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The whole of Yunzhou City has attributed horrendous labels to Su Ziyue, from her clothing styles, professions, and communications.

So, marriage is Ziyue’s only hope to escape from society’s evaluation. This time, she gets into a private room to serve Young Master Mu with a glass of wine.

To Ziyue’s shock, Young Master Mu is a handsome man! Yet, who is he behind that mysterious mask? Does Ziyue ever want to marry the Young Master?

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Part 1: The Core Storyline Of Marry Me Quick Novel

Marry Me Quick Novel Read Online Free

The Yunzhou City is the virtual place where the storyline of the Marry Me Quick novel revolves. This city has Lumiere Jade House as one of the high-end nightclubs. Su Ziyue is one of the workers in the club. As a result, it’s not surprising that Ziyue wears provocative clothes and behaves recklessly in front of elders.

Su Ziyue’s horrible manners attract Su Yige, her good-girl older sister, to mock and shame her. Yige’s long flowing white dress doesn’t only contrast Ziyue; instead, her well-mannered speeches also make the rest of the Su family trust her more than Ziyue. Even other families, such as the Mu family, trust Yige.

So, Yige conspires with these whole family members to bring Ziyue to a private room with someone whose name is Young Master Mu. In the Marry Me Quick novel, Yige forces Ziyue to pour a glass of wine into the Young Master’s glass as a punishment for Ziyue’s impolite communications with the elderly.

The Su family, the family to which Ziyue and Yige belong, is one of the well-known families in the Marry Me Quick novel’s universe. So, these whole pieces of news, along with Ziyue’s willingness to plunge herself into such a dangerous job, cause Ziyue to have horrendous societal labels attached to her mind, including the curses of never having a soulmate type of relationship.

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In the Marry Me Quick novel, Young Master Mu can refer to Qin Muchen or Mu Ninghui. Both men know the nightclub where Ziyue works, and they can locate the private room where Ziyue gets drunk. In addition, Ziyue hasn’t encountered any of these men before, and “Mu” is the only character that Ziyue notices in the Young Master’s name.

However, rumors about Ziyue’s closeness to the Young Master spread in Yunzhou City faster than ever. Even though the rumors lead society to take away the labels that they have associated with Ziyue, some people around Ziyue continue to demean her by asking her about her nightly price. Thus, they threaten Ziyue’s existence while leaving her wondering about the identity of the Young Master.

So, does the Young Master Mu in Marry Me Quick novel refer to Mu Ninghui, the first-born son in the Mu family? Or, does the Young Master title belong to Qin Muchen, the soft yet rugged eight-pack man? Who will Ziyue choose to marry?

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Part 2: Meet The Characters Of Marry Me Quick Novel

Su Ziyue

Marry Me Quick Novel Ziyue

Provocative clothes, questionable-natured jobs, and unfiltered words full of harsh truth: These characteristics may make any female MCs sound heroic, but in the Marry Me Quick novel, they make Su Ziyue subject to society’s ridicule and her sister’s set-ups.

Su Ziyue previously worked in the Lumiere Jade House, one of the most prestigious nightclubs in Yunzhou City. Su Yige, her sister, might have set her up for a mysterious encounter with the fearsome Young Master Mu, and the rumors about her budding feelings for the Young Master might have been spread. However, these things become the catalysts for their close relationships.

Young Master Mu

Marry Me Quick Novel Young Master Mu

Young Master Mu is the mysterious guy who drank a glass of wine with Su Ziyue while the two were in Lumiere Jade House’s private room. It was Su Yige, Ziyue’s sister, who set up the meetings to ridicule Ziyue even more. Rumors have it that the Young Master is not only blessed with good looks and physique, but he is also one of the most respectable members of his family.

The Young Master also likely possesses some unique degrees of power. Ziyue’s initial regains of consciousness doesn’t make her realize the Young Master’s mysterious identity. After all, both Qin Muchen and Mu Ninghui have “Mu” characteristics in their name, and both guys are physically irresistible.

Either way, Young Master Mu in Marry Me Quick novel sounds like a guy who seems cold and emotionally guarded at first, yet, he is a caring guy to his closest ones.

Part 3: Some Analysis Of Marry Me Quick Novel

Marry Me Quick Novel Free

People would always associate negativities with nightclubs. Su Ziyue’s job as an employee in the high-class Lumiere Jade House in Marry Me Quick novel’s universe is no exception. Her bluntness and bravery only make society’s implanted labels worse.

As I read the chapters in the Marry Me Quick novel, I get the impression that Ziyue’s life choice, including her profession in the nightclub, has some reasons or motives behind them. Ziyue’s sister and the rest of the Su family members might have implanted the negativities long before the story began, and it results Ziyue in not believing in her ability to do better.

Furthermore, their negative evaluations also deteriorate Ziyue’s characteristics as she has to appear harsh to protect herself from people who only want to take advantage of her. Either way, I see those society members evaluate Ziyue negatively by attributing labels to her because they are not ready to unveil the dark secrets behind the nightclub, city, and surroundings.

Young Master Mu is a mysterious and intriguing figure I find in the Marry Me Quick novel. I mean, how else can we meet a male MC whose identity becomes the challenge to overcome in the whole novel’s stories? The more I read the contents of the Marry Me Quick novel, the more my mind tries hard to guess whose “Mu” guy is the real Young Master Mu.

Anyway, I believe the Marry Me Quick novel can improve a lot when the mysteries don’t only involve one character. Additionally, the wine can be more than just the story’s opening.

Part 4: Similar To Marry Me Quick Novel

Similar To Marry Me Quick Novel

The Young Master’s engulfing mysterious aura in Marry Me Quick novel captivates my mind and triggers me to read more chapters of this novel. The wine-drinking scene between Su Ziyue and the Young Master in the first few introductory chapters also enhances the elite feels when we compare it to the usual scenes that involve cocktails.

However, re-reading the previous part of this article makes me think of an alternative to Marry Me Quick novel. In this case, I hope for a novel that emphasizes the “dark” secrets and not just focusing them on one character.

So, I would recommend The Billionaire Playboy’s Secret Family. Also, Europe is the continent that becomes the focus of this alternate novel, and both Europe and wine are closely tied with the word “elite”.

At the same time, the similarities between the Marry Me Quick novel to The Billionaire Playboy’s Secret Family don’t stop there.


Growing up in a privileged household makes Marcus Avery a spoiled manchild, who can get whatever he wants in a flicker of finger. He also gains the privilege of being an unapologetic playboy with thousands of women having sleepovers with him. Regina, an aspiring Broadway actress, starts as one of those women.

Regina’s one-night stand relationship with Marcus doesn’t only cause her to be pregnant with triplets. The traumatic encounters also create a cognitive dissonance in her mind that she decides to forget everything about Marcus and run away. At the same time, Marcus’ parents are now pressuring him with his married life. So, Marcus doesn’t have any other choice than to chase after the mysterious woman and unravel the mysteries of his new family with her.

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