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People would normally expect an “I do” answer from married couples on an altar. It doesn’t happen for Kiara Anderson, as Asher Huxley, her husband-to-be, coldly rejects her in front of the audience.

Furthermore, Kiara’s families turn their backs against her. So, it leaves Kiara in the miserable state of being “Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day”.

What else could happen to Asher after he found out about Kiara’s pregnancy?

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Part 1: The Core Story Of Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day

Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day Novel

Kiara Anderson used to live peacefully with her parents in a mansion until her mother died. One thing that she misses is Paolo Anderson’s, her father’s, affair with another woman named Tessie. This woman has a daughter, and her name is Chloe.

So, Paolo took his mistress and her daughter when Kiara’s mother died. Not stopping there, Kiara’s mother’s company and whatever the company possesses, including the shares, fall to Paolo. Since then, Paolo starts to show his cruel face to Kiara and treat Chloe as the Golden Child.

Asher Huxley is supposed to be Kiara’s only emotional rock. Had he never intervened, Paolo would have kicked Kiara out of the Anderson family. Unfortunately, Asher rejects Kiara when they are about to declare their marriage vows on the altar, which causes the shocked audience to storm out of the room, leaving only Kiara, Asher, and the family members.

Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day Novel Free

Just as Kiara turned to her supposed parents, Paolo ditched her, and Tessie did the same thing while encouraging Chloe to snatch Asher from Kiara. Kiara soon finds herself in a state of “Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day” just when she is about to leave everything behind.

Further chapters on Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day also suggest Kiara got herself involved in an accident that almost cost her life and her children. Luckily, Thomas saved her and adopted her and her son after listening to her sad stories.

Now that Kiara has established her support systems after seven years have passed, she is not only determined not to repeat the same mistake as her father. She also wishes to take over her mother’s stolen company and get even on her past.

Will Kiara and her son be able to do it and shock Asher, Chloe, and other people from her past that cause her to be “Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day”?

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Part 2: The Main Characters Of Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day

Kiara Anderson

Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day Kiara

Living in a mansion with her parents has softened Kiara’s mentality that she has to depend on other people to support her life. At first, Kiara doesn’t get used to thinking about “Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day”, until she experiences it herself with Asher Huxley, a man she once loved.

Seven years later, Kiara has already given birth to her son thanks to Thomas’ acts of rescuing her. The old shy and withdrawn Kiara has long gone, and the “seven years later” Kiara is braver and more ready to take on any challenges, including getting revenge on people who have wronged her in the past.

Asher Huxley And Chloe

Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day Asher And Chloe

Asher Huxley of Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day novel is supposed to be Kiara’s only love, if he never rejected her while giving her a cold glare on the wedding altar. Yet, the seven-year loops in Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day prove Asher is, indeed, a terrifying individual.

Showering people with love is something that Asher struggles with despite his enormous wealth and ability to persuade people to his side. At first, Chloe, Kiara’s half-sister, is happy that she can snatch Asher away from her so-called sister. Yet, she also ends up experiencing the same thing as Kiara used to experience. Furthermore, Tessie, her mother, also attempts to drain her money.

Part 3: Some Analysis Of Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day

Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day Novel Read Online Free

The power-hungry Anderson family is the cornerstone of Kiara’s seemingly never-ending problems in the Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day novel. I can see the motives behind their fury after seeing Kiara’s failure to marry the wealthy Asher Huxley, and I am not surprised they would unleash the same rage on Chloe after finding out Chloe encounters the same problem as Kiara.

Asher is also a problematic character with his intimidating glares and terrifying presence. Unfortunately, other characters in Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day don’t pay enough attention to his wrongdoings. His influence in and outside FS Company makes others hesitant to deal with him.

So, all Kiara’s father could do is to blame her. After all, Kiara is unlike Chloe, in that she comes from the womb of the woman that Kiara’s father hates. Motherhood is a struggling period for Kiara; had Thomas never intervened by rescuing her from the accident, Kiara would never have experienced it. I can see such scenes after passing through Chapter 2 of Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day.

Additionally, I also see the possibilities for an arranged marriage scene between Kiara and Asher before Asher cheated her by having an affair with Chloe. I believe the author of the Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day novel can expand more on this part to dramatize the stories more. That way, readers can immerse themselves better in the novel’s stories.

“I reject you,” instead of a clear “I do” as Asher’s statements on the altar become one of the most mind-blowing points in Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day. I believe the storyline will be even more mind-blowing when the author elaborates, instead of only emphasizing, that part of rejection.

Part 4: A Novel Similar To Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day

Similar To Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day

Does Kiara’s pregnancy happen after her rejection? Sure, and Asher isn’t the only person to reject her. Her father, the figure whom she has depended on a lot as an emotional support her whole lifetime, also does the same in his ways of kicking her out of the mansion. He even conspires with Kiara’s stepmother to kill her the moment these two malicious figures see Kiara returning to the mansion.

Yet, the seven-year time loops prove they are dead wrong. The new Kiara with her son is not the same Kiara who would be subject to their wills no matter what. Yet, I still believe Pregnant And Rejected On Her Wedding Day would turn into a much more wonderfully-written novel when the author invests more effort in writing about Kiara’s struggles.

Talk about a similar novel, I have stumbled upon Pregnant And Rejected By My Alpha Mate. Brace yourself, for this novel’s similarity doesn’t end in similar title phrases.


Being a rare Volana wolf doesn’t only mean blessings for Selene’s blood that grant her eternal life. Evil wolves, such as her father, have attempted to kill her through so many inhuman ways. Selene’s father has locked her in since she was 10. Since then, he also killed Selene’s wolf and made her mateless.

Selene’s life changed when she met Bastien Durand, who offered her to be his contract mate for three years. Then, Selene became pregnant when her three-year contract had almost expired. Unfortunately, this is where Bastien’s mask falls, as he announces to Selene that he will collaborate with his father for their rejection ceremony.

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