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Married at first sight full story is an endearing story of love, which was not first planted, garminated, watered and grown. The story paints a picture of, “what if we started loving from the top instead of the grassroots?” The question every living adult should ask is, how possible is it to grow love when already married?

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Part1: Complicated Storyline of Married At First Sight Novel Read Online

Married at first sight serenity was one of the numerous kids who were unlucky enough to have lost both parents at a young age. After her parent’s demise, she was left only with her elder sister. The state gave them a live insurance token, but the extended family members demanded a share.

And after proper distribution, there wasn’t much left for Serenity and her sister, but together, they kept struggling through life, having each other’s back until they managed to go to college and graduated.

And since their extended family refused to allow them in the family home, the two ladies had to manage through life, living in rented apartments. Her sister got a job and at the job, met a handsome co worker who painted a great picture of happy ever after.

married at first sight zachery

And to move in with her husband, she took Serenity along with her, and into the man’s house so as to continue to protect her. A man who’d previously agreed to this, would later want Serenity out, just as he’d deceived her sister into leaving her job and becoming a complete housewife.

Because of this hardship, Serenity knew she had to be married. Problem was, she had no boyfriends. But an old woman whom she saved her life a few months ago, wanted a wife for her first grandson, and had mentioned this to Serenity.

She therefore accepted her offer and would meet Zachery for the first time, standing beside his Nanna, in front of the marriage registry.

Married at first sight Zachery was an extremely busy man, he was the present heir of the largest industry in the city and the director of his own company. He was actually searching for a wife, but not for the same purposes as his Nanna thought.

Women did like him, but he was a meticulous man… powerful, deliberate, wealthy and all. He’d agreed to his Nanna’s request to marry the lady that saved her life, under one condition. The marriage remains a secret, he wouldn’t consumate it, until he proves the lady was worth spending the rest of his life with.

If not, he would divorce her in six months, and if so, she would have nothing to lose since he never tried in the marriage in the first place. On the other hand, Serenity had no idea who she was getting married to, she was even comparing him to probably be on the same income level as herself, since she wasn’t doing too bad on her own.

To her, he was a ticket away from troubles, he had a nice home she could move in to and promised he was well to do enough to care for his own family. To both of them, it was a marriage of convenience.

married at first sight nanna

Together Zachary and Serenity matched into the registry and became man and wife. But what becomes of their union following this decision?

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Part 2: Hot Chapters From Married At First Sight Novel Read Online

married at first sight chapter 3:

Zachary’s Nanna was very kind to Serenity, after all, she’d been the great match maker in the entire affair. She’d called to make sure Serenity was doing fine without her new husband who just abandoned her on the first day of marriage.

It got her considering her sister’s situation in her own husband’s house. Her in-laws were terrible to her and took their son’s side in every misunderstanding. Her sister was playing the perfect wife when they both knew that all wasn’t well.

Married at first sight chapter 4:

Zachery had handed over the keys to his newly acquired penthouse to Serenity after the marriage license was duely signed. She’d gone back to her sister’s and had broken the news, and after their goodbyes, she’d taken her belongings and had taxied down to the location of the apartment.

But since she didn’t know which exact penthouse, she had to call Zachery who’d forgotten that he just got married. He was in a meeting and blocked her number since he didn’t realize it was she.

Part 3: Observations of Married At First Sight Novel Read Online

Married at first sight novel read online is so brilliant, and over eleven million internet novel readers would agree to this. The author has also stretched it to have over two thousand chapters presently and still updating.

Trust me, you would never tire of married at first sight. As the story manages to teach a step by step of the rudiments of growing love within the confines of marriage.

married at first sight zachery and serenity

As if this was not impossible in the world of reality, this story is a fantasy land of all that is impossible and yet possible in love.

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