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Being witness to your lovers being affectionate with another woman is bound to mess you up. No matter how much you try to deny your jealousy and frustration, you know deep down that you have been wronged and seek justice.

Mated To The Alpha And His Beta tells a werewolf story with a twist. Wolves aren’t given mates by the Moon Goddess, they are being paired by the elders, often causing ruckus among packs.

From afar, it seems that the wolves are playing their lives on the lottery. They are being drafted and placed with a stranger, not to mention expected to mate and breed as soon as possible.

Sounds Middle Agey, right? The novel does give you an ancient vibe, yet it’s twisted and beautiful, so make sure you keep reading to learn about it.

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Part 1: Lanie’s Story In Mated To The Alpha And His Beta

Lanie never looked forward to the day when she would be forcefully mated by the pack’s elders. The days when werewolves awaited for their fated mates were long gone. Now, due to the shortage of she-wolves and the increasing number of males, all women would mate two wolves.

The sad part was that she had no saying in the matter. The elders decided whom she would mate and the woman had to comply and bear their pups. When someone dared to question the elder’s choices or simply refuse to mate, the consequences were terrible.

Women would get awful second chances with elder people or questionable widowers and men would remain single for the rest of their lives, not to mention the fact that their beloved ones also suffer the consequences of their actions.

Lanie was the first one to be mated during today’s ceremony. The elders have matched her to the Alpha and Beta of the pack, causing a massive shock amongst everybody present.

All pack members knew that Alpha Xander and Beta Zane fancied Alice and expected to be mated to her, yet the news of Lanie being their mate infuriated them deeply, not because they despised the girl, but because they wanted Alice.

Xander tried to plead with the elders to reconsider the decision, but elder Aldon denied his request. Not even the Alpha’s strong aura crushing him couldn’t make up his mind.

Desperate, Alpha Xander found a temporary solution. As their beloved Alice had been appointed to Gregory and Lucas, two questionable members of the pack who were thought to have offed their previous mates, Xander used his Alpha authority to prevent Alice from joining them until an investigation is concluded.

Mated To The Alpha And His Beta Lanie

Elder Aldon couldn’t deny his request, so Zane and Xander rushed to their beloved wolf’s side. Nevertheless, Lanie was heartbroken. Even though she was aware of the relationship that the three of them had, the fact that her appointed mates ignored her completely was torture.

Taking Lanie with them wasn’t enough for Xander and Zane to be off the hook with the elders. They were supposed to mate Lanie that night. Otherwise, Xander could lose his alpha privileges and the elders could also deny him the opportunity to ever claim another mate. This meant losing Alice forever.

Zane and Xander tried to persuade Lanie into giving in and mate with them, but she denied their request even though her body was actually dying to be touched and savored by them. After much thought and consideration, she eventually gives in and the three of them have the best intimate night of their lives.

Xander and Zane couldn’t help but wonder why their night with Lanie was better than any night they shared with Alice, but they eventually blamed Lanie’s heat for their mixed feelings.

After the intense encounter they had, the girl believed that her mated had changed their minds and were willing to be with her, but they deeply disappoint her when they humiliate her in front of the elders by claiming that they weren’t satisfied with her performance and needed a second mate.

The two men chose Alice as their second mate and wasted no time in marking her, deeply hurting Lanie.

But, even with the marks on her neck, Alice doesn’t seem to stir the emotions and desires that Lanie does when she slept with Xander and Zane. Are the boys ready to see the truth and accept Lanie as their true mate?

Part 2: Hot Sneak Peek Into Mated To The Alpha And His Beta Novel

Mated To The Alpha And His Beta Xander

Mated To The Alpha And His Beta Chapter 17

The guards cornered Lanie, urging her to follow her to the conference room. Lanie understood that it must be something serious if they came to escort her personally.

On her way there, a multitude of idea flooded her mind. Something bad must have happened as everyone was quiet.

Reaching the conference room, Lanie found the elders and her two mates standing in the middle. They weren’t even looking at her, keeping their gazes stern and cold. Xander proceeded to telling everyone the reason he summoned the elders.

As per law, Xander and Zane consummated their relationship with Lanie the previous night. Alice, who was also in the room, was enraged and barely kept herself composed. She wanted to rip Lanie’s throat.

Xander shot an apologetic look at her and continued with his speech. They had indeed consummated their relationship, yet neither him, nor Zane were satisfied with her. They hadn’t even marked the girl.

Since the law allowed the unsatisfied mates to take a second mate to fulfill their sexual desires, they chose Alice to be the one.

Lanie was shocked to hear Xander’s speech. She realized that they used her to fulfill their dirty plan. She tried to tell the elders that the boys seemed pleased with her the night before, but there wasn’t anything they could do. Xander and Zane had made their choice.

Before her mates could speak up again, Lanie shifted into her wolf and ran into the woods to clear her mind and cry her sorrow.

Part 3: Read This Book Apart From Mated To The Alpha And His Beta

Mated To The Alpha And His Beta Story

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Reme is a she-wolf who doesn’t believe in mates. She wants to carve her own path in life and choose her own spouse. Kade and Kason are a pair of Alpha brothers who like to share everything.

The two of them rejected their fated mates a while ago, choosing to find a mate for the both of them. Meeting Reme will turn their world upside down. They feel drawn to her, but will Reme ever accept the two of them as her mates?

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