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Ashley Ramos had returned to the Ramos family for two years, yet the Ramos family could not bring themselves to treat her as a Ramos daughter. The Ramos family still preferred Jessica to Ashley, even though Jessica was not the original Ramos daughter, and had only been adopted by the Ramos family after Ashley supposedly disappeared according to Save Myself From Desperation Novel. As if Ashley not being accepted to her own family was not enough, her foster sister, Jessica, sought diverse means to give Ashley a bad name and make her appear unattractive in front of the Ramos family.

Jessica set Ashley up by lying to their elder brother Jeremy that Ashley had pushed her down the stairs. Jessica’s scheming would not have gotten to Ashley at all as she was used to Jessica and her jealousy, except that Jeremy, who Ashley thought would be reasonable as her real brother, took sides with Jessica even though Ashley had explained that what Jessica had reported was not true.

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Part 1: Main Plot Of Save Myself From Desperation

Save Myself From Desperation Novel

Ashley could not take it anymore. The Ramos family were wrong to have treated their own daughter the way they treated Ashley by all means, and readers would be glad that Ashley eventually put an end to the rubbish and unjust treatment that she received from the Ramos family since she returned. For two years, it had been a constant back and forth of Ashley trying to prove herself to her family and make the Ramos family love and accept her the way they did to Jessica, but she always failed, especially with the fact that Jessica constantly set Ashley up for failure and ridicule.

According to Save Myself From Desperation Novel, Jessica did not know that Ashley had been recording her as she threw herself down from the staircase, preparing to blame Ashley for it. While Jessica was telling the last lie against Ashley before Ashley decided to walk out on the Ramos family, Ashley patiently waited for her to finish, and also to see if her brother, Jeremy, would side with Jessica again. To think that Ashley had a decent life of luxury beckoning on her, but she chose to strike a chance with her family was was something to ponder on.

The man who had adopted Ashley when she was younger had passed on, and he endeared Ashley to his friend who was equally a grandfather like him. Ashley ought to have moved in with the man called Zain Kingsley, but she declined his invitation and left for her original family, the Ramos family, where she lived and suffered ill treatment for two years. Now, Ashley confirmed beyond all reasonable doubts that it was time for her to leave the Ramos family, so she left as soon as Jeremy dared to ask her to merely forgive Jessica for lying against her, without asking Jessica to apologize or what not.

As if in perfect timing according to Save Myself From Desperation Novel, Zain Kingsley had sent his son, accompanied with his son’s assistant to pick up Ashley from the Ramos family. Zain had heard about the ill treatment that Ashley had suffered in the family for two years, and not being able to withstand it anymore, he had to go after Ashley to remove her from that miserable family.

It was a shocker for Jeremy and Jessica when one of the workers in their family hurried in to announce that the Kingsley family were at the gate of the Ramos family home. What? How did they even confirm that the luxury car that was outside the Ramos family home belonged to the Kingsley family? It was through the plate number of the car. Nobody in the entire city used such a unique and powerful plate number like the Kingsley family did, so it was easy to tell that the car belonged to the Kingsley family. A surprise visit from the Kingsley family to the Ramos family? Jeremy and Jessica could not believe it.

A liaison with the Kingsley family would help the Ramos family achieve a lot as far as business was concerned. The Ramos family were equally a wealthy and influential family, but that would be nothing compared to the Kingsley family, who were the number one family in the city as far as power and influence were involved. According to Save Myself From Desperation Novel, Jeremy and Jessica hurried towards the luxury car outside, ignoring Ashley as they hurried past her towards the car, but they were not prepared for the embarrassment that they received. No matter how they tried to communicate with the person inside the car, there was no response.

Valentin Kingsley had been sent by his father, Zain, to pick up Ashley. Obviously, Valentin was not there to visit the Ramos family as there was no relationship between them, so he did not budge when he saw Jeremy and Jessica peering into the car to get some attention. Instead, the next thing that happened was that Valentin’s assistant came out of the car, ignored Jeremy, and went after Ashley to help her into the car. Jeremy and Jessica were stunned to see that a family as important as the Kingsley family was there because of Ashley. That was how Ashley left the Ramos family where she rightfully belonged, to the Kingsley family where she was faced with the same reality that she had been running from, marrying Valentin Kingsley.

