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One of Colleen Hoover’s most notable books is Ugly Love. The protagonist of this tale is Tate, a lady who develops feelings for Miles, a withdrawn and depressed man.

These two souls instantly connect when they come into contact. Miles, however, is a broken man who can only provide Tate with a sexual relationship. Miles is emotionally aloof and makes it plain that he doesn’t want to talk about his future intentions with anyone.

Miles is in a state of shock because of his history, which he wishes to keep a secret from Tate. Tate and Miles’ feelings are out of control as they become closer. Can they both follow the rules and maintain a relaxed atmosphere?

Even though Ugly Love was first released in 2014, it currently ranks among Australia’s best-selling fiction books because of its enormous social media following.

Part 1: Tate

Ugly Love - Part 1

Tate Collins relocates from San Diego to her elder brother’s opulent San Francisco condo while she searches for a nursing position and returns to graduate school. When she arrives, her brother Corbin is away for the weekend.

She also meets Cap, a kind-hearted elderly elevator man, who reveals to her that he was stabbed in the neck. He says that birthmarks are physical proof of how someone passed away in a former life in ugly love.

Tate engages him in polite conversation before entering the elevator. In the elevator, a wary married man approaches her and makes advances.

She securely ascends to her floor, but still, the door she wants to enter is blocked by a drunken man who is dozing off next to it. She tries to walk by the man as she talks on the phone with her brother.

She closes the door on him after he grabs her ankle in ugly love, only to find that she left her bag and suitcase in the corridor. To help Tate move her items into the room, Corbin summons his buddy and neighbor Miles.

However, when Corbin summons Tate back, he begs her for a favor: Miles is the one who is intoxicated outside the room, so Corbin requests her to let him crash on the couch.

Part 2: Rachel

Ugly Love - Part 2

In part 2 of ugly love For Thanksgiving, Miles visits Tate and Corbin at their residence, and while Corbin is hanging lights, Miles slashes his hand on the ladder. Miles cuddles her and warns her to not allow him to do it again after Tate sutures his hand. Late in the evening, they both find their way to the kitchen, where they settle their mutual attraction.

Tate can’t hope to find out Miles’s background or have a destiny with him, even though they will sleep alongside.

Tate desires ugly love to establish her own rule as well, but she is at a loss for words at the moment. She and Miles portray themselves as a couple having sex incognito, but Miles always ejects Tate afterward. Miles never texts or calls Tate when he is at work.

Hoover depicts Miles’ perspective from six years ago as their relationship develops, or rather falls into the pattern of strong physical chemistry, copious amounts of sex, and finally heartbreak.

Miles is assigned to assist Rachel, a new student from Phoenix, Arizona, in finding Mr. Clayton’s English class throughout his final year of high school. Miles notices Rachel’s stunning eyes and hair.

He texts Ian to tell him she’s having his children after falling in love with her right away. Unfortunately, they learn that their parents are getting married, and Miles believes that his father had an affair with Lisa when his mother was still alive.

Part 3: Miles

Ugly Love - Part 3

In this part of ugly love starts from a few blocks away, Tate moved out into her apartment. When she bids Mile farewell, he appears utterly indifferent and unaffected. Ugly love After two weeks, Sarah settled into her new home when Miles knocked on her door.

Miles resolves to see Rachel after receiving criticism from Ian and support from Cap. Chad is Rachel’s husband, and they have a daughter named Claire.

She assures Miles that while she recognizes his emotions, they don’t have to rule his life. Miles asks Corbin for her address after realizing he’s missing Tate’s happiness, then shows there to share some of his past and sentiments.

Tate and Cap are flown up by Miles. Cap is flying for the first time. Miles returns after Cap exits the aircraft, hands Tate the key to his flat, and invites her to move in. After she accepts, he also proposes to her.

They are thrilled when she agrees to ugly love. After almost two years, Tate and Miles give birth to a girl they call Sam in honor of Cap’s real name, Samuel. When Miles sees and embraces Sam, he realizes that he is capable of love and genuine happiness once more.

Before Sam, Miles had been concerned that he wouldn’t be able to manage to love another baby. Miles now has the family he always desired, and Tate is content.

Part 4: Summary

Ugly Love - Summary

This was all in an ugly Slove story Tate Collins doesn’t believe she fell in love with airline pilot Miles Archer at first sight. Even if they were to consider themselves pals, they wouldn’t. There is no denying that Tate and Miles are attracted to one another.

They understand they have the ideal situation once their desires are made clear. The only option left is sex because he doesn’t want love and she doesn’t have time for love. If Tate can follow the two guidelines Miles has for her, their arrangement might be surprisingly easy.

Her novels are popular for their incisive, honest, and exciting stories of love that endure despite people’s human flaws. This guide refers to the First Atria Paperback edition. Tate’s capacity for love is both her greatest human strength and greatest human vulnerability since it makes it challenging for her to draw emotional boundaries.

Ugly love Late in the book, nevertheless, she succeeds in establishing her limits by bidding her friends farewell and moving out on her own. She still retains the beauty of her warm personality when Miles emerges with his epiphany, not needing to be walked once more. The way she interacts with her friends and total strangers, as well as with Miles, is an example of her kindness.

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