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“I Got Married Without You” novel tells stories about Amelia Summers, a hardworking graphic designer who never gives a second thought about love until she accepts an invitation to the wedding of James Evans, the famous CEO.

Amelia feels over the moon after discovering she is meant to be James’ bride. However, her happiness soon turns into a shock after knowing James only orchestrates the wedding to please his grandmother.

What happens after Amelia discovers the brutal truth?

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Part 1: The Amazing Chapters Of I Got Married Without You Novel

Chapter 1

I Got Married Without You Novel Chapter 1

James Evans’ private jet landed at the airport at 7:00 P.M., and this scene becomes an opening to I Got Married Without You novel Chapter 1. It also marks when he commands for Amelia Summers, his contract bride, to come to him.

Contract romances never guarantee happily ever after stories in one fell swoop, and such a thing applies to Amelia. James said she is fired instead of divorced, which means their relationships these days are no more than an employer to one of the employees. Amelia’s remaining loving feelings for James lead her to feel sad, yet, she manages to cover her sadness with sarcastic humor.

Chapter 2

I Got Married Without You Novel Chapter 2

In I Got Married Without You novel Chapter 2, we know that James offers Amelia an unbelievably high breakup fee. He must have either thought Amelia was a gold-digger or made her act that way in public. Amelia figures out about the breakup fee from Andrew, James’ assistant, who hands her over the birth control pill and forces her to consume it.

Further scenes in I Got Married Without You novel Chapter 2 suggest Amelia stands up for herself by telling Andrew her disinterest in James’ money and handing him over the ATM card that James had given to her when they were married. Amelia’s humbleness triggers Andrew’s shocks until he has to go to the ATM to check the card’s balance.

Part 2: The Primary Story Of I Got Married Without You Novel

I Got Married Without You Novel Read Online Free

The first half of I Got Married Without You novel tells stories about Amelia Summers, a hardworking and dedicated graphic designer in her twenties. She used to live happily with her close-knit friends, including Eva, who became the closest female friend to her. Amelia and Eva used to console each other during difficult times, which makes these two women feel happy around each other.

Amelia’s life starts to take on a whole new twist after she receives an unusual wedding invitation. First, this wedding invitation has James Evans, the most famous CEO and the eligible bachelor in town, as the groom. Knowing James’ reputation that way causes Amelia to jump happily in her mind. After all, who doesn’t want luxurious things without having to transfer some sums of money first?

So, Amelia continues to read the invitation, and further chapters of I Got Married Without You novel tell she feels ecstatic after knowing that she gets invited as the bride instead of a mere visitor. However, Amelia’s over-the-moon feelings don’t last long, as she figures out that James never truly desires the marriage.

I Got Married Without You Novel Amelia And James

James decides to proceed with the marriage ceremony, anyway, because he wants to please his grandmother, who is the person behind the wedding organization. At the same time, I Got Married Without You novel also describes that James doesn’t have feelings for Amelia. To create a win-win solution, James then proposes to be his contract bride for five years.

Fast forward in I Got Married Without You novel, Amelia is pregnant, and James calls her over to his residence to serve him. Yet, all Amelia can feel is James’ bitterness and his cold, aggressive, and merciless kiss. He also tells Amelia he no longer wants to extend the contract, and that Amelia is “fired”, not “divorced”.

Andrew, James’ assistant, also hands over Amelia the birth control pill and some high breakup fees. That way, James ensures Amelia won’t ask him about money anymore.

I Got Married Without You novel suggests James behaves this way because James’ childhood lover has recently returned to his company. At the same time, Amelia’s ex-boyfriend before she married James also does the same to Amelia’s life.

Will Amelia and James be able to rekindle their failed contract marriage and reignite the passion they have once lost? Or, will each of them end up with people from their pasts?

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Part 3: Some Impressions On I Got Married Without You Novel

I Got Married Without You Novel Free

I Got Married Without You novel has one of the most interesting story patterns. I must say it’s a quite decent novel in terms of the stories and other elements in the novel. I can say this part not only because the languages are understandable and some chapters have brief but straightforward and focused plots.

Instead, I see the I Got Married Without You novel as a novel with well-defined openings in telling the lives of Amelia Summer before James stepped into her life. It also consists of a heartwarming take-home message that encourages us to believe in the magic of true love, for sometimes, love can come to us in a place we never thought of before.

Amelia Summers used to be an accomplished graphic designer, and the wedding invitation became the first thing that challenged her to get out of her comfort zone. The more we immerse ourselves into the chapters of I Got Married Without You novel, the more we will realize Amelia’s graphic designer self has long gone because of James’ childhood lover.

“Childhood lover” is yet another interesting element I witnessed while reading the chapters in the I Got Married Without You novel. After all, James’ childhood lover isn’t the only one to appear in the novel’s stories. Amelia’s ex-boyfriend also suddenly returns to her life. We can see lengthy narratives on the childhood lover parts, which signify the struggles in moving on from the past.

If there were any weaknesses that I spot in the I Got Married Without You novel, the weaknesses would be no further than the narratives about Amelia and James’ growing passion for each other. Had the passionate parts were not limited to the middle until the end part, I believe the storyline will be more irresistible.

Part 4: An Alternative To I Got Married Without You Novel

Alternative To I Got Married Without You Novel

Clearly defined plots, relatable characters, and the childhood lover themes that have popped up since the introductory chapters: I must say that I Got Married Without You novel is a near-masterpiece novel. I believe this novel will be one of the masterpieces, if the passionate parts, instead of the parts that tell stories about James’ coldness and aggressivity, got more emphasis.

By doing so, I believe the author of I Got Married Without You novel will align the stories to the purpose of inspiring audiences to open their hearts to love and receive love. The cold and aggressive parts should be parts of the past, and we must leave our past behind.

So, what about an alternative novel? My mind then redirects me to think about My Cursed Love. This novel’s female MC is a human, yet, think again as you read the full stories.


Elena is a human girl who gets kidnapped along with 12 other human girls in a werewolf pack led by an insane male Alpha. There, she has to serve Marcus, the Alpha in charge, to the point Elena becomes a masochist and is almost blinded by her sense of fake loyalty to Marcus.

Fortunately, she meets Revenge, another male werewolf with bloody red eyes, but with a heart of gold. The moment Revenge realizes Elena is his mate also marks the time he vows to himself and Elena that he will treat Elena decently. Revenge doesn’t care if Elena’s torturous times in Marcus’ territory have shaped her masochist mentality; all he cares about is that he loves Elena and he ensures her safety.

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