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Revenge fell on the laps of Brielle Hayword when her fiancé’s uncle got drunk, and she had to help him to her apartment where he would recover for the night. According to Master Of His Heart Novel, Brielle was not necessarily expecting the entanglement that she had with Max Dorsey to happen, but it did, and it happened twice. Brielle could not deny the satisfaction that she felt after sleeping with her fiancé’s uncle. It was the perfect way to betray Spencer Dorsey as well, since he had gone ahead to prefer another woman to her.

On the fateful day that began Brielle entangling Max Dorsey and becoming the Master Of His Heart, she had helped him while he was drunk, and the next thing that happened was that they woke up in each other’s arms the following morning. Max, who had been drunk, could not believe that after he had ignored countless beautiful women who dared to seduce him, he eventually fell into the arms of his nephew’s fiancé.

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Part 1: Hot Chapters Of Master Of His Heart

Chapter 1

Master Of His Heart Chapter 1

“Morning Uncle Max.”

To think that Brielle knew exactly what she was doing when she slept with Max Dorsey was wild. One would have thought that she had innocently tried to save a drunk man from falling victim and had mistakenly slept with him, but no, Brielle knew for sure that the person whom she was sleeping with was Max Dorsey, her fiancé, Spencer’s uncle. Even Max himself was shocked at the guts that Brielle had just shown, and he asked her if she was sure of what she was doing. Max was a full-grown man, he was not a boy like Spencer who would not take whatever he was involved in seriously, including the woman he was supposed to get married to.

“Brielle, you are quite bold.”

Indeed, Brielle showed guts, it was worth Max speaking about it.

While they were in this haze of confusion, Brielle seemed not to be bothered a single bit about what she had done. Even though, according to Master Of His Heart Novel, Max Dorsey had been abroad for a long time and ran the affairs of the company from abroad, it did not mean that Brielle did not know him, so there was no doubt about what she had done. Brielle, with her eyes open, slept with her fiancé, Spencer’s uncle, because she was trying to get back at him for being unfaithful and reckless towards her.

Chapter 3

Master Of His Heart Chapter 3

A warning had been issued to Brielle by Max Dorsey at the end of the previous chapter.

“Brielle, be careful not to get burned when playing with fire.” Those were words straight out of the horses” mouth, Max Dorsey. Indeed, Brielle was playing with fire. Apart from the fact that Max was her fiancé’s uncle, he was also a dangerous man, and one that nobody should mess with, so if Brielle was planning to take him for a ride and see him as a toy to get back at her fiancé with, then she had better tread carefully because there appeared to be consequences for every action taken as far as Max Dorsey was concerned.

Spencer Dorsey had called Brielle while she was still with Max, ordering her to get dressed as he was coming to take her to meet his uncle, Max Dorsey, unknown to Spencer that Brielle and Max were together at the moment, and Max was slowly letting Brielle become the Master Of His Heart. It seemed like a confirmation for Brielle to continue to cheat intensely on Spencer when his phone rang while they were making the trip to the Dorsey family house. Spencer, who had a cold shoulder the entire time they were together, suddenly lit up and became lively as soon as she realized that the caller was Lillian, Brielle’s best friend whom he had cheated on Brielle with. With that move alone, Brielle did not have the slightest regret for what she had done with Spencer’s uncle overnight.

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Part 2: All About Master Of His Heart

Master Of His Heart Novel

Brielle started playing with fire, but she was sure that if she was ever to get burnt, then it had to be the fire that Max Dorsey would consume her with. Max Dorsey had been found drunk by Brielle who had led him to her apartment. From the look of things, it might have been Brielle who had drugged the man or made him drunk just because she wanted to use him to get back at her fiancé, Spencer Dorsey for cheating on her with her best friend, Lillian. But did Brielle know that her act with Max Dorsey would spark such a fire that would make her the Master Of His Heart? Maybe Brielle did not envisage a deep connection with Max Dorsey, but it did not hurt that a connection so deep was happening.

