Werewolf Romance Book: Alpha’s Surrogate


In most werewolf books, strong, powerful Alphas are presented as brutal and fierce, so intimidating leading werewolf characters have literally become a cliche. Alpha Xavier is no exception to that rule, as he is the infamous pack leader that no father wants for his daughter.

Of course that all stories about Xavier are just that, stories, that he never denied as he actually felt he could use the fear that spread among all other packs. He was safe as everyone else feared him and didn’t dare attack his wolf pack. One day, when a reckless Alpha son decided to attack and rape his cousin.

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Part 1: Main Story Of Alpha’s Surrogate

For Alpha Xavier, life seems perfect. Three years ago, he found out that his childhood best friend, Petra, is his mate and they’ve been happily married ever since. Their only sorrow is that his beloved Luna is unable to conceive. She miscarried once and ultimately suffered an accident that led to her infertility. Or so Xavier thought.

Convinced by Zander to return earlier from his business trip, alpha Xavier is stunned to hear loud moans and screams coming from his own bedroom in the pack house. The sexual howls were clearly coming from his Luna, Petra, but the man making her scream that way was not her husband.

Alpha's Surrogate Alpha Xavier

As Xavier opens his bedroom door, his rage consumes him as he realizes that Petra’s lover is none other than Orion, his beta and also childhood best friend. What’s even more stunning is that the woman kept asking her lover to make her a puppy.

Enraged, betrayed, and heartbroken, Xavier literally destroys Orion, disfiguring him and breaking his spine. Then, he viciously rejects Petra, mortified that she lied to him about being infertile and cheating on him with his best friend for the past four years.

Once Alpha Xavier gets rid of his mate, he vows to never love again and to never get close to a woman. Two years later though, while winning a battle with the Ardara Moon Pack, Xavier decides to spare the lives of the remaining pack members if the Alpha’s daughter, Kiara, becomes his surrogate.

Kiara is a pure girl and she knows that her brother Lewis wronged the Sirius Bright pack so she sacrifices herself for her family’s sake. Although the plan is for her to bear Alpha Xavier’s child and then walk away, things get a bit more complicated as the two of them are paired by the Moon Goddess.

Will Alpha Xavier give love a second chance? Will he be able to trust Kiara and build a family with her? Read this heartwarming novel and join Kiara in her beautiful journey with Alpha Xavier.

Part 2: Main Characters Of Alpha’s Surrogate

Without a doubt, Alpha’s Surrogate is a terrific story, with great characters. They are portrayed in a terrific way by the author, greatly increasing their potential and appeal to the readers.

Alpha Xavier

Alpha Xavier is a bitter man and he truly is entitled to being this way. His wife’s betrayal is no ordinary cheating. She literally chose to cheat on him with his best friend and his beta Orion and even preferred having his pup rather than her husband’s.

Alpha's Surrogate Kiara

Any man would go insane going through such an ordeal, but not Alpha Xavier. He stood his ground, had his vengeance, and made a vow to never let his guard down around women again. One thing I confess I admired about his character is that, even though he is resentful, he lacks poor judgment.

He is not reckless, he weighs in things in order to make the best decisions for himself and his pack. The Alpha says he would never listen to women again, but when Kiara appears in front of him asking to speak on behalf of her family, Xavier complies without question. Well, this can only prove that it takes the right woman to bring out the best in a man.


Although Kiara is seen as the little girl of the family and everyone wants to protect her from any harm, she still proves to be the smartest and bravest of them all. Unlike her father, who stood up for his criminal son, Kiara had the strength to accept the truth and mend things with Sirius Bright Pack.

Even before her eighteenth birthday, she felt something when she laid eyes on Alpha Xavier, somehow aware he is her mate, so her surrogacy was going to be easy from the start. Kiara is bold and strong and she’s not afraid to face any consequence just to know her family is safe.

Her boldness, her purity, and her honesty are the things that eventually won Alpha Xavier over. Right from the start, he admired and cherished her, thus he chose her to be the mother of his child.

Again, Alpha Xavier’s soft side resurfaces, as he chooses to tell the world that Kiara will be his chosen mate and even make her Luna of the pack. Although Lewis had disgraced his pack by raping and killing an innocent, virgin, blind girl, Xavier still wanted to keep Kiara’s pure image intact.

That is indeed love at first sight. He wanted her, he could have her either way but he chose to make her give herself willingly to him.

Part 3: Check This Out If You Liked Alpha’s Surrogate

Alpha's Surrogate Romance Book

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Ella is betrayed by her lover, so she decides to have a family on her own. She gets inseminated and, to her surprise, her child’s father is a powerful Alpha, the billionaire Dominic Sinclair.

Dominic is not one of those men who wish to mate with humans, and especially not one of those men who would allow just anyone to bear his pup. Will Ella convince him to let her stay in her child’s life?

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