Make France Great Again


The story is about Augustus Jerome Bonaparte, Second Empire: I. Who is a young 24-year-old prince of a long-lost empire of France? He is set to make France great again like in Napoleon IIIc’s era. Napoleon III paved the way for France’s prosperity.

When one reflects on those times, it was the first time that France could scream, “C’est la France!” against the British. Augustus Jerome Bonaparte, Second Empire: I’ll restore France to her former glory.

Part 1: Storyline Make France Great Again

Make France Great Again - storyline

The wind of history has cracked open another glorious chapter in France. Our magnificent French Emperor was born that year! Napoleon III illuminated France’s road to wealth. When one recalls those years, it was the first time France could say no to the British, saying, C’est la France! Augustus Jerome Bonaparte, Second Empire: I will make France great again!

Part 2: Make France Great Again – Chapter 1

Make France Great Again - Chapter 1

On the 22nd of April 1848 at 8 a.m., a clipper ship carrying freight and people left Calais and traversed the English Channel, bursting through the white fog distributed over the sea level and landing in the early morning seas near the London Dockyard.

On the dock’s watchtower, the signalman in charge of reporting ship arrivals provided a signal to the moving ships to authorize entry and relayed ship arrival news to the employees below the observation deck.

The London Dockyard, which had been quiet all night, greeted it as the day’s first order. The dockers, clad in drab and dusty clothes, collected their exhausted bodies, who had just hauled and sorted the products but had no time to rest for a bit, and boarded the readied boats at the pier on the beach.

Even though their faces were numb, their bodies moved instinctively. Jobs were few in the nineteenth century, let alone during these extraordinary times. If there is a minor blunder, the only thing that awaits them is unfair layoffs.

The guests boarded the dinghy one by one until the last young guy exited the ship. At this point, he grinned and shook hands with the seamen who had gathered around him. The sailors who were detained by the young people were quite happy, and they kept shouting things.

Part 3: Make France Great Again – Chapter 2

Make France Great Again - Chapter 2

Little Jerome also seemed to have found something on the shore. Little Jerome, who had not waited for the dinghy to dock completely, picked up his luggage and jumped from the dinghy to the shore. Under the amazed eyes of the sailors, Little Jerome smiled and thanked them.

Passing through the congested dockyard, Jerome finally reached a little town near the London dockyard, where he met the person he encountered. Little Jerome smiled as he gave the middle-aged guy a hearty embrace.

Today, not just Italy, but also the aristocracy in the entire European region is deteriorating at a speed obvious to the human eye. There have been incidents of affluent persons being canonized as viscounts in France during the reign of the Orleans Dynasty.

In the 18th century, this was inconceivable. The traditional aristocratic structure was being eroded at an unprecedented rate by capital.

The splendor of the aristocracy gradually became lonely following the war of his uncle. Closer to home, although Pessili’s position as an earl is in dispute, he remains a speculator loyal to his cousin, Charles Bonaparte.

If his recollection is accurate, the last time he met the prince was probably more than a year ago. A year ago, the (small) Prince Jerome was not as slim and powerful as he is now. A year ago, the prince was like a “child” weighing over 300 pounds. He was exhausted and out of breath after only two steps.

Colonel Fleury, a former member of the French Foreign Legion, was introduced to Jerome by Persini. Little Jerome then took a close look at the strong man in front of him. The sharp-edged visage displayed a soldier’s iron blood and vicious aura. This is the momentum that can only be felt on the body of a veteran.

It is somewhat bent. The index finger may notice prominent calluses.

Part 4: Make France Great Again – Chapter 3

Make France Great Again - Chapter 3

Persili stated that little Jerome was a senior European fan of history in a past life. He was well-versed in the history of the period after the Great Revolution. Little Jerome did not dare to do anything out of the norm for four months. He was scared that this small butterfly might flap his wings and blow down his cousin’s throne, which would be hilarious.

As long as the cousin becomes Emperor of the Empire, he can become a true prince in his own right. As for the fall of the monarchy in the upcoming Franco-Prussian War? Little Jerome would have none of it.

After meeting with Persili and Fleury. Jerome opened the vehicle door and stepped into the carriage. Pessili was close behind. Fleury sat in the carriage’s driver’s seat, one hand restraining the horse’s head and the other flailing the whip.

Louis Bonaparte crushed the workers’ charter movement that was building in Britain in April after making his way from Strasbourg to London and volunteered to serve as a vigilante there while providing himself with dry food.


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