A sizzling hot night with Max and Brielle found both of them transfixed on each other the following day. Max Dorsey could not believe that he had let his guard down. Max was a man who boasted of the fact that no woman in the entire city could seduce him enough to let them have him, but to his surprise, this lady, the fiancé of his nephew had easily won him over. The man was both upset and intrigued by the woman who had succeeded in winning him over. The discussion that Max and Brielle had after they woke up the following morning was one that was filled with so much intent.

Max Dorsey asked Brielle how she would like her coffin done since she dared to sleep with him, while Brielle answered that Max must love her body so much that he would rather preserve it in a coffin for himself alone.

Spencer called Brielle while she was with his uncle at her house, claiming that there was a meeting that Brielle had to attend because his uncle just returned from abroad, but little did Spencer know that his uncle was in Brielle’s house, and had just finished ravishing her for the second time before he called. According to Master Of His Heart Novel, Brielle only got to find out the heavy importance of Max Dorsey from the way Spencer sounded. Spencer sounded urgent and it indicated that Mr. Max Dorsey was a formidable man.

Brielle and Spencer had been forced to get married to each other as their families sought to benefit from each other, and that was how Brielle and Spencer got together in the first place. When Spencer eventually picked up Brielle to take her to his family house to meet his uncle, he did something that upset Brielle to the core. Spencer’s phone rang, and as soon as he saw that the caller was Lillian, he hurriedly picked up. All Lillian had to do was whine and ask Spencer to show up and before anyone knew what was happening, Spencer had abandoned Brielle on the way to his family’s house to meet Lillian. It was so appalling.

Due to these known facts about Spencer and Lillian, and the way Spencer would not relent in making sure that he was there for Lillian even when Brielle was right next to him, Brielle also did not relent in making sure that her and Max Dorsey became a pair and oh, did she car if Spencer and the rest of the Dorsey family found out that she was Max Dorsey’s lover? No! Brielle did not care at all for the dangerous game she was playing with Max Dorsey, and it also did not hurt her because she soon became the Master Of His Heart.

Part 3: Main Characters Of Master Of His Heart

Brielle Hayword

Master Of His Heart Brielle Hayword

Brielle Hayword is the female lead of Master Of His Heart Novel. Brielle was originally slated to get married to Spencer Dorsey, but Spencer was caught in bed by Brielle with Brielle’s best friend, Lillian. That was the beginning of the relationship and entanglement between Brielle and Max Dorsey, Spencer’s uncle. In a bid to take revenge on Spencer, Brielle went in bed with Max Dorsey and that was how she became the Master Of His Heart as she gave the man everything that she would have originally given to Spencer Dorsey, including her body.

Max Dorsey

Master Of His Heart Max Dorsey

Max Dorsey is the male lead of Master Of His Heart Novel. Max is the uncle of Spencer Dorsey who would have been the male lead except that he cheated on the female lead, Brielle with her best friend, Lillian, and so Brielle decided to hook up with Max to get back at Spencer. Max was a force to reckon with, and he was the leader of the Dorsey family. Max got drunk one evening and found himself in the arms of Brielle, but the point he did not know exactly was of Brielle deliberately made him drunk just so that she could have him.

Max, a proud man, boasted of not having anything to do with women, especially ones that seduced him and sought to throw themselves at him, so one can only imagine what had gone through his mind when he realized that a young girl had eventually seduced him, and she was none other than the woman that would soon get married to his nephew. Why did she hook up with him then if she was planning to get married to his nephew? Was his nephew not satisfying her especially in bed? Max wanted to know.

Part 4: Conclusion Of Master Of His Heart

Master Of His Heart Read Online

A well-thought-out novel is what Master Of His Heart Novel screams of. Readers would love the fact that the ovel started abruptly with action at the beginning, The author leaves no room for the readers to wait and wonder what would happen as the book starts, instead, the author drives the nail through as the plot of the novel becomes clear as day right from the beginning of the novel.

With wit and rhythm as far as the language and grammar use of the novel is concerned, are used deliberately to ease the reading exercise of the readers. Master Of His Heart Novel is surely one to put readers at ease as they delve into the mind of the author, envisaging his thoughts through unique characters.

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