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Let me start this novel with the name my husband warm the bed. This story starts now. She soon gets married to the man she met on a blind date. She had no idea that her “average” new spouse would later become the CEO of the business she was employed for.

She works hard as a clerk, while he is the company’s frigid boss. She is a modest and charming little woman, and he is a kind and attentive spouse at home.

This millionaire romance revolves around entering into a contract marriage with a hip CEO. Initially, Karen Daly believed her husband to be a typical man. She didn’t anticipate this man being her employer suddenly. He also held the title of Asia’s richest man and was the most enigmatic of Rovio Corporation Inc.’s heirs.

In my husband’s warm bed initially, Karen Daly believed her husband to be a typical man. She didn’t anticipate this man being her employer suddenly. He was truly the most enigmatic heir of Asia’s richest man, Rovio Corporation.

He presented himself to the world as a cold-blooded, ruthless administrator of a vast corporate empire. He behaved like the devil in secret, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Why did he let her go so quickly?

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Part 1: Chapter 1 Flash Marriage

Chapter 1 Flash marriage My Husband Warm The Bed

In the first chapter of my husband warm the bed. This is me, Jian Ran, and the password is 131224. You may take care of whatever has to be added to the house.

Even after several hours had passed, Jian Ran was still able to hear the newlyweds’ words when they offered her a piece before they left for the day. She didn’t really know anything about the man who was her husband, to be honest.

In my husband’s warm bed, she doesn’t even know who is in his family, other than the fact that he directly informed her that his last name is Qin Yue. Jian Ran had never known where she found the confidence to marry a man she had only ever met twice.

Jian Ran first met Qin Yue ten days ago when she went on her nth blind date with the enthusiastic assistance of her girlfriend Ling Feiyu. She didn’t express any optimism since, having been falsely accused three years prior by a designer, only other people could accuse her of being wrong.

If you are unable to take advantage of your own circumstances, you can only improve in other areas to win over your opponent. Your parents may feel at ease if you marry yourself out if you manage to find a decent man. The blind date participant didn’t arrive too early or too late. Let’s read the mysterious story of my husband warming the bed.

Part 2: Chapter 2 Mysterious

Chapter 2 Mysterious My Husband Warm the Bed

In the mysterious chapter of my husband’s warm bed together with their coworkers who had been temporarily assigned to assist them, the public relations department in charge of the reception task replied. Jian Ran, I heard that you are the best employee of your salespeople, Xu Youai’s attention finally landed on you.

You will first work with the incoming president and oversee the tasks related to him or her. You don’t care about anything else.

A member of the public relations team named Madonna smiled and asked Jian Ran, Jian Ran, if our future president is not married, would you receive the moon first? before Jian Ran nodded. To put it mildly, there is an opportunity to contact the new president, but everyone is aware that Jian Ran is a sensitive subject, so nobody wants to go that route.

Jian Ran often dislikes getting involved in the fun. She is forced to stretch her neck and glance at the door right now to see who the sacred boss is.

Having a face as sharp as a dagger, standing at 1.88 meters tall, with a strong build, and striding with an unintended air of aristocratic grace. Whatever the man displayed, it was entirely in line with her newlywed spouse.

Part 3: Chapter 3 Daily After Marriage

Chapter 3 Daily After Marriage My Husband Warm the Bed

In the third chapter of my husband warm the bed daily after marriage when Jian Ran entered the business office again, he overheard departmental peers discussing the new president. They each spoke persuasively as though they were knowledgeable about the new president.

It’s still luck that you can stand beside the president as soon as possible, Lin Mei hastily rushed over when she noticed Jian Ran.

The next president will be there to look around! Jian Ran couldn’t help but swallow after hearing the news since she was so anxious that her heart began to race. She still needs some time to process the reality that her just-married husband Qin Yue is the new business president, therefore she won’t be ready to meet him for a while.

All of the other coworkers went back to their seats, but Jian Ran remained still. The elevator rang after a time, and Qin Yue reappeared in front of Jian Ran surrounded by a crowd. Fortunately, Qin Yue simply said greetings to the staff members of the department before leading some individuals away after hearing Zhao Junqing’s brief report on his day’s work.

The business department started to get rowdy again as soon as Qin Yue departed, and even Zhao Junqing, who was normally a steady person, couldn’t resist engaging in conversation with everyone. It was a twisting point for her as my husband warms the bed.

I decided in my heart that I had to return right away the next day after I finished work and start making the meal so that he may eat what she had personally prepared when he got home. Regardless of Qin Yue’s status, she made the decision to get married, and she must put in a lot of effort to have a happy life.

Part 4: Wrap-up

This story of my husband warms the bed is a romantic story of Quin yan and Jian who fell in love unconsciously and then their fate take them towards the successful part Were Quin Yan became a president of a company where she worked.

Jian Ran had been living alone in a leased property for the previous three years. He was extremely good at preparing a few home-cooked items.

Two meals and one soup were soon on the table. This is a billionaire affair about a contractual relationship with an attractive CEO. Karen Daly first believed she had married an ordinary man. She had no idea this man would become her employer overnight. He was also the most enigmatic heir of Rovio Corporation Inc, becoming Asia’s richest man.

For the sake of her father and their family company, she has no option but to marry a cold-hearted millionaire. She’s tough enough to make a loveless marriage work, but how long can she hold out when he’s not so good to her? I really enjoyed reading this book and I also recommend this book for a creative suspenseful story.

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