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As earlier stated, marked by the alpha has an incredible plot which embodies a well crafted storyline that borders a great deal on realism. An amazing thing about it is that the novel sheds so much light to the silent sufferings of a good number of young ladies all over the world. The way it was told, one could mistake fiction for true life experiences.

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Part 1: Enlightening Storyline of Marked By The Alpha

Marked by the Alpha Layla, was a pup born to the previous mate and marriage of the Beta of Sanguis Pack. She’d lost her mother though, and was briefly left with her father before he remarried and had two other kids.

Gauis used to love his daughter enough, until whatever it is that changes the hearts of polygamous men towards their offsprings from a previous union, claimed his attention. It didn’t help that as Layla grew up, she discovered that her wolf was broken.

Lea couldn’t smell shit, neither did she have all the animalistic abilities a regular pup is born with. She wasn’t an Omega, but somehow, an Omega seemed to be better than she was.

This problem made her a timid person. Layla didn’t try hard at confidence, nor did she try to be noticed, neither did she put herself in an influential positions. She was dead afraid that something could happen and her secret would be out.

Her father and his family of three felt even more ashamed by this than she was. Gauis was a proud man, and they dreaded anything that would expose the shame that Layla was, in their family. Therefore, it was necessary to marry Layla off very quickly in the bid to save face.

marked by the alpha lu

But Layla’s half sister took matters to the next level. Even though she should be all that Layla wasn’t, especially when she’d also inherited the exceptional beauty that ran in the family. Yet, somehow Layla still manages to intimidate her.

Layla had been betrothed to a certain member of the Pack -Alex. But Lu maneged to seduce him as she does with men who found Layla attractive. And stupid Alex fell, to the extent that Layla walked in on her fiancé making love with her half sister.

But After Alex proposed a threesome relationship, he would get to the height of betrayal by revealing Layla’s lifelong secret, which she’d shared with him only because he’d said he loved her. The tears refused to come as she listened to her father and his family distancing themselves from her filt and join Alex in slendering her.

But Alpha Hector -the wicked Alpha of Serguis Pack, who was renowned for his cruelty in ruthlessness. Who had taken his position by force instead of inheriting it, a battle that killed hundreds of wolves. Would walk in just in the middle of the whole ruckus.

And after hearing Layla out, and defending her to the amazement of Alex, her father and his family, and the entire Serguis Pack, he would take her to his office and ask her to be the moon goddess in the upcoming victory procession -a position meant for only a Lunas.

But what happens after Layla walks as Luna during the victory procession? Let’s see what we find in the hot chapters below…

Part 2: Hot Chapters of Marked By The Alpha

marked by the alpha chapter 3:

marked by the alpha hector

After Alex was caught with Lu, and Layla had to leave him to her… but he’d wanted a threesome relationship and Lu joined in rejected him, he’d broken down and not even Gauis’s threats about the Alpha’s expected presence could stop him.

He’d ran into the croud of Pack members and had stigmatized Layla, rained curses on the family and rejected the betrothal. After Alpha Hector walked in and asked Layla to speak, Alex fell to the ground and began to plead about loving her and never wanting nothing but her.

marked by the alpha chapter 4:

How pathetic, that narssistic fool who’d loved her enough to scream her secrets from the rooftops over his own wrong doing, would fall on the ground the next minute insisting on how she must be his wife. Lol.

Well, after her father tried to have his selfish way with Layla as she blatantly refused the betrothal, Alpha Hector would cancel every thoughts of a mating ceremony between the two.

It could be said that he had no purpose for this, but since Lea wasn’t strong enough to sense her mate, perhaps her mate was, especially after they discovered what her body could do.

Part 3: Evaluation of Marked By The Alpha Read Online

marked by the alpha alex

I fell in love with the story from the very first chapter, and as fate would have it, it was at a very convenient timing.

marked by the alpha is free online, and is over a hundred chapters long and having over a hundred thousand words. In same manner, the novel is entertaining thousands of webnovel lovers.

The hidden lessons of hope, persistence and patience cannot be overemphasized, as the novel is laddened with prophecies of better tomorrow for every suffering young lady.

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