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Natalie Walker has loved Cedric Johnson for ten years. Unfortunately, Cedric doesn’t only show hatred towards her; his lover also burns Natalie’s face.

It causes Natalie to loudly demand “A Divorce After My Rebirth”. However, Cedric is too arrogant to accept Natalie’s divorce request.

Now that Natalie has fulfilled Cedric’s wishes to get divorced, what else does Cedric need for Natalie that causes him to prevent Natalie from divorcing him?

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Part 1: The Core Storyline Of A Divorce After My Rebirth Novel

A Divorce After My Rebirth Novel

Natalie Walker feels she has wasted her youth by dating Cedric Johnson for seven years and marrying him for three years. After all, Cedric never reciprocates her feelings these whole times, despite her enormous efforts to serve him with the best possible form of love.

Natalie’s painful and failed relationship with Cedric in A Divorce After My Rebirth novel doesn’t only involve Cedric’s betrayal through his affairs with Isabella Morgan, his secretary. Cedric’s relationship with Isabella starts as a secret. Then, Natalie’s friends acknowledge the news and they advise Natalie to speed up the divorce process.

Yet, Natalie was so blinded by love that she chose to stay with Cedric. However, a person’s patience has its limit, and this thing also applies to Natalie. Further chapters of A Divorce After My Rebirth suggest Isabella, Cedric’s lover, conspired with Cedric in forcing Natalie to donate her eyes to Isabella.

Isabella and Cedric’s cruelty in A Divorce After My Rebirth novel doesn’t end there since these two monstrous characters burn Natalie’s face alive. At that time, both Natalie and Isabella were pregnant. Still, Isabella was brimming with confidence that Cedric paid attention to her far more than he did for Natalie.

Natalie’s rebirth moment is something Isabella and Cedric miss. This born-again Natalie is different from Natalie whom Cedric has known in his previous lifetime. Now, Natalie feels confident enough to divorce Cedric. She also reminds him of their joint asset agreement. That way, she fulfills Cedric’s wish while still honoring herself.

Yet, such concepts of self-love are so foreign to Cedric that he refuses to let Natalie go. Furthermore, Cedric in this lifetime suddenly falls head over heels for Natalie!

What else does Cedric want in pursuing the woman he hated back then?

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Part 2: The Main Characters Of A Divorce After My Rebirth Novel

Natalie Walker

A Divorce After My Rebirth Natalie

Natalie Walker of A Divorce After My Rebirth used to invest her mental and emotional energies to shower her beloved Cedric with as much love as she could give. She finally gives up after ten years of fruitless attempts to make Cedric reciprocate her loving feelings, and after Cedric conspires with his lover to burn her face.

Natalie’s already ashen face becomes the catalyst for her rebirth as her upgraded self. In this lifetime, Natalie doesn’t only regain her self-confidence. She is also more than determined to fix her past mistakes and escape from the man whose name is Cedric Johnson.

Cedric Johnson

A Divorce After My Rebirth Cedric

Cedric Johnson of A Divorce After My Rebirth novel used to date and marry Natalie Walker in his past. He seemed “okay” from the surface, yet, that was Cedric’s attempt to mask his affair with Isabella Morgan, his secretary.

Cedric is not a good man for whatever he has done to Natalie in the past and this lifetime. Natalie’s suffering seems to be the only thing he is after. After all, he has weaponized Natalie’s feelings in the past and burned her face alive, and it’s not surprising if the same Cedric would do it again to Natalie.

Isabella Morgan

A Divorce After My Rebirth Isabella

Isabella Morgan of A Divorce After My Rebirth novel used to be Cedric’s secretary before her love affair with him. Cedric’s initial loving feelings for her makes her a high-handed woman, who seeks every possible way to publicly humiliate Natalie, Cedric’s legal wife, and hurt Natalie with cruel words.

A Divorce After My Rebirth novel has proved Isabella’s cunningness more than once. She doesn’t need to yell at Natalie at all times, particularly when she wants to provoke Natalie’s ugly reactions. However, Isabella is unaware of the born-again Natalie’s presence, which is much more powerful than she used to be.

Part 3: Some More Analysis Of A Divorce After My Rebirth

A Divorce After My Rebirth Novel Natalie And Cedric

“Revenge” and “royalty” are two words I associate with A Divorce After My Rebirth novel. Cedric has Isabella Morgan as his secretary, which signifies his status as a well-known CEO. Readers all over the world have associated “royalty” with the CEO, and the same thing also happens to Cedric.

Yet, I’ve gotten used to the words like “intimidating” or “fearsome” that people often attribute to CEOs like Cedric. I don’t quite find the parts in A Divorce After My Rebirth novel where Cedric does his works, apart from ordering his maids around to do something to Natalie Walker, a resilient and powerful woman, who should be the one who supports him through thick or thin.

I pity that part, for accentuating Cedric’s royalty as an authority (CEO, King, whatever is it) could be better. The author of A Divorce After My Rebirth novel doesn’t need to make Natalie go out of character while dealing with Cedric in her past and current lifetime. Based on my observations through this novel’s chapters, Natalie could still regain her “queen” identity by committing to her efforts until the divorce paper between her and Cedric gets issued and both parties sign the paper.

I can also see possibilities for developing the elements that we see in the main plots. When the author develops some “backup plans” for Natalie, I’m sure these alternate possibilities will enrich the stories. For instance, who knows, if Natalie could find another man who treats her way better than Cedric, a manchild with his roller-coaster emotional issues?

Part 4: A Novel Similar To A Divorce After My Rebirth

Similar To A Divorce After My Rebirth

I usually feel indifferent to a novel’s chapter lengths. Yet, the same thing doesn’t seem to apply to A Divorce After My Rebirth novel. While I adore that this novel has a “rebirth”, “reborn”, or a “born-again” element, which means close to reincarnation, my favorite genre, the novel’s failure in accentuating Cedric’s royalty sides as a CEO and intensifying the encounters between Natalie and Cedric make the chapters’ progress feel so long.

Sweet, passionate, and unforgettable should be the three characteristics to describe love, and I don’t seem to find portions of these three characters of love in A Divorce After My Rebirth. It triggers my deepest desire to find a similar novel to A Divorce After My Rebirth.

Long story short, I find Rebirth Of The Witch Queen. This novel has three attractive features: First, it features intense scenes of name-calling before the female MC’s face is burnt. Second, the stories don’t only involve the female MC’s former love interest; they also involve a true love for her lifetime.


Adeline has been a dutiful queen and a devoted wife to King Shayde, the King of Maerania, in her previous life, until the Royal Guards, who serve the King, accuse her of being a witch and burn her face alive.

Adeline’s memories in Rebirth Of The Witch Queen then get redirected to her younger self, the moment when she got engaged to the King of Maerania. This time is similar to Adeline’s second opportunity to get revenge for her past. Yet, no matter how interested is Adeline in retaliating over her past life, she meets her one true love, and that person who introduces a miracle in Adeline’s life is Kaden Knox.

Wondering how Adeline unfolds more pieces of truth in Rebirth Of The Witch Queen?

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