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Summer Ramey-Carter used to be a well-known opulent beauty until Steven Carter stepped into her life. Her three years of marriage finally come to an end after Steven’s childhood sweetheart’s return.

Summer is more than ready to enter the mode of “Divorcing My Ruthless Husband” due to her painful experiences with Steven. Yet, she suddenly loses her memories after hearing her husband’s divorce request.

To what extent will the loss of memories save Summer’s life?

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Part 1: The Core Summary Of Divorcing My Ruthless Husband Novel

Divorcing My Ruthless Husband Novel

Divorcing My Ruthless Husband is a story of an unhappy marriage between Summer Ramey-Carter and Steven Carter, the man whose heart never belonged to her. Summer and Steven might have been married for three years, and Summer might have written Steven’s name under “Hubbie (love) Steven Carter” as the sign.

Yet, meeting up with her husband has always been difficult, which makes Summer’s three years of marriage feel hollow. TV shows are Summer’s only hope in following up the news about Steven. After all, both Steven and Summer have gotten used to the limelight even before their marriage.

Steven’s feelings for Summer in the first chapters of Divorcing My Ruthless Husband are so empty that Summer even forgets why they married. Steven’s announcement of dating Amby Black, a famous model, who also happens to be his childhood crush, over the television, followed by his divorce request over texts, are two things that break Summer’s heart.

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The next scenes in Divorcing My Ruthless Husband show the heartbroken Summer is not only feeling hesitant to sign her name under the divorce paper that Steven prepares. She also gets involved in an accident that causes her to mistake Steven for Celine, her female assistant. After all, Celine is the only support system that Summer has, and she, instead of Steven, is the one who visits Summer at the hospital.

Summer also loses some parts of her memories as a result of the accident. At this point in Divorcing My Ruthless Husband novel, Summer should be more than ready to accept Steven’s divorce request and move on with her life.

However, Steven suddenly appears, and his aggressive voice tone threatens Summer through his not-so-friendly reminders about the divorce. Furthermore, he also forces Summer to not make any dramatic accident scenes anymore. Such things happen repeatedly throughout the chapters of Divorcing My Ruthless Husband novel.

What happened to Amby that makes Steven cling back to Summer? Will Summer regain her memories? Will there be any malleable things once Summer obtains her memories back?

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Part 2: Meet The Main Characters Of Divorcing My Ruthless Husband

Summer Ramey-Carter

Divorcing My Ruthless Husband Summer

Summer Ramey-Carter of Divorcing My Ruthless Husband novel used to be an opulent beauty who resembled her first name well before her marriage to Steven Carter. Steven’s indifference to her feelings and struggles strengthens the hurtful truth that she never had a place in Steven’s heart.

Summer eventually has to accept the brutal truth after Steven sends her a divorce letter and forces her to sign the letter. At the same time, her loss of memories after the accident that caused her to be hospitalized became her blessings and curses.

Steven Carter

Divorcing My Ruthless Husband Steven

Steven Carter’s physical ruggedness in Divorcing My Ruthless Husband doesn’t only stay as his most attractive feature. He is also a wealthy and influential figure, and the chapter’s stories imply his connections with other influential figures on TV shows. At the same time, intimidating also becomes his middle name, for his presence in Summer’s life is enough to frighten her.

Steven never loves Summer despite their three years of married life. Instead, he slowly and silently builds a relationship with Amby Black, his childhood crush. At the same time, he also refuses to let Summer go and chooses to humiliate and mock her more intensely than when he married her.

Part 3: An Analysis Of Divorcing My Ruthless Husband Novel

Divorcing My Ruthless Husband Read Online Free

In Divorcing My Ruthless Husband novel, Summer might not remember why she married an uncaring guy like Steven. We also might not get clear pictures of both MCs’ parents’ agreement before the marriage. However, I smell great vibes of arranged marriage scenes when I see the first half of their relationship dynamics.

I haven’t read stories about arranged marriages with mutual loving feelings as the relationship’s base. The same goes for Summer and Steven’s three years of marriage. Their relationships are flat and emotionless throughout the chapters of Divorcing My Ruthless Husband novel, and we don’t know much about their quarrels, texting habits, communication patterns, and so on before Summer sees Steven dating Amby on television.

These things should have made Summer and Steven’s divorce a shocking piece of news for people around them, especially in Summer’s circle of friends. The fact is, even Celine felt indifferent about Summer breaking up with Steven. The crowds also seem to support Amby and Steven’s relationships.

Such a scene in Divorcing My Ruthless Husband leads me to think that Steven’s affairs with Amby started long before the main plot of this novel happened. It’s also likely that Steven kept Summer as his secret lover and treated her that way before he forced Summer to sign the divorce paper.

Either way, I guess the conflicts and climaxes in Divorcing My Ruthless Husband could improve. Alternatively, the secret lover parts could also be more straightforward and pronounced throughout the main plots. That way, Steven’s ruthlessness doesn’t only become the primary point of interest.

Part 4: An Alternative To Divorcing My Ruthless Husband Novel

Alternative To Divorcing My Ruthless Husband

The plots of Divorcing My Ruthless Husband are full of secrecy that leaves many questions in readers’ minds. Summer and Steven’s struggles in getting together are the only consistent patterns throughout the novel’s chapters. Readers can only obtain a few pieces of information about Summer and Steven’s backgrounds and actions before the divorce paper was issued.

Divorcing My Ruthless Husband has many potentials that the author can develop to complete the holes in the story. For instance, the author can emphasize the secret relationships by making them one of the main themes. That way, we can immerse ourselves in more chapters that paint a non-stop smile on our faces.

I am thinking of His Sunshine Baby when I think of an alternative novel to Divorcing My Ruthless Husband. Here, Elena, the female MC, also has the nickname “Sunshine”, which is identical to “Summer” and “an opulent beauty” in Divorcing My Ruthless Husband. Plus, she is the enemy’s secret lover, which makes Elena’s condition identical to Summer’s.


Elena of His Sunshine Baby has no family and dreams, as she gave up on them a long time ago. She used to be the strongest fighter in her Clan; again, she throws it away for the sake of Nathaniel Black. Nathaniel doesn’t only become a man who never loves her; he is also the enemy of her current clan.

Now, Elena finds herself tied in a one-night stand relationship with Nathaniel, who is supposed to be her enemy. Trying to suppress her feelings after the one-night stand is over is impossible for Elena, as she has become lovestruck to Nathaniel. Meanwhile, she also carries some dark little secrets within her, and she is ready to unfold these secrets as the events between her and Nathaniel progress.

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