The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins Read Online


The legacy of the alpha king: hiding his secret twins by ebony woods, embodies a captivating plot, which tells a pitiful story of unrequited love and the consequences of the foolishness of men. I have been led to believe, following the status-quo, that a marriage is supposed to be sacred and therefore, respected. Where many men would do anything to protect their family, Alpha Reuben is having issues.

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Part 1: Captivating Storyline of The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins Read Online

Evelyn, who is the main female lead of the story the legacy of the alpha king: hiding his secret twins, is the daughter of the present Alpha of Silver Moon Pack and for certain needs for alliance, her family had given her to marriage to the young Alpha of Blood Moon Pack.

Only problem is, she wasn’t Alpha Reuben’s fated mate and had never found her mate. Despite this significant matter, Evelyn loved her husband and wished for nothing to please him and be accepted by both him and his Pack members.

But while his Pack members accepted their ceremonial Luna, Alpha Reuben couldn’t bring himself to accept the shewolf he’d married. Even though there’s no acceptable excuse for this, as what the goddess has joined together no one is supposed to put asunder.

But Alpha Reuben had once found and mated to his fated mate. But for whatever reason, Vicky had left the Pack and returned to her own. It was during this window that Alpha Reuben had married Evelyn out of need.

the legacy of the alpha king evelyn

They slept in separate rooms and all, and Evelyn kept trying to conceal the order of things in her marriage from becoming public knowledge. And just as she was beginning to tire of the whole thing, she discovered she was pregnant.

As Reuben had come in drunk about two months before, and when she helped him to his room, he’d slept with her. But Reuben had regretted his actions and had ran out the following morning. And in his absence, Evelyn had found a picture of him and Vicky in a closet.

Today, she ran happily home to break the news to her husband, only to find him hugging a prettily dressed shewolf in his office. The lady tried to create a facade of family relationship with Reuben, but Evelyn already recognized her from the picture.

She’d come to stay in Blood Moon Pack, in need of shelter as her Pack had been destroyed by rogues. That was her cover, but gradually, Evelyn would discover her true mission.

Somehow, life had dealt her a hard one and out of frustration she’d returned to her former lover, to see if there was still space. And since Evelyn stood in the way of her ambition, she was a threat to be removed.

Vicky opened her game, and her stupid husband was quick to choose sides. And when Evelyn saw that her unborn was in danger over a marriage she already regretting, Evelyn would choose to protect her baby over remaining the luna of Blood Moon Pack.

But what happens after she rejected her position and Reuben to Vicky? Let’s see in the hot chapters below…

the legacy of the alpha king vicky

Part 2: Hot Chapters of The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins

the legacy of the alpha king: hiding his secret twins chapter 2:

Evelyn had a childhood friend, who’d traveled down to Blood Moon Pack with her after she’d gotten married to Reuben. His mission had been to make sure everything medical was in place for her comfort in the new Pack, but he’d stayed afterwards.

And now he was her personal doctor, worked out the Pack hospital and was also a Beta. After she started having weird symptoms, she’d gone to him and he’d discovered the growing baby.

the legacy of the alpha king: hiding his secret twins chapter 4:

Vicky had started getting suspicious after she noticed how often Evelyn was visiting the Pack’s hospital, and after she left the pack house today, she found a way to convince Reuben she was ill and needed medical attention.

She confirmed her fears at the hospital and confronted Evelyn about it. When Evelyn left in the attempt to now tell her husband about her pregnancy, Vicky grabbed her and fell over the stairs. But Reuben was mad against Evelyn.

Part 3: Observations in The Legacy of the Alpha King: Hiding his Secret Twins Online

the legacy of the alpha king pregy evelyn

The legacy of the alpha king: hiding his secret twins by Ebony Woods is quite a good read for webnovel lovers. Any reader or writer with good tastes would naturally want to pause and read it. The story is just that good.

That said, Evelyn in this story showed so much strength of which many women in general are incapable of. Many suffer silently under the narcissistic leadership of their husbands. I believe her character is emulatable.

The story has over ninty chapters, completed and has thousands of fans.

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