katarina is not only beautiful, but also a well-mannered girl. Don’t you think they look good, Beth?”

Written in Caleb’s POV, the author brings to the readers knowledge how the plot by Caleb Carter to lure Anastasia into his reality happened. The words above were spoken to Mrs. Carter who was Caleb’s stepmother. During an event that the Carter family hosted, all sorts of elite from different walks of life had showed up to show support for the Carter family and one of the guests dared to match make his daughter with Caleb Carter. According to Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife Novel, Mrs. Carter was so desperate to be the heir to the Carter family’s wealth that she declined to reveal to ignorant guests that Caleb Carter was not her son, and so they thought they had the right to cajole Mrs. Carter to get married to their daughters, little did they know that Mrs. Carter was praying fervently that Caleb Carter did not get married so that she would claim his place as the leader of the Carter family since she was his father’s wife.

“Shh, the reporters are outside. Do you want to get a photograph?”

In this same chapter of the novel, it was stated that Anastasia had made up her mind to accept Caleb’s offer. She had gone home to see the condition of her family members and coupled with the fact that she had just been fired from work, her desperation knew no bounds. Anastasia met Caleb while he was trying to avoid a swan of reporters and the paparazzi that never ceased to bother him, and in a tone ever so needy and desperate, she made it known to Caleb that she was ready to do anything he wanted her to do as far as having a better life was concerned.

Part 4: Conclusion Of Hired As A Billionaire Wife

Hired As A Billionaire's Wife By Rossy

Hired As A Billionaire’s Wife Novel is a novel that tends to draw readers in right from the start of the novel. The author does not take it easy on the fact that a slow and steady laced buildup of events is needed to keep readers amused and unsure of the next event, no.

The abrupt start of action as far as the novel is involved paves way for readers to get excited at first glance, and with that, follow up on the novel enthusiastically as they look out for more juicy content.

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