Love Till Her Last Breath: We will Collide Someday, The Review


This story tells of a woman in a bundle of dilemmas. She suffers from a fatal disease and knows she doesn’t have very long to live. She also finds herself in an unhappy marriage that was originally entered into for the sake of convenience. Well, convenience for her husband, meanwhile it was love for her. This woman’s husband tells her that it is time for a divorce and the woman he loves is soon to come back again to his side. His wife, our protagonist, doesn’t argue. She accepts that they will be over, however, she tells him to delay it for a little longer. He has no idea that she has less than a year to live. Alexa must navigate through an unhappy life.

I was speechless with this seriously complex plot. All of the characters are so intense and attention-grabbing. The stories that follow each of them are thrilling and extremely deep. The fight for happiness practically is futile because happiness can never come when her days are numbered. So, there was nothing for her to struggle for. She could only hope that she gets to spend her last moments with the man she loved dearly.

It’s hard to stop turning pages as you wonder what comes next and hope that the protagonist gets some sort of comfort before it all disappears. We can’t help but hope that she didn’t love that person in vain. The story is great, and I think you’ll want to read another nice book after this piece. So, I’ve got an amazing recommendation for you.

Part 1: Plot Summary of We will Collide Someday

We will Collide Someday: Terrence

The story follows Alexa Duran, a young woman who is in her last days. Alexa is fatally ill and yet keeps the secret of her illness to herself. Not even her husband knew that she was unwell. Alexa married this man because she had him in her heart. However, the man married her at the behest of his parents. He already had another woman he cared about. Now, that woman was to return, and Alexa was to leave.

Alexa doesn’t fight him on the matter, and just calmly accepts his decision to divorce. However, she asked for half a year in order to get his wonderful and supportive parents used to the idea that their lovely daughter-in-law was leaving. Alexa’s husband agreed, not knowing that his wife was so sick that she could die in about a year.

Alexa subsequently has to stomach the sight of her husband being clung to by another woman. She already knew enough about this woman. Alexa knew that she was only a temporary substitute for the other woman. Alexa has to endure the humiliation and disrespect of the happy couple.

She tries to live her life without any problems, but problems seem to follow her no matter what. She does all that she can to ensure that her husband does not find out about her illness, however, there’s only so much a woman can take before going completely indifferent to the issues that she has.

We watch as Alexa has to battle with time in order to stay by that person’s side. Not only that, but she also takes on an internal war in her mind. Will things work out for Alexa or is she really going to die?

Part 2: Main Character of We will Collide Someday


We will Collide Someday: Alexa

She is a woman whose family name is the subject of negative and displeased criticism. Her family is known to have fallen. However, Alexa always manages to hold her head high, regardless of what other people said about her.

Alexa is a young woman who is exceptionally beautiful and of a decent character. She is quiet and unassuming, a calm observer sometimes and a force to be reckoned with at others. She understands that her life will never be what she wanted it to be, and she is okay with that. Alexa doesn’t bother fighting what will inevitably be. She gets her heart broken over and over again by the man she called her husband. It is to the point that he can even talk about his mistress with her.

Men are such a problem. Really? It only makes sense that Alexa will be hurt by what he said, but this bastard took it a step further by holding another woman in his arms in front of the public. Seriously, some people need to be taught manners. This is what Alexa has to deal with.

Meanwhile, as Alexa seems to be the center of male attention, her husband who is dancing with another woman, is jealous. The whole thing just screams selfishness.

With her life soon to end, Alexa wishes to do everything well and live well. But the man doesn’t help her achieve this aim with his behavior. He neglects his wife, Alexa, for another woman.

Part 3: Amazing Chapter from We will Collide Someday

Chapter Five

We will Collide Someday: Terrence and Alexa

Terrence frowned as he asked Alexa why she wouldn’t go to the hospital if she was sick. Alexa said she just didn’t want to. When the man came close, she grabbed his hand and placed it on her forehead as she assured him that she had no fever.

Unfortunately, it didn’t convince him. Caught up in this rare tenderness from Terrence, Alexa forgot the divorce agreement in her handbag. They were off to the hospital and Terrence even gave her a gift. He’d bought it the previous night even though he was angry. When he saw it, he knew it was something Alexa would like.

As they drove to the hospital, he got a call that Brynlee fainted and was in the hospital. Alexa didn’t know how to react and just told him to go see her.

However, Alexa suddenly became stubborn and didn’t want to give in. She’s going to die anyway, so what did she have to worry about?

She said she’d go with him. Terrence seldom heard her so speak innocently. He couldn’t say no.

When they reached Brynlee’s ward, Terrence completely ignored Alexa and affectionately cared for the other woman. Alexa couldn’t handle it anymore and was going to leave when the other woman called out to her.

Alexa wasn’t stupid, she didn’t fall for the tears. The woman clearly wanted her to leave. She decided not to give in. However, Terrence’s affectionate words and his cold shoulder to her were heartbreaking.

The story is immersive and addictive. I love everything about this story, I love to hate the husband of the protagonist and I love to despise the antagonist. If you want more of something like this, then see The Alpha’s Temptation.

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