While Ashley lived with her foster grandfather, she grew up around the Kingsley family and also had to be around Valentin as a result. Valentin and Ashley were already betrothed to get married, and so as soon as she arrived at the Kingsley family, Zain Kingsley asked her to get married to his son just as her late grandfather had wished to happen. Ashley would decline, except for the fact that Zain Kingsley felt that they all owed Ashley’s late grandfather his last wishes. Ashley and Valentino suffered a strenuous relationship right from when they were kids, and now, it was just awkward for them to live as husband and wife, so they settled for a divorce after getting married for one year just to keep Zain Kingsley and the spirit of Ashley’s late grandfather happy.

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Part 2: Hot Chapters Of Save Myself From Desperation

Chapter 3

Save Myself From Desperation Chapter 3

“Mr. Kinglsey, I didn’t expect you to come in person. I apologize for not giving you a warm welcome. Please forgive me.”

Jeremy Ramos must have lost his mind for the fact that he saw a member of the Kingsley family in front of his house. First of all, according to Save Myself From Desperation Novel, Jeremy did not even know which member of the Kingsley family was parked at his house, and he had not made an appointment with any of them so why was he so sure that the Kingsley family was there for him? He apologized for the absence of a warm welcome as if he was ever expecting the Kingsly family in the first place. One would understand that the Kingsley family car was parked right in front of the Ramos house and Jeremy had the right to peer at the visitor, but different questions should have been asked.

For example, “Hello, Mr. Kingsly, good to have you visit us on literally no notice. We hope you are here on good grounds.” A statement such as that would help Jeremy sound responsible and a tad bit less desperate, but the man could not bring himself to think straight when he saw the car in front of his house, so he asked all the wrong questions, and said all the wring things.

“Ms. Ramos, hello. I’ve been entrusted by Mr. Zain Kingsley to invite you to his house.”

That was all it took to let Jeremy Ramos know that the Kingsley family were not there for him, instead, they were there for the sister he rejected, Ashley Ramos. The assistant got out of the car while Jeremy was peering in and trying to find out what they were there for, and while Jeremy thought that the Kingsley representative had asked his assistant to address him, he was abruptly ignored and the attention of the assistant was on Ashley as he helped her into the car after which they drove off without acknowledging Jeremy.

Chapter 5

Save Myself From Desperation Chapter 5

“Why did you suddenly agree to get married?”

Ashley Ramos who was now known as Ashley Kingsley had just gotten married to Valentin as Zain Kingsly had asked them to, and she asked Valentin her newlywed husband why he accepted to get married without any hitches. As soon as Zain Kingsley asked his son, Valentin if he would get married, Valentin immediately agreed, to the shock of Ashley. According to Save Myself From Desperation Novel, Ashley had been tongue-tied when asked if she would get married to Valentin, and Valentin, according to him, took that as a yes and just like Ashley, was willing to honor her foster grandfather’s wish for them to get married, so he accepted to get married to Ashley.

“When Grandpa suggested we get married, you looked at me. Wasn’t that you way of agreeing?”

“When did I ever ask you to agree to get married? I wanted you to reject his proposal.”

It was at this point that it dawned on Valentin that he had made a big mistake. He, just like Ashley, was not all that interested in the marriage, but he thought that Ashley would not mind keeping the peace, so he accepted at once. Ashley randomly thought that Valentin, who had been her bully while they were young, was trying to target her again. She took it that Valentin wanted to lure her into marriage and continue from where he stopped in making Ashley’s life difficult.

Valentin dared to accuse Ashley of not wanting to be with him because she was in love with a certain high school mate of hers. It was a usual way to tease Ashley in the past because Ashley appeared to have a crush on someone else while Valentin might have nursed feelings for her since they were always together. In fact, the novel narrated that Valentin bore a secret resentment for Ashley concerning something that had happened in the past. Valentin grew upset that Ashley did not want to be with him, and so he suggested that they got a divorce after staying married for one year.

Part 3: Conclusion Of Save Myself From Desperation

Save Myself From Desperation Ashley And Valentin

The author of Save Myself From Desperation Novel tends to highlight feelings of betrayal, jealousy, lies and strife from the Ramos family to their Bonafide daughter, Ashley Ramos. First of all, how did the Ramos family carelessly lose their daughter in the first place, and why did they not accept her with joy when she returned, instead, continuing to shower all their love on their foster daughter, Jessica?

The author makes sure to do away with the Ramos family and give the female lead Ashley an upper hand against them, thereby painting her as a strong female lead which readers love to see nowadays in web novels. With grammar and language that are easy to assimilate, the author of the novel narrates a scintillating plot to willing readers.